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Friday, 1 July 2022

How to find permanent jobs in Switzerland


How to find permanent jobs in Switzerland 

How to find the jobs in Switzerland

Expatiate job

On Expatiation's listing of job in Switzerland, you will find a constantly updated list of the Swiss jobs for the foreigner and the English speakers in the different sector across the country.


If you are from the EU or you can search for the job in the Switzerland through , the European Job Mobility Portal. This is the European Commission site aid the freedom of the movement within the European Economic Area. As well as looking for the work, you can upload your CV, which prospective employer can view, as well as get the advice on the legal and administrative issues involved in the working of Switzerland.

Public employment services

The Regional Employment Centers  in the different cantons throughout the Switzerland will help the citizen to find the work. You can register at your local office to  look at the current vacancies on their Job Area page.

Job websites in Switzerland

You can find general job in Switzerland on a number of websites, many of which advertise job in Switzerland for the foreigner and the English:


Job scout 24

Job Up

Job winner


Season worker – ski job

Step Stone

Total job

Specialist jobs in Switzerland

Alpha – for executives

Euro Science Job – the research and the post-doc jobs

Robert Walters – accountancy and finance

Swiss Lin x – executive, technology and finance

Diversity – pharmaceutical

IT job in Switzerland

Techno Jobs – IT and technical jobs

Darwin – IT and telecom Jobs – IT/ software developers

Jobs at international for the many international are also based in Switzerland, especially Geneva.   work in the Switzerland for the foreigners at the United Nations, the World Trade Organisation, and the International Red Cross, as well as visit this list of non- governmental  in Geneva and elsewhere in the Switzerland.

Jobs in Switzerland for the English speakers 

Despite Switzerland’s multilingual workforce, there are also demand for the English-speaker in Switzerland. Job in the Switzerland for the English speaker are widely advertised, including on the several of the job  above, as well as on:

Jobs in Geneva

Jobs in Zurich

The Local

Top Language Jobs

Recruitment agencies in Switzerland

It is easy to register at any of the private employment  in Switzerland. Private recruitment agencies are called the placement in Switzerland. Manpower are the two of the main agencies but you can find many more doing an internet search. You can also find the list of the agencies who are licensed to work for this field in the Swiss Yellow Page.

Teaching job in Switzerland

Getting a job of teaching English in Switzerland can be hard as many locals already speak it, but if you can find a teaching job in Switzerland the pay is  good. You can find the jobs on to-i or with the British Council. Circle of the School has jobs for the English teachers in the state school but you must be either an EU citizen or married to one.

You can also check international school in Switzerland and Swiss the universities.

Swiss jobs in

Jobs may be published in the newspapers: look in the classifieds under the German,  in Italian.

Woman reading a business newspaper

The main newspapers with online job search tools include , while you can also find the printed job ads in , Le Temp (Geneva),  and Tribune  on a specific day of a week. You can find a full list of the Swiss online newspaper here.


Swiss job vacancies are often filled through the contact, so networking can be the key. Join professional networking site such as :


American International Club of Geneva

Organisation of Women in Trade: Geneva

Executives International

Career Women’s Forum

Irish Business Network 

Business and Professional Woman  

Chambers of the commerce in each canton often networking events for the professionals; find the contact detail for each of the canton here. You can also try linking up with the others in the same field through the social networking site like Meetup.

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