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Monday, 13 December 2021

what is a digital address code and how you can benefit from it

Digital Address Code (DAC): In the near future, you may not need to identify your address while ordering online or paying property taxes. All you’ll need is an address with an Aadhaar-like unique identifier. This will be feasible thanks to each address in the country having a Digital Address Code (DAC).

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what is a digital address code and how you can benefit from it

The Department of Posts, Government of India is working on a Digital Address Code i.e. DAC. This code will be given for each address in the country, after which it will be easy for you to shop online, get eKYC and pay property tax. Let us know about it in detail.

The government is making digital address code

The Department of Posts, Government of India has recently released the draft approach paper of this digital address code on its official website. The reason for uploading the approach paper is to get feedback and suggestions from the stakeholders. If the DAC is approved, you will no longer need to feed your address for online shopping and property tax purposes.

what is a digital address code and how you can benefit from it

what is the digital address code?

Digital Address Code (DAC) is being created by the Department of Posts, Government of India. Under this arrangement, each house will have its own separate code. This will be a unique code similar to the number of the Aadhar card, which will be given to every citizen of India according to their address. In simple words, if there is a two-story building, and it has 10 flats, then each flat will have its own code. If there is a two-story house, and two families live in it, then separate codes will be formed for both families. now you get it.

DAC or Digital Address Code is a unique address identity. This will be a unique code like an Aadhaar, which will be given to every citizen of India according to his address. You can use this code on the apps of service providers by typing or scanning it as a QR code. In this way, much of your work will be completed with the help of this code without feeding the address. Let us tell you that digital maps will also be able to see this code.

how will it be made

While creating a digital address code, its officials will separately identify each address in the country and link it to the geospatial coordinates of the address, so that everyone’s address is always identified not by street or locality but by a code consisting of numbers and letters. can go Let us tell you that this code will be permanent.

Digital Address Code (DAC)

The DAC is being created by the Indian government’s Department of Posts. The department has posted a draught strategy paper on its official website for public comment and ideas.

Aadhaar is currently being used as a proof of address. However, the Aadhaar card‘s address cannot be digitally validated. DAC would aid in the digital authentication of an address, according to the draught approach paper. According to the proposal paper, the DAC should be able to uniquely identify each address in the country and relate it to its geospatial coordinates, which can be expressed numerically or alphanumerically.

How will the DAC code work?

You can use the DAC code by typing it or you will be able to get the exact location of the house by scanning it like a QR code. After the introduction of the DAC code, you will get rid of the hassle of feeding the address for any work. You will also be able to view digital maps with the help of DAC codes.

Digital Address Code (DAC) Benefits

  • Online address verification of every house can be done. E-KYC of Banking, Insurance, Telecom will be made easy.
  • DAC can prove to be very helpful for a service like e-commerce.
  • DAC will help a lot in implementing government schemes. It will also help in preventing incidents of fraud.
  • Assist in preparation of property, taxation, disaster management, and census and population registers.
  • The DAC will help fulfill the dream of One Nation One Address.

Why Digital Address Code (DAC) is necessary?

The DAC code will act as a permanent code, after which services like e-commerce will become very easy. Also, many tasks like tax filing, eKYC, and address verification will be done easily with the DAC code without having to feed the address. #DigitalAddressCode

Download DAC in PDF

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What DAC will look like is unique for each address

  • An independent home would be an address with a digital address code (DAC).
  • The DAC will be unique to each address. "Address" means each person's living unit or office or business.
  • If the house is divided into two parts, a separate DAC will be issued with a different address for this purpose.
  • Each person in an apartment building will be allotted a digital address code (DAC), which will be linked to the geospatial coordinates of the apartment building or block entry.
  • The various digital address codes of any corporate office or a government office complex will be linked to the geospatial coordinates of the building in which the office is located.
  • The digital address code (DAC) will be permanent for each address. If the property representing the address is changed to multiple addresses, each new address will be assigned a new DAC.

How many digits will be the digital address code?

According to the Post Department, there are about 350 million households in India. If all their business and non-business locations are connected, the total number of addresses in the country could be 75 crore. Initially it is proposed to issue 11 digit + 1 check digit, i.e. digital address code of total 12 digits. It can cover about 100 crore addresses if required.

Let us tell you that according to the draft approach paper of DAC, this can bring many benefits to the countrymen. Many tasks like filing taxes, delivery of online shopping, address verification, and eKYC will be done with a single code without any address.

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