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Sunday, 3 April 2022

Best Brands for Jewellery in India: A Survey of 2022

Best Quality Affordable Fashion Jewellery Brands In India: A Survey of 2022: Did you know India’s jewellery sector contributes 7% of the total GDP? Besides, India is one of the leading jewellery exporters around the globe.

Netizens love to celebrate their special moments by gifting gold, silver, diamond, and other jewellery items to their loved ones.

More than 5000+ jewellery companies are available in India. So it is not possible to visit all brands at once. That’s why we listed the Top 50 Jewellery Brands In India 2022.

That’s not the end! We pick 10 Best quality jewellery brands from those lists according to the 2022 survey. So You can check their current status, market value, best selling jewellery and more. So you can make the best decision easily.

Best Brands for Jewellery in India: A Survey of 2022

Brand name Market value (Rs. Cr)Established In (year)Best Selling metal for Jewellery
Tanishq ₹1,30,282.621994Gold, silvar, Dimond, Platinum, ruby, Platinum
PC Jeweller₹1,405.522005Gold and Diamond
KALYAN JEWELLERS₹6,9841993Gold, silvar, Dimond, Platinum
Rajesh Exports Limited₹15,049.401995Gold and Diamond
Senco gold01994Gold & Diamond
PAL D’ZIGNSNIL2003Diamond & Gold
Vaibhav Global₹12,668.891980Gold and diamond
Goldiam International Ltd₹752.511986Gold and Silver
MORTANTRA jewelleryNILUnknownGold
Asian Star₹1,336.171971Gold, Silver, and platinum
Uday Jewellery Industries Ltd₹234.001999Gold
AMRAPALI₹95.621978Diamond and Gold
Thangamayil₹845.882000Gold and Diamond
FIRDAUS- BY AKSHITA  Unknown2017Gold and Diamond
Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Limited₹507.151864Diamonds, gold, platinum, and jadau
ZOYANot reached2010Diamond, gold, ruby
Renaissance Global Ltd₹555.811989Gold, Platinum, and Silver

Best Brands for Jewellery in India

Orra jewellery₹52.101888Gold, Dimond, Silver
SATYANI FINE JEWELS Unknown1990Gold and diamond
JEWELS D’ALLUREUnknown1998Gold, diamond, silver, and platinum
KNICK KNACK NOOK Unknown2017Gold
GULAAL JEWELSUnknown2017Silver
BESPOKE VINTAGE JEWELSUnknownUnknownSilver and gold
RA-ABTA BY RAHULUnknownUnknownGold
MK JEWELSUnknown1999Diamond and gold
JEWEL SAGAUnknown2002Gold
KRSALA jewellery₹51.922006Gold
PC CHANDRA JEWELLERS1249.611939Diamond and Gold
MELORRAUnknown2015Diamond and Gold
SUKKHIUnknown2012Gold and Diamond
THE KUNDAN SHOP₹13.71UnknownGold
RELIANCE JEWELSUnknown2007Gold and Diamond
HAZOORILALUnknown1952Diamond and Gold
JAIPUR JEWELS Unknown1966Gold, Platinum, Silver
BLUESTONE.COMUnknown2011Diamond and Gold
ZEVAR BY GEETAUnknown2017Diamond and gold
MALABAR GOLD AND DIAMONDSUnknown 1993Gold and diamond
RIANA JEWELLERYUnknown 2012Silver
GIVAUnknown2019Gold and silver
JUMKEYUnknownUnknownSilver and gold
BAUBLE LOVEUnknown2014Silver

Titan Company – Tanishq

Tanishq is the parent company of Titan. Most importantly, this jewellery brand is funded by the Tata group. Besides, this is the most popular and trusted jewellery company in India.

For more than 20 years, Tanishq has offered gold, silver, platinum, and other jewellery metals at reasonable prices. 

Due to corporate backup (TATA), this jewellery brand works with celebrities and top-notch specialists. People love their hand-made jewels due to the high quality and purity of the metal. 

Tanishq has more than 150 outlets across India and worldwide. Their registered showroom is located in Bangalore, Karnataka. Indeed, Tanishq is owned by the titan company. In contrast, Titan is owned by the TATA group.

Rajesh Exports Limited

Founded in 1995, Rajesh Exports Limited is India’s largest gold product exporter. Besides, they are the ones who offer gold jewels at minimum cost worldwide. 

Rajesh Exports is a corporate giant that works with gold jewellery and other precious metals. Officially this company was founded in 1988by the Mehta brothers.

Later on, they reinvented their company and opened a gold retail chain called shubh jewellers. If you belong to Karnataka, you are well familiar with this name. 

