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Monday, 4 April 2022

Watch Ads And Earn Money In India Without Investment

Online Watch Ads And Earn Money In India Without Investment Paytm: Are you searching How to earn money online without investment in India 2021? You are in the right place.

We research, take user’s reviews and check to earn potentials to create top 13 Watch ads and make money websites lists. Sites or applications that give you real money to spend on your wishlists. Besides, the following apps are authentic, trusted, and malware-free.

Watch Ads And Earn Money In India Without Investment

Indeed, it helps to make users’ privacy safe from external attacks. Lastly, we also mentioned some apps that include multiple earring options besides watching ads. Options like watching videos, playing games, referral incomes, and much more. So without wasting time, jump to our guide, “Watch ads and earn money in India without investment”. 

Before starting, let us know a few points. Not all apps are food for everyone. Below apps include various earning methods along with watching ads. Indeed, it will help you to get more chances of winning.

Some apps are paid in dollars, and some are paid in Indian currencies. However, all our apps are authentic, trusted, and simple to easy. So go and pick the best-earning apps for free. 

Roz Dhan

This application is our no1 pick for the Watch ads and earns money without investment. It is one of the famous and top-earning websites in India for students. Indeed, this is an India-based earning software.

Roz Dhan’s headquarter is located in Pune, Maharashtra. You can visit their official website ( ) to check earning potentials. This application gives credits or points against your daily task. “Online Watch Ads And Earn Money In India Without Investment Paytm”

Activities which you conduct in Roz Dhan help to make a good amount. Tasks like watching ads, playing games, navigating news, and others occur here.

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  • More than 2.5 crores Indian users love this app
  • Worth rs.50 you get for the first time logging
  • Get another rs.50 for first-time tasks
  • Instant cash tasks
  • Get rs.12 pr referral
  • Potential to get up to rs. 100 per day
  • Check horoscope, watch videos, ads, read news and earn actual cash

Indeed, Roz Dhan is an authentic Indian app. They provide real cash, which you can receive in your Paytm wallet.


You might have heard about this app before. Indeed, it is a widespread and most trusted earning app that pays in dollars. Swagbucks provides SB points that you can convert in cash or gift cards.

Besides, this app offers surveys on watching TV shows, movies, news, etc. These are daily tasks that users complete daily. It is a simple, easy, and authentic earning app for users. 


  • Collect 100 SB points and convert into $1
  • Withdraw your amount as gift cards
  • Buy products from Swagbucks and get additional cashback
  • Shop from Walmart, Amazon, eBay, etc online stores
  • Get paid for watching videos and playing games daily
  • You get a $10 bonus for the first time joining

This free-earning app includes more than 1 million downloads and a 4.1-star rating. 

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Cashbuddy offers earnings by watching specific product videos on youtube. Indeed, this application is known as the most extensive cashback-providing software. They offer real money which you can use in shopping. Rewards you get from Certain E-commerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong, and others. 


  • More than 1000+ top sites to earn rewards
  • Get rewards by watching promotional videos
  • Extra discount on shopping
  • Treading deals and coupons
  • Get referral bonuses

Users received all their earnings in Paytm wallet. Thus, they can spend on shopping, recharge, and accessories. Lastly, their referral bonus ranges between 50 rupees per person. “Online Watch Ads And Earn Money In India Without Investment Paytm”


You can earn real cash by watching your favorite brand videos. Most importantly, you can make in dollars. Withdraw and receive the amount in your PayPal account. Adwallet paid more than $100K to its users in the last 12 months.

Indeed, it is a legit and trusted earning app for real cash. There are two categories to make money. Watch videos and take part in surveys. Besides, AdWallet offers three ways to get paid. The following are PayPal or bank transfer/amazon gift card/donation. 


  • Easy to use user interface
  • Easy sign-up procedure
  • Watch short videos and earn up to $3
  • Rewards start from $0.50
  • Earn $1 for each successful referral
  • Collect $10 and withdraw the amount with a single click

Indeed, Adwallet includes a high-quality interface that makes your activity smooth. Besides, it is trusted software worldwide. Brands invest big bucks in this app so users can get more rewards in the upcoming days.

Earn Cash & Money Rewards

If you love music, then this app can be helpful for you. Earn Cash & Money Rewards apps offer real cash against your music listing. Besides, you can also get rewards for taking surveys, advertisements, and others.

In the google play store, this app has an average 4.4-star rating. Indeed, your earning potential depends on your daily activity. The more tasks you complete, the more you get.


  • Get paid up to $600/year or more
  • 10K radio stations
  • Listing music and getting paid
  • Take surveys, watch ads, play games for exciting rewards
  • Grab more gift cards for each referral
  • Instant cashback for shopping
  • Bonuses, vouchers, passes are available in this app

Earn Cash & Money Rewards is an excellent app to earn money in dollars.

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IRazoo (Watch Ads And Earn Money In India Without Investment)

If you want to make good money without investment, go and download IRazoo. Indeed, this app makes earning hustle-free. You get rewards by following three easy steps. Download the apps, start participating in activities and earn points.

Activities you get here like watching ads, playing games, taking surveys, and more. A user can make $10 or more per week via this application. Indeed, IRazoo offers points that you can convert to real cash. After that, you can withdraw the amount via PayPal. 


