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Monday, 8 August 2022

How to Make Rava Appe Recipe (Step by Step).

 How to Make Rava Appe Recipe (Step by Step).

Rava Appe is a quick and easy breakfast prepared with very little oil, made with rava or semolina and fresh green vegetables. It tastes so good that even kids like it very much. We can also keep it in the children’s tiffin with the chutney or the tomato sauce. rava appe, Rava Paniyaram, or Sooji Appe is a very delicious and healthy south indian dish.

Ingredients for Rava Appe :

For batter.

1 cup coarse rava sooji/ semolina

½ cup sour curd

1 cup water

1 tsp eno

salt to taste

For masala.

3 tsp oil

1 cup chopped onion

½ cup capsicum

½ cup grated carrot

6-7 curry leaves

½ tsp mustard seeds

½ tsp urad dal

½ tsp chana dal

2 chopped green chilli

½ tsp ginger paste

2 tbsp coriander leaves

Oil for making appe

coriander leaves


1. Take rava in a bowl and then add curd

2. if you have added curd then add some water and make it a batter form with flowing consistency

3. Allow to rest for 5-10 minutes, or until the rava absorbs well

4. Now prepare masala, add oil in a pan. once oil is hot, add the mustard seeds, urad dal, chana dal, curry leaves, 2 chopped green chilli and the ginger paste. Saute them for a minute

5. Then add onion and cook till it becomes translucent

6. Then add capsicum, carrot and sauté until the vegetables become slightly soft.

7. Transfer the masala mixture to rava batter

8. Then add salt and coriander leaves. mix well.

9. Then add 1 tsp eno just before preparing appe and mix well in the batter

10. Heat an appe pan and add some oil in the cavities.

11. Pour the batter in the cavities

12. cover and simmer for 3 minutes on low flame or until appe gets cooked slightly.

13. Once the base turns golden, flip it over to the other side using a spoon.

14. cook from the other side as well. Remove from pan and serve hot.

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Meet One of the World's Most Unique Waterways: The Veluwemeer Aqueduct

Meet One of the World's Most Unique Waterways: The Veluwemeer Aqueduct

Opened in 2002, the Veluwemeer Aqueduct is a stunning work of architecture and engineering. Unlike other solutions for allowing vehicular traffic and waterborne traffic to pass over or under one another, engineers decided on a different approach: a water bridge.

Located over the N302 road, the aqueduct forms part of a lake of the same name. The road itself is interesting in and of itself, connecting mainland Netherlands to Flevoland — the largest artificial island in the world. 

Flevoland was constructed from reclaimed land in the region and is surrounded by three man-made lakes. This island is actually made up of two drained sections, Flevopolder and Noordoostpolder, which come together to make up the 374.5 square miles (970 square kilometers) province of Flevoland.

During the design of the unique bridge structure, engineers chose to construct the waterway over the N302 road, where around 28,000 vehicles pass each day.

How does the Veluwemeer Aqueduct water bridge work?

The Veluwemeer Aqueduct is a shallow 9.83 feet (3 m) deep water bridge that allows for small boats and other shallow-draft water vehicles to pass over the road safely and easily.

In addition to allowing boats passage over the road, pedestrian walkways can be found on both sides, allowing for foot traffic to also cross. The road itself also includes designated cycle lanes. 

Unlike drawbridges or other roadway structures, the water bridge design allows for constant traffic flow both on the road and over the aqueduct.

For most of the span of the N302 road across the lake, the road is raised above the waterline by a stretch of artificial embankments, but for the short, 55.7 feet (17 m) span on the aqueduct, the road plunges, briefly, underneath the lake's surface. 

Interestingly, around 1,3212 feet (400 m) NW of the aqueduct, the N302 crosses the lake once again on a more traditional bridge structure.

Veluwemeer Lake (ps. "meer" is actually Dutch for lake) is one of fourteen 'bordering lakes' in the area, all of which are really just a very long continuous body of water, that was created by not completely connecting Flevoland and the Northeast Polder to the mainland of Netherlands.

બ્રિજ નો વિડીયો જોવા માટે લિંક

The lake system was originally constructed to help regulate water levels and the groundwater table in the surrounding areas. Now established, the lakes are also important nature reserves (especially for water birds) and recreational areas for local residents.