Rajesh Exports Limited is the largest gold refiner and gold jewellery manufacturing company worldwide. This company owns an estimated net profit of ₹ 1205 crore per year. “

Vaibhav Global (Best Brands for Jewellery)

This company was established in 1980, while the pàrent company is Brett Enterprises Private Limited. Not only jewels, but Vaibhav Global Limited also offers various personal care items. Besides, jewellers manufacture watches, handbags, home decor items, and others. 

Vaibhav Global also works with multiple international and national brands like ILLIANA, Karis, Elanza, Rhapsody, J Francis, etc. generally, they manufacture products in India and China. 

Their jewellery retailers offer multiple discounts on their lifestyle accessories purchases. In recent years they established a strong name in the jewelry industry. An estimated VGL can achieve 1986 crore per year revenue.

PC Jeweller

A customer-centric company that listed 15000+ products online. Besides, PC jewellers come 40th position under the top100 luxury companies worldwide. They have 60 showrooms and 83 stores across 15 states in India. PC jewellers also owned several sub-brands like Love Gold, Inayat, Swarn Dharohar, etc. 

Over 15+ years, this company has successfully provided their 4000+ designs across the country. This jewellery brand is known for its diamond and gold collections.

If you live in New Delhi, you must visit PC jewellery stores nearby. You will look at a variety of hand-made collections and premium quality. “Best Quality Affordable Fashion Jewellery Brands In India”

Asian Star (Best Brands for Jewellery)

If you are looking for the best diamond jewellery collection, you must visit Asian stars. This company started in 1971 and is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. 

Asian Star is an integrated diamond company in India. They have professional and skillful hands who polish and cut raw diamonds for memorizing designs. 

This company has also been listed on the Bombay stock exchange since 1996. For more than 50 years, Asian stars have worked with diamond, gold, and other jewellery retailing and manufacturing. 

So people in Mumbai and nearby cities can visit their stores for unique diamond collections.


For more than six decades, Thangamayil Jewellery Limited has offered BIS 916 hallmarked gold across the country. Besides, they are also experts in silver, diamond, and other jewellery items. 

The main store of Thangamayil Jewellery is located in Madhuri. They have 13+ exclusive showrooms specifically for silver jewellery. Besides, their gold collection is widely popular among netizens.

Thangamayil Jewellery Limited registered office is based in Tamil Nadu. 37+ Thangamayil Jewellery showrooms are available in India. Mr. Balarama Govinda Das and Mr. N. Balusamy Chettiar are two managing directors of this company. “Best Quality Affordable Fashion Jewellery Brands In India”

Goldiam International Ltd

This company has 60+ years of experience making diamond jewellery. Goldiam International Ltd is the leading company that exports diamond jewellery worldwide. They pursue CAD-CAM technology to polish and cut diamonds for luxurious designs. Their professional hands tend to produce premium and elegant designs for customers. 

Their registered office is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Tulsi Gupta is the director of this organization. Goldiam International Ltd works to manufacture diamond-studded gold, platinum, and silver jewellery. All using materials aligned with industrial standards for delightful designs. “Best Brands for Jewellery in India”

Renaissance Global Ltd

This is another Mumbai-based jewellery brand. Renaissance Global Ltd started in 1989 and has 555 crore market capitalization in 2022. Recently this brand tied up with a famous Chinese jewellery retailer called Lao Feng Xiang (LFX). 

Renaissance Global has several jewellery designs, including Disney Treasures, Disney Jewels, Hallmark, Tokens, etc.

This company owned separate jewellery retail stores like Helzberg Diamonds, Joyalukkas, Malabar, etc., over 1 lakh + designs owned by Renaissance Global Ltd.

Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Limited

It is one of the oldest jewellery brands in India. Founded in 1864 by the late businessman Shri Bhimji Zaveri. Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Limited successfully established its business across 29 states in India.

Indeed, this is the first jewellery brand to offer a buyback guarantee to its customers. Besides, they are brands that provide 100% hallmarked 22 karat gold jewellery.

Customers are also allowed to get certified solitaire diamonds. A certificate of guarantee that the jewellery stone is well polished and approved by a gemologist.

Uday Jewellery Industries Ltd

Over 22 years, Uday Jewellery Industries was involved with retailing and exporting gold and other precious jewellery. This company includes advanced technologies for unique design creations.

They have several stores across the country. Consumers Besides, they have specialized hands for creating color stone studded jewellery.

Conclusion (Best Quality Affordable Fashion Jewellery Brands In India)

So above are the Best quality jewellery brands in India: a survey of 2022. We give you the top 10 jewellery brands and top 10 companies in India. Visit their official page online and check out their best jewellery collections quickly.

Tanishq jewellery is best for gold and diamond collections. In contrast, Asian stars are great for finding elegant diamond jewellery in India.

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