  • New rewards weekly
  • Play games, watch ads, take surveys
  • You get 100 points for free
  • Grab 500 points for creating your first account
  • Convert points into cash via PayPal
  • Buy products from big brands
  • Get more points after reaching new levels
  • Exchange 5000 points into your first earning


Want to make money without hustle? Download Slidejoy. It is an ad-based earning software. Most importantly, you can make money for locking and unlocking the screen. “Online Watch Ads And Earn Money In India Without Investment Paytm”

Yes, you heard right! Slidejoy displays ads while you open your screen. After that, you need to swipe left or right to back. It gives you points that are stored in your Slidejoy account. 


  • Earn reward by easy to lock screen system
  • Collect points convert into the gift card
  • Timely ads appear to give you points
  • Receive carats and redeem to purchase products

These earning apps showcase ads based on your preference. Besides, it is safe and authentic software. Big brands like CNBC, CNet, etc., give attention to this fantastic application.

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Ibotta (Watch Ads And Earn Money In India Without Investment)

If you love online shopping, then this app is good for you. Ibotta includes numerous stores where you can make purchases. Some big brands associated with this app are Walmart, McDonald’s, uber, etc.

According to the developer, average users make $150/year from this app. Indeed, Ibotta coupons, vouchers, and offers to your brand purchase. Besides, they also display ads for 30 seconds. It will help you to get additional cashback which is fantastic.


  • More cashback, deals, and coupons
  • Watch ads and earn more offers
  • Redeem and convert earnings into gift cards
  • 500+ exclusive offers
  • Shop online and earn cashback

Indeed, this is a money-saving app for online buyers. 

Unicorn – Watch Ads And Win Money App

It is one of the free and growing earring apps in the play store. Users make money by watching ads and completing surveys. Most importantly, Unicorn provides direct bank transfers of your earnings. Indeed, it is new software that was created in January 2020. 


  • Watch ads and earn 
  • Take surveys to get bonuses
  • Also, Collect real cash for sharing 
  • Per successful referrals gives rs.10


This is another best app to earn in dollars. Indeed, BIGtoken offers four different methods to earn. You can play, take serves, watch ads, and others. Besides, there are also points collecting options available.

These collections can be converted into real cash via PayPal. BIGtoken has an average 3.4-star rating in the play store. “Online Watch Ads And Earn Money In India Without Investment Paytm”


  • Enable location, take surveys and earn
  • Also, Watch ads for a few seconds and collect points
  • Link social media, login and complete other tasks to get additional points
  • Refer to your friends and earn actual cash
  • Convert your points and redeem your earnings
  • Also, Scan receipts to make any purchase through this app
  • Achieve a $15 reaching mark to redeem

Loco (Watch Ads And Earn Money In India Without Investment)

If you love to watch games or live streaming, then Loco is the app for you. Indeed, Loco is a local hub of Indian gaming. Besides, many YouTubers and gamers share their gaming skill on this platform. You can earn by watching such gameplays, live quizzes, and others.


  • Live gaming
  • Esports tournament
  • Video on demand
  • Also, Play games and earn a cash prize
  • Become a streamer
  • Play multiple games
  • Answer to quizzes and make good prize money

Indeed, LOCO is a live streaming platform for gamers. Viewers can watch gaming videos and play live quizzes. It helps them to earn exciting prizes. 

CashKarma Rewards & Gift Cards App

This earning app offers two simple methods against rewards. The first one is high-paying surveys and watching ads. That’s all, complete these two jobs, and you get multiple tips. “Online Watch Ads And Earn Money In India Without Investment Paytm”

Indeed, you earn points that you can convert into real cash. Most importantly, you get paid in dollars, which can be withdrawn via PayPal. Users love this software due to its simple and easy-to-learn system.


  • Take part in multiple and high paying surveys
  • Unlock achievements and get additional bonuses
  • Reach certain levels, and you get more rewards
  • Also, Convert pòints into real cash
  • Grab your gift cards
  • Also, Earn from successful referral
  • More than 100K downloads
  • Average 4.5-star rating

It is a simple, trusted, and authentic earning app in the market.

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WowApp (Watch Ads And Earn Money In India Without Investment)

It is one of the best and free earning apps in the market. WowApp is known for its instant earning system. Users can watch ads, perform tasks and take surveys to get paid. Indeed, they also work in charity clubs across 110 countries worldwide.

Besides, your daily activity earns you some points. Thus, you can convert it into cash and redeem it. WowApp also works with 10K shopping brands and includes 42 million products. Users can buy those items from their earnings. In short, it is a fantastic app that contains multiple facilities and offers good earning potential. 


  • Get paid for playing particular games
  • Also, Shop online from their 10K brands
  • 42 Million products to buy and get cashback
  • Win additional rewards from daily tasks
  • Also, Grab more gift cards for shopping
  • Make WowApp calls and get paid

Indeed, WowApp is a helping community of developers. They work for both users and charity clubs.

Conclusion (Watch Ads And Earn Money In India Without Investment)

So this is the list of “Online Watch Ads And Earn Money In India Without Investment Paytm”. Indeed, all those apps include ads, surveys, games, and other daily tasks for rewards. However, most of them paid in dollars which is better for Indian users. So go and download your appropriate apps for earnings.

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