The aqueduct was named after the lake it serves, while the lake was named after the Veluwe region of Gelderland, which is due south of the lake.

The Veluwemeer Aqueduct was built using 776,922 cubic ft (22,000 cubic m) of concrete, and steel sheet piling to both hold the weight of the water above the roadway and prevent sediment from bleeding onto the road.

Why was the Veluwemeer Aqueduct built?

During the planning phase for the project, drawbridges, ferries, and tunnels were considered as likely solutions to allowing the road to fully cross the lake. However, these were decided against, and the novel approach of building a short aqueduct over the road was selected. 

Because the N302 is a major highway, it was deemed unrealistic, and inefficient, to stop the flow of traffic using a drawbridge or ferry solution. A tunnel, an option also likely considered, would have required too much time and expense when compared to the aqueduct solution finally settled upon.

A bridge, while a more typical solution to the problem, was deemed to be far too costly compared to the more reasonable cost of the aqueduct solution, at around $61 million. Given that the point at which it was to be built did not need to carry wide water traffic, its narrow aqueduct design was also deemed to be a wise choice.

While this structure does not set any records, it does stand as one of the shortest aqueducts in the world. Not to mention, one of the world's most interesting. 

If you ever find yourself in the local area, it might just be worth taking the time to check it out for yourself. 

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Saturday, 6 August 2022

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Bhakarwadi form.

 Bhakarwadi form. 


crisp Bhakarwadi is nearly liked by everyone. These are made by frying, but you can also singe them in an oven. You can store them and consume for over 1 month.


Constituents for Bhakarwadi. 


Constituents to form the flour. 

Gram flour- 100 gm.(1/2 mug) 

Maida- 100 gm.(1/2 mug) 

oil painting- 50 gm.(1/4 mug) 

swab-1/2 tea ladle. 

Turmeric greasepaint-1/4 tea ladle. 

Carom seeds-1/2 tea ladle. 

oil painting- to shindig 


Constituents to make the padding. 

Sesame- 1 table ladle. 

Coconut- 1 table ladle.( grated) 

Khaskhas-1/2 table ladle. 

gusto greasepaint-1/2 tea ladle. 

Red chilli greasepaint-1/4 tea ladle. 

Garam masala-1/2 tea ladle. 

Cumin seeds- 1 tea ladle. 

Coriander greasepaint- 1 tea ladle. 

Swab-3/4 tea ladle( or according to the taste) 

Sugar greasepaint- 2 tea ladle( or according to the taste) 

Coriander leaves- 1 table ladle( diced) 

Imli water or bomb juice- 1 table ladle. 

Method- How to make Bhakarwadi. 

Clarify the maida and gram flour in a coliseum. Put swab, turmeric greasepaint, carom seeds and oil painting into the flour. Mix the constituents well and knead the flour. Make it sure that the flour is hard and tight. Cover the dough and then leave it for half an hour. 

How to prepare the stuffing for the Bhakarwadi. 

Tamper the sesame and khaskhas in a small visage. rally them well and also add grated coconut to it, rally it also. Put the roasted masala into the admixture and grind it. Take out all the spices in a plate and mix them well and divide it into 4 corridor. 

Press the dough with hands and divide it into 4 corridor making 4 round balls of each. Now take one ball and roll it like a chapati into a flat slice of 8- 9 elevation. apply the imli water all over the roll and put 1 part of the masala on it. Spread the masala unevenly and start folding it into a roll. Stick the corners with the help of the little water. 

How to make Bhakarvadi. 

Maharashtrian Bhakarwadi form. 

Cut the roll into pieces of 1/2 inch and keep them on a plate. Prepare the other rolls in the same manner and then cut them into pieces. 

Heat oil painting in a visage and put the cut pieces into it. Put as numerous as you can in one go. Fry the pieces on medium or low honey until they turn brown. Now take them out on a plate ans shindig rest of the pieces in the same manner. 

Maharastrian Bakarwadi is ready. Serve them to your family members with evening tea and store the remaining in an air-tight vessel that can be consumed for over a month.

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Thursday, 4 August 2022

Top 10 Most Visited and Popular Museums in India

Top 10 Most Visited and Popular Museums in India

10 Most notorious Galleries in India 

Galleries are the stylish way to learn about the history, culture, and society of the land. Then are 10 of the most popular galleries from across the country. 


