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Tuesday, 2 November 2021

The day to get rid of clutter is "kali chaudas"

The second day of the festival of Diwali is Kali Chaudhash.  There are two forms of Mother Durga, one is gentle, gentle and serious while the other is gentle.  

The day to get rid of clutter is "kali chaudas"

The form of Mahakali is the form of Raudra.  Mataji is worshiped at night on the day of Kali Chaudhash.  This form of Goddess Durga shows the right path by removing the evil feelings in the devotees.  Today it is customary to make kheer, vada and puri, and it is eaten especially by making fried items.  Behind which it is said that the quarrel or quarrel that has spread in the family is removed and there is peace in the family.

 The importance of Kali chaudas

A festival of Hindu culture is celebrated in different parts of the country according to different customs and traditions. However, its joy is the same everywhere.  Aso Vad Chaudas means Black Chaudas. This is a day of celebration of light manifestation and light.

 Another name

 ◆ Black fourteen is also known by another name.  Namely, in the name of Roopchaudash, Roopchaturthi, Narakchaudash, Narakchaturthi etc.

 Narakasur massacre

 ◆ On this day, Lord Krishna and his consort Satyabhama jointly killed a demon named Narakasur.

 ◆ Narakasur was killed on the day of Kali Chaudas. Therefore, the people also call this day as "Narak Chaudash"

 Mahakali Puja and Mantra Tantra Sadhana

On this day Bhagwati Mahakali is worshiped in the form of Adyashakti. Today the worship of Mahakali is prevalent and this adoration is done in almost all parts of India. Thus, this day is also celebrated in the form of Bhagwati Mahakali festival.

 ◆ Kali Chaudhash is the third day of the seekers of meli vidya, and they believe that by performing sadhana in the cemetery on this day all their rituals are completed.

 ◆ Today, a rakhi mash is placed under a bronze lamp and people apply the ink on their eyes and rub their cheeks. Thus, many kinds of activities take place.

Hanuman Dada's victim

 ◆ Today Hanumanji's offerings are made. Cooking is done for this at home. Mainly the head of Adad and Surma's laddu…! This sacrifice is offered late in the evening Hanumanji. This is the main significance of this day in almost every village of Saurashtra.  Doshi ”is also called.

Worship of Yamaraj

Like Dhanteras, Yamaraj is worshiped even today. In the evening, Yamadip is lit and prayers are offered. So that Yamaraj does not arrive prematurely and his grace remains on us forever.

Roop Chaudas

 ◆ Today is known as Roopchaudash. Because, it is very important to take a bath early today. This is described in Padmapuran and Bhavishyapuran. It is a matter of massaging sesame oil on the body by taking a bath early

Bali Empire

 ◆ Vamana incarnate Lord Vishnu asked King Bali for three steps of land in three days on the days of Dhanteras, Kalichaudash and Diwali.

 ◆ Moreover, according to another story, there is a practice of giving various kinds of donations to Brahmins and the poor today. Every needy and extremely helpless person should be helped today.

 It is said that one should avoid doing some work on the day of Kali Chaudhash or else there will be poverty in the house all the year round.

 1. On the day of Narak Chaturdashi, the fathers of the people who are alive should not inadvertently offer sesame seeds to Yamadev.  Doing so puts the family at risk.

 2. Creatures should not be killed today.  Because Yamaraj is worshiped on this day, killing a living being is a sin.

 3. The south corner of the house should not be kept dirty at all on the day of Narak Chaturdashi.  Because it is considered the corner of Yamaraja.  They are said to be offended by this.

 4. Do not donate oil at all on Narak Chaturdashi.  Because by doing so Lakshmi does not survive.

 5. Never wake up late on the day of Narak Chaturdashi.  Doing so puts fate to sleep forever.

 6. One should not quarrel on the day of Narak Chaturdashi.  Doing so always creates an atmosphere of negativity.

 7. Do not eat non-vegetarian food by mistake on this day.  Eating non-vegetarian food leads to hell.

 8. Do not consume black fourteen alcohol.  Alcohol is considered to be irritating in nature.

 9. Do not kick the broom on this day and do not keep the broom standing anywhere.  Hitting or keeping the broom upright increases the cost of money.

 10. Not to insult food today.  Insulting food will always make you thirsty for food.

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