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Monday, 4 April 2022

Best Free Android Applications to Send Greetings

Best Free Android Applications To Send Greetings, Best Free Greeting Card Maker App for Android: Many years ago, sending greetings was not an easy thing. Those days you need to send greetings through posts and letters.

But now, sending greetings has become as easy as making rice. Through messages, you can stay connected with your family, friends, and relatives. It only takes a few seconds to text someone or send greetings.

We can download some android applications for sending greetings and SMS to our dear ones using Android phones. Android applications do not take any extra money to send texts, and you can quickly contact people living a long distance away.

So now look at some popular android applications used for sending greetings and texts.

Freaky SMS

Freaky SMS is considered one of the newest and most popular free SMS sending apps. Many people across the world use it. You can easily download this app from Google Play Store and send complimentary messages to people.

Here you can send unlimited messages to anyone. It has many advantages like you can check the caller’s info, call using this app, send voice messages, and schedule your SMS for future delivery.

If you have net unavailability, you can also send regular SMS through this app. You can send greetings on remarkable eves like New Year, Christmas, Holi, Diwali, etc. Let’s see some more features of this app:

  • One-time login.
  • 99% delivery rate.
  • You can easily select the contact.
  • Send secret SMS.
  • Easy Navigation.
  • Here you can check the sent SMS and share it on other mediums.
  • Can send the forwarded messages.

Many users tried this app and found it working well. So, we will suggest you try this app once. “Best Free Android Applications To Send Greetings, Best Free Greeting Card Maker App for Android”

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It is one of the oldest and best apps. Because of the best services, it is mentioned at the top of the list. Now it is available in an android app and can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store.

After the installation, you have to create your account by giving your mobile number and name. After making the account, add the contacts and names. Once this is done, you will call or text any mobile number for free in India.

If you are an old user, there is no need to create a new account. You can log in with your existing account by providing the login details of your account.

The app’s simple user interface makes it more popular and better than any other messaging app on the list. So, we highly recommend you download this android application to send greetings.


વાચો ગુજરાતીમાં ન્યૂઝ દિવ્ય ભાસ્કર 

Just SMS

This app also has a simple user interface. It allows its user to send unlimited messages to anyone across India. Here you can message anyone by only knowing their mobile number. After writing a fresh start, you need to register a new account and add your contacts.

So that you can easily send SMS and greetings, “Just SMS” is a free android application readily available on the Google Play store. Just go and download it for sending and calling people.

It also provides some additional features like lots of SMS templates. You can use these templates when you are in a hurry or do not want to type a message. Using templates is very interesting.

Not only text, but you can also send audio’s in your voice. This app is the best option for sending greetings. So, we suggest that you download this app and try it. “Best Free Android Applications To Send Greetings, Best Free Greeting Card Maker App for Android”

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Textra SMS

Textra SMS app is developed by a known and genuine developer (Delicious Inc). In Google Play Store, you can find this app under the communication category. This app is considered one of the most elegant user interfaces, but it’s also simple to use.

The above applications are very fast in delivering messages on time. Due to time lag, users are not too happy after using this app. Using this app; you can send pictures and videos.

You can also wish anyone on their birthday or any other special eve. But many users are disappointed, as there’s no web version or a desktop application. Still, many users are happy using this app.

SMS Text Messaging Texting SMS

This app name does not look like a professional name. But once you use this app, you will love it. Its functionality and ability to send unlimited messages anywhere across India make it remarkable.

The unique thing about the app is that you can use it on your Android Phone and PC. You can log in to this single account everywhere you want, and you can access your account by remembering your login details. Here, you can easily send text messages from your android phone or even PC.

Its users are pleased after using this app as it has many features that make this app unique. It provides the best services to its users and also got many positive reviews from the users.

We hope you will like this app and suggest that you try it once. If you need to send bulk messages, this app is definitely for you. “Best Free Android Applications To Send Greetings, Best Free Greeting Card Maker App for Android”

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Go SMS Pro

Go SMS Pro is a messaging app, but its users are not as happy as the above apps. It does not deliver the message on time and needs to resend it. Its service function is too slow. So, we will request the developers of this app to make some changes.

So, it will work faster. But sometimes it delivers messages without any problems. The clutter-free user interface makes it more unique than any other app. Still, we will suggest this app because it often works appropriately.

JaxtrSMS (Best Free Android Applications to Send Greetings)

This app was launched in the year 2011 and successfully sent a bulk number of messages. After the installation process, you have to create a new account by registering with a mobile number.

If you have an account, then no need to create another account. Just enter your mobile number or password, then click on the login option. The CEO and founder of the JaxtrSMS are Sabeer Bhatia. This app is the world’s first SMS app that is entirely open. It is one of the best free SMS services apps among all the apps.

The users of this app love using it. It delivers the message on time, and there is no need to resend the news again and again. If you are a bulk messenger, then you should try this app.

This is the perfect app to send SMS and greetings on their birthdays as it delivers the message on time. According to Sabeer Bhatia, this ad-supported multi-platform app makes traditional texting redundant.

Using this app, you can send greetings to your dear ones anytime and anywhere. This app is highly recommended to people; download it and try. “Best Free Android Applications To Send Greetings, Best Free Greeting Card Maker App for Android”

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Free SMS to India

Free SMS to India is a messaging app; you can download it on your android phone and use it. It allows its user to send messages and greetings to people across India. You need the mobile number of that person to stay connected with him.

The main advantage of this app is that you can use multiple gateways like Way2SMS, FullonSMS, Site2SMS, 160by2, and YouMint. The developers are also working on adding more gateways.

The app interface is simple and allows you to choose from the vast library of sample texts for different occasions. This app also saves battery life and RAM, a unique feature among all the apps, as it transfers the processing and operations to external servers.

Register your mobile number, create a new account, and then send messages. You can download this app and use it. This app has also got many good reviews.

Whatsapp (Best Free Android Applications to Send Greetings)

Billions of people across the world are using Whatsapp. Through WhatsApp, people can stay connected with those living overseas. Not only SMS and calls, but you can also share images, stickers, and GIFS.

It delivers your messages within seconds and never fails to deliver on time. All you need to do is Enter your mobile Number then confirm it by giving an OTP.

After that, you can send an SMS or call anyone by only knowing the mobile number. Here you can also create groups and group chats by adding people in groups. Whatsapp also keeps your privacy in mind and secures your messages.

Whatsapp was launched in 2009 and is becoming popular day by day. Using whats web, you can also use your account on any other device. Its users are pleased after using it.

It is readily available on the Google Play store, and you can download it. It’s free and can send unlimited messages and calls. We highly suggest you install this app on your phone. “Best Free Android Applications To Send Greetings, Best Free Greeting Card Maker App for Android”

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It is also similar to WhatsApp. But it has some additional features like you can download movies and web series in telegram, but WhatsApp does not allow this feature.

The installation process is the same as WhatsApp. You need to register your mobile number while creating an account. It keeps your messages private and secure.

Telegram works on any device like phones, tablets, and PCs. The unique thing about this app is you can add up to 200,000 members to a group.

In contrast, other apps can only add 200 to 300 members to a group. If you are a movie-addicted person, this app is definitely for you. You can download various movies from telegram. You can install it from the Google Play store and try it.

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Conclusion (Best Free Android Applications to Send Greetings)

Now we have concluded. We have listed ten “Best Free Android Applications To Send Greetings, Best Free Greeting Card Maker App for Android”. We hope this article will help you further to decide.

After knowing the features of those apps, you can determine if you want to download that app or not.

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