1.National Museum, Delhi 

Established in 1949, the National Museum of India in New Delhi is home to an emotional collection of displays and shows. The displays chronicle the history of India right from the days of the Mohenjodaro and Harappan societies to ultramodern times. On display are bones dating back to the Vedic civilization, the particular goods of Gautama Buddha, arms and munitions used by Indian lords over the centuries( including an giant’s armour), art work, woodcarvings, fabrics, musical instruments, and puppets. A stint of the gallery promises to be a fantastic experience. This is also one of the most visited galleries in the country. 

2.Indian Museum, Kolkata 

At the time, Calcutta was the capital of British India and remained the seat of political and artistic development for a century. No wonder, the Indian Museum is the oldest gallery in south- east Asia and the largest in the country. The is divided into six sections with a aggregate of thirty five galleries. The vestiges and displays are classified into Archaeology, Art, Anthropology, Botany, Geology, and Zoology. The archaeology section is one of the most fascinating sections of the gallery with splendid displays including an Egyptian corpus. The coins gallery, musical instrument gallery, Mughal oil gallery, mask gallery, and the Palaeo- anthropology gallery remain pets with the callers.

3.Salar Jung Museum, Hyderabad 

The Salar Jung Museum of Hyderabad is presumably one of the best- known in the country. The gallery was established in 1951 at the palace of Nawab Mir Yousuf Khan, popularly known as Salar Jung III.  One of the stylish collections then's the timepiece Room – a gallery of timepieces and timekeeping bias from across the world from literal times. The Quran Collection then's also emotional. 

4. The Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai

Despite being renamed Chhatrapati Shivaji Vastu Sangrahalaya, this gallery is still called the Prince of Wales Museum. The gallery was set up in 1922 to commemorate the Prince’s visit to India.

5.Government Museum, Chennai 

This gallery showcases one of the most emotional shows from south Indian history – the citation form collection. This gallery has on display citation puppets dating back to the 7th century Pallava times, but some of the stylish pieces come from the Chola conglomerate from between the 9th and 11th centuries.  

6.National Rail Museum, Delhi 

The National Railway Museum located in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi is a great favorite with children and rail suckers. Spread over an area of about 11 acres, the gallery showcases the elaboration railroads in India. piecemeal from a collection of brume machines and locomotive carriages, it also features special carriages similar as the former Viceregal Dining Auto, and the Maharaja of Mysore’s rolling salon. The Fairy Queen locomotive is also part of the display then. The inner display includes a great collection of old photos of trains from defunct times. 

7. Calico Museum of fabrics, Ahmedabad 

Fabrics and fabrics have formed an important part of Indian trade and heritage. Showcasing the splendour of Indian looms and fabrics is the Calico Museum of Textile in Ahmedabad. Not only does the gallery display ancient fabrics and clothes made in India during the Mughal period, it also chronicles the progress of the cloth assiduity in different corridor of the country. Do n’t miss out on the display of fine Kashmiri pashminas and hairpieces and the Ikat handlooms. Children under the age of 10 aren't permitted then, however. 

8. Shankar’s International Dolls Museum, Delhi 

India is a land of dolls. They're used as icons , props for stories, toys, and for a number of artistic purposes.  The galleries of this gallery include an emotional display of dolls from colorful corridor of India and also from some 85 other countries. From Japanese Geisha dolls to Spanish Flamenco cotillion dolls, from American planter dolls to Thai Women’s Orchestra, the gallery takes us on a stint of the world. The in house factory also produces a number of Indian dolls in indigenous vesture.

9.Napier Museum, Thiruvananthapuram 


The gallery is home to a stunning variety of displays from across south India. Special emphasis, still, is on the wood, citation, and ivory busts and artefacts from Kerala. The gallery has a special collection of Hindu god icons from Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Don't miss the Ramayana and Mahabharata exhibits which have been fashioned out of Japanese leather dolls. 

10.HAL Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum, Bengaluru

One of the most intriguing galleries across the country is the HAL Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum. The gallery was established in 2001 by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited( HAL) to show the aeronautics history and developments across the times. The gallery has a awful display of models of aero machines. There are some real machines on display too. These belong to Dornier, Jaguar, and Kiran aircrafts. The gallery also has flight simulators and a mock Air Traffic Control Tower for aeronautics suckers to try their hands at flying and aircraft control.

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