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Monday, 11 July 2022

Find out where the heavy rains will fall in Gujarat for the three days, and alert in many areas.

 Find out where the heavy rains will fall in Gujarat for the three days, and alert in many areas.  

Gujarat rain forecast:
The state has received the 28 percent of the season’s rainfall so far. Megharaja is likely to break all the previous records in the view of the likely rainy weather in the state for the next four days. .

The ulama in the state land gave the message of observing the Eid with caution

July 10, 2022


Pub’s pen reporter On the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, the message of observing the Eid with the caution was given by the Ulama in the State of Jamiat. Said on the behalf of the organization, Sacrifice should not be made in the public.The Sacrificial waste must be buried in the ground. Bleaching powder can also be used if necessary to prevent the contamination. No other animal can be sacrificed.

The administration should be informed if any separatist force tries to create the chaos. Kazi Shamsuddin Ahmad, the general secretary of the Ulema of West Bengal State of Jamiat, has been informed the general public that the police administration should always abide by the government directives and cooperate.

Mumbai Local: It was the time for the thousands of the train passengers to get lodged at the different railway stations. So that some passengers can resorted by the road transport.

Mumbai Local (representative photo)


A blow to the technical malfunction of the overhead wire

Thane-Panvel, Vashi trains closed for the two and a half hours

Dravidian Pranayama of Kurla to the passengers

Thane: The Thane-Panvel Trans Harbor route near the Koparkhairane station was closed for about the two and a half hours on Saturday due to a technical fault in the overhead wire. During this period, the railway administration was appealing to the passengers for going from Thane to Panvel and Vashi to go through Kurla. But, it was the time for the passengers to do the Dravidian pranayama of Kurla. The repair work was undertaken by the Railways and the overhead wire was also repaired by 3.10 pm. But, in the meantime, it was the time for the thousands of train passengers to get stuck at the different railway stations. Some passengers took the road transport route. But, many other had to wait for the local to start.

Local service on Thane-Panvel, Thane-Vashi Trans Harbor route is useful for the navigators going to Navi Mumbai and Panvel area. However, the traffic came to complete the standstill at around 12.40 pm on Saturday due to a fault in the overhead wire. Trains leaving the Thane station got stuck in the Thane. Trains coming from the Panvel and Vashi also got stuck at Turbhe, Nerul station. As a result, the entire journey on this route was closed and the passenger trains were also stuck. Due to the technical glitches, many passengers got off the train and preferred to travel by the road. But, many did not have the option of the road transport to get to their desired destination, so they stopped at the station area and waited for the local to start. So some of the stations were crowded, while some of the stations were closed and there were no chitpaks.

Increased in the cement concreting of roads in Mumbai; Where is the water?

Passengers from the Thane were allowed to travel via Kurla by the railway administration. However, the passengers also had to suffer a lot as they had to perform the Dravidian pranayama from the Thane to Kurla and from Kurla to Panvel. Even those who went out on the vacation with their families had to bear the brunt. Central Railway’s public relations of the department clarified that the traffic was smooth at 3.10 pm.

Important article The young man went to enjoy the holiday at the Chikhloli dam; What happened next was shocking.

News from a nearby town

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Web Title: local service on the thane-panvel trans harbor route near the koparkhairane station was disrupted due to the technical fault in overhead wire

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