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Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Badam Paneer Ka Kashmiri Shufta form.

 Badam Paneer Ka Kashmiri Shufta form.


Drilled from the usual mithais, sweets or desserts ? Try this off- beat Badam Paneer Ka Kashmiri Shufta that will invite you with its tempting flavors and aroma. 

Badam Paneer Ka Kashmiri Shufta is the perfect emulsion of traditional flavors with a ultramodern twist. Be it a jubilee or any other special occasion, this Badam Paneer Ka Kashmiri Shufta is the perfect cate to serve to your guests and impress everyone with your culinary chops. When it comes to nuts, almonds are one of the dainty and healthiest of the lot. However, also bookmark this form and try it out at home, If almonds are your favorite as well. For the forthcoming Valentine's Day, this Kashmiri Shufta is perfect. You can also try it out for the birthdays, anniversaries, pot lucks, buffets or the any other party. Loaded with rich constituents like almonds, dates, raisins and ghee, this cate will also keep you warm during chilly downtime months. 


Constituents of Badam Paneer Ka Kashmiri Shufta. 

4 Servings 

1 mug almonds 

8 leveled dates 

mug paneer 

2 mug pulverized sugar 

1 tablespoon gusto greasepaint 

1 tablespoon saffron 

80 ml water 

1/2 mug raisins 

mug coconut flake 

2 mug ghee 

1 tablespoon pulverized cinnamon 

1 tablespoon pulverized green cardamom 

1 teaspoon dry rose petals 

રાહતદરે સીંગતેલ વિતરણ અંગે ન્યુઝ  

How to make the Badam Paneer Ka Kashmiri Shufta.

Step 1

hash the dates 

Cut the dates into small pieces and soak in water for 15 twinkles or till soft. 

Step 2 

Soak the raisins 

Wash and soak the raisins in a separate coliseum for 15 twinkles. 

Step 3 

Fry the constituents 

Heat the desi ghee and then fry the almonds, paneer and coconut flakes till they become golden in color. 

Step 4

Prepare saccharinity 

In a visage, take water and add sugar, spice greasepaint, saffron and rose petals. Cook till you reach a thick stage. 

Step 5

Mix all the constituents together

Add some fried almonds, paneer, soaked dates and the raisins. Mix it completely till the sugar saccharinity is reduced to a coating thickness. 

Step 6 

Ready to be served 

Take out the dish in a serving coliseum and serve. Enjoy while warm.

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