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Monday, 13 December 2021

Generation Incubation Scheme (NGI

Generation Incubation Scheme (NGIS) is STPI’s comprehensive incubation scheme which has a vision to drive the rise of India as a Software Product Nation so as to make India a global player in development, production and supply of Innovative, Efficient and Secure Software Productsthus facilitating the growth across the entire spectrum of ICT sector as envisioned in the National Policy on Software Products (NPSP) – 2019.

NextGen Start-upChallenge

Contest (CHUNAUTI - Challenge Hunt Under NGIS for Advanced Uninhibited Technology Intervention) is a series of online Challenges under NGIS. STPI has been strengthening the start-up eco system, through policies, initiatives, and creation of enabling networks. At present,there is a definite need for a higher percentage of women entrepreneurs in technology which will account for better innovation, increased economic gains and a gender equal society.Accordingly, to achieve a diversified & inclusive start-up ecosystem in India,and to recognize and celebrate the technical prowess of women-led start-ups who are creating cutting-edge technology that are solving some of the biggest problems facing people, our planet, and businesses, STPI through CHUNAUTI 2.0 is looking to identify and support promising startups with a special focus on women-led start-ups working on innovative technology products & solutions in focus sectors like Education, Healthcare & Wellness, Financed, SaaS, E-commerce, Agriculture and Environment, and give them access to networks, connects, learning and resources that are needed to build scalable, profitable and global businesses.


The eligibility criteria for a start-up to apply in the CHUNAUTI 2.0 program are as follows:

• The challenge invites the proposals/applications from Indian Start-ups * who are working in domain related to software product development.
• Start-ups registered with DPIIT under start-up India programme are encouraged to participate in this programme.
• Individual Academicians, Researchers, Educators, Entrepreneurs, partnership firms, LLPs may also participate, however, if they are selected then they will have to register as private limited company in a stipulated time (preferably within 3 months).

*At least 51% shareholding with Indian citizen or person of Indian origin.The applicant’s entity should not be a subsidiary company of any foreign corporation.
•To qualify as a “women-led start-up”, the start-up must either be headed by a women entrepreneur OR have a woman as founder or co-founder OR have women as majority stakeholder (at least 33 % of founders’ equity).

Generation Incubation Scheme (NGIS)


The Start-ups submitting the proposals/applications can be in any of the following stages.
• Ideation Stage Start-up: An individual or team of individuals has an innovative product idea and wish to focus on developing that idea into a business.
• Validation Stage Start-up: A validated proof-of-concept exists in a way that the prototype is anticipated to be ready in the foreseeable future. Alternatively, the prototype is ready and awaiting testing and validation.
• Early Traction Start-up: The product has been validated and the start-up needs support in establishing itself as a business.
• Scaling Stage Start-up: The start-up has initial revenue from customers and needs support in scaling its business & product portfolio.


Startups having innovative Idea/Product/Solution focused including but not limited to the following:
1. FinTech - Financial inclusion, seamless& cost-effective financial transactions
2. Healthcare &Wellness
3. Education& Skill Enhancement
4. E-Commerce
5. Enterprise Software - SaaS
6. Environment
7. E-governance Solutions - last mile online delivery of services to citizenry.
8. Tourism & Hospitality
9. Agriculture
10. Cyber Security
11. Assistive Technology Solutions for Persons with Disabilities
12. Any other tech-aided product/solution which caters to one or more of the domains or focus areas mentioned above.


Screening, Evaluation & Selection:
√ Designated Committee(s) shall be formed for Screening, Evaluation & Selection.
√ All the applications received shall be subject to a rigorous centralized multi-tier screening process with involvement of appropriate experts from respective domain and/or location as deemed fit.
√ Decision of the designated Committee(s) shall be final & binding on all.  


√ Duration of NGIS is 3 years.
√ Selected individual beneficiary start-up can avail benefits of NGIS in three phases of Nurture, Develop & market extended over 2 years.


• Ready to work Plug-n-Play incubation space along with highspeed internet access within the constraint of lockdown & thereafter.
• Networking opportunities/Industry connect and Go-to market support for exhibiting/showcasing products/solutions through various National/International events/workshops/exhibitions.
• Full-fledged security & vulnerability testing of Software Products through the dedicated Software Product Security Testing (SPST) facility.
• Access to VCs for funding support.
• Advisory Services such as HR, Legal, Accounting, IPR/Patenting and other support services.
• Facilities and services including mentoring, networking/industry connects, marketing support, etc. of the pan-India domain specific CoEs of STPI may be leveraged.
• Mentor, experts, industry network of STPI and MSH.


• A seed funding of upto Rs. 25.00 Lakhs will be provided through Financial Institution to each beneficiary/supported Start-ups selected through CHUNAUTI under NGIS based on innovative idea, novel solutions, strong team & sound business proposal.
    √ Disbursal of seed fund to Start-ups will be based on milestones achieved,periodic review and recommendations.
    √ Seed funding to Start-ups will be against equity participation by STPI or its affiliate.
• Start-ups who are in ideation stage may be selectedunder pre-incubation programme& mentored for upto six months to evolve their business plan & solution around the proposed idea. Each intern (start-up under pre-incubation) will be paid Rs. 10,000/- per month for a period of upto 6 months.
• Cloud Credits from leading third-party service providers.


6th August 2021
Application submission start date
31st August 2021
Application submission end date
27th September 2021
Evaluation, Shortlisting & Selection
30th September 2021
Announcement of Result

Note: Dates are subject to change. Kindly check the portal regularly for latest information.

To create a holistic eco-system for encouraging R&D, innovation, Entrepreneurship in the domain of IT Applications in Graphic Design at Kohima, Gaming & Entertainment at Aizawl, Data Analytics & AI at Agartala, IT Applications in Healthcare & Agritech at Gangtok and GIS Applications (incl. Drone Technology) at Itanagar under phase-IIby providing physical infrastructure and support services for prototyping, developing, testing & marketing through incubating start-ups in these domains. The objectives of opening these CoEs are:

 • To incubate start-ups in new and emerging technologies in the areas of electronics and IT
 • To provide a robust platform for start-ups, with single umbrella support services like mentorship, cloud  computing subsidy, seed capital assistance, marketing support
 • To create employment opportunities in new innovative start-ups
 • To develop a tinkering and innovation culture amongst students and professionals by establishing innovation zones for start-ups.
 • Identification of the core problems of the local industry and finding solutions, and
 • To facilitate E-Commerce activities and applications

Locations: A CoE in IoT in Agriculture at Guwahati, Animation at Shillong, Emerging Tech-AR/VR at Imphal.IT Applications in Graphic Design at Kohima, Gaming & Entertainment at Aizawl, Data Analytics & AI at Agartala, IT Applications in Healthcare &Agritech at Gangtok and GIS Applications (incl. Drone Technology) at Itanagar.



  • • The start-up should be incorporated as a Private Limited Company (as defined in the Companies Act, 2013/1956) or Registered Partnership Firm (Regd. under section 59 of the Partnership Act, 1932) or Limited Liability Partnership (under the Liability Partnership Act 2008)
  • • The date of registration/incorporation should not be beyond 10 years.
  • • If a company is not registered, an application may be made in the names of the promoters/founders. However, the promoters/founders must ensure that the company is registered within a period of 3 months from the date of selection for CoE.
Annual Turnover: Start-up should have an annual turnover not exceeding Rs. 100 crore for any of the financial years since its incorporation.
Original Entity: Entity should not have been formed by splitting up or reconstructing and already existing business.
Innovative and Scalable: Entity should be working towards innovation, development or improvement of products, services or processes and should have the potential to generate employment/ create wealth.


o IoT in Agriculture
o Animation
o Emerging Technologies in AR/VR
o IT Applications in Graphic Design
o Gaming & Entertainment
o Data Analytics & AI
o IT Applications in Healthcare & Agritech
o GIS Applications (incl. Drone Technology)


The selection criteria of the intending start-ups will be based on a process of screening involving evaluation of ideas, technical strengths commercial fit etc. The competitive events like HACKATHON/ Open Challenge Program will be carried out with support of MeitY Start-Up Hub. STPI shall frame SOP for Hackathon having details regarding selection of location. Selection Criteria for the start-ups, various means of to reach the targeted participants, problem(s) identification etc. in consultation with industry and academia. Subsequently, STPI will bring the outcome of Hackathon for Project Management Committee (PMG) for approval.  


OctaNE will induct start-ups through open challenge program wherein, the start-up will be provided support and handholding during the complete lifecycle of incubation in the following three stages:
Stage-I (“Proof of Concept”) - corresponds to the ‘Pre-Incubation’ stage (Ideation and Business Plan)
• This is the Proof of Concept or Pre-Prototyping stage.
• The beneficiary which does not have a POC/Prototype ready shall be incubated in the facility.
• Lateral Entry: The beneficiary which has a POC/Prototype in place (and may have demonstrated the same during Screening), can join Stage-II (“Prototype”) directly.
• The maximum duration of incubation during this stage shall be 6 months.
Stage-II (“Develop”) -mostly part of ‘Pre-incubation’ (technical development & testing)
• This is the Product Development & Testing stage of Prototype.
• The beneficiary MUST be incubated in the facility during this stage.
• The maximum duration of incubation during this stage shall be 12 months.
In specific cases, this maximum duration can be 24 months (for e.g. ESDM/Hardware companies generally require longer time for product development).
• Lateral Entry: The beneficiary which has successfully developed & demonstrated a marketable product can join Stage-III (“Market”) directly.
Stage-III (“Marketing”) - corresponds to ‘Incubation’ part discussed earlier with ‘Graduation’ starting
• This is the commercialization (marketing) and patenting stage.
• The beneficiary may or may not be incubated in the facility during this stage.
• The maximum duration of incubation during this stage shall be 6 months.


• Physical infrastructure including 1000-seater state-of-the-art incubation (200-Guwahati, 150-Shillong, 100-Imphal,150-Agartala and 100 at each -Kohima, Aizawl, Gangtok, itanagar)
• E-Commerce Facilitation and Tinkering Lab
• Support for Innovation Zone Activities by Youth & Students (through STPI)
• Mentoring
• Financial Support through seed funding
• Technical Support
• Marketing Support
• IPR/Patenting Facilitation
• Legal, Accounting & other support Service

Marketing, Networking And Outreach

• Beneficiary incubatees of CoE shall be included in marketing knowledge sessions, conducting road shows, networking events, social media outreach.

• International events/programs shall be organized to attract global visibility.
• CoE's end-to-end marketing plans will place your start-up on the global map.
• Partnerships with key international promotional agencies shall be carried out for cross border collaboration.
• 367 start-ups are expected to be benefitted over a period of 5 Years.


STPI has signed MoU with M/s. NRDC (National Research and Development Corporation) for filing Intellectual Property Rights such as Patenting (Drafting & Filing), Trademark, Copyright and any other IPR related support/legal/statutory support.


20th July 2021
Application submission start date
31st August 2021
Application submission end date
11th September 2021
Initial Screening: Elevator pitch via video call
27th September 2021
Announcement of shortlisted applicants
27th October 2021
Final Pitch in front of Panel followed by Result

Note: Dates are subject to change. Kindly check the portal regularly for latest information.

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