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Sunday, 21 November 2021

how to activate an emergency call on a smartphone

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how to activate an emergency call on a smartphone

Nowadays you will find smartphones in everyone's hands.  People also wake up with smart phones and end the day with smartphones.  The world has become so small because of this internet, it can happen very easily even with a person sitting far away.  But at the same time, one of the problems of smartphones is that people keep their phones locked with a password so that no one can see their personal data.  Because from banking to online payment application and all the data people are keeping in the phone so it is also necessary to keep the phone locked.

A mobile phone that caters to many of our needs not only works for calls, messages and entertainment but also saves someone's life in an emergency.  Emergency call feature is present in everyone's phone, but only a handful of people know how useful and necessary this feature is.

First of all, if we talk about the feature of emergency call, today almost all the smartphone users keep their phones locked.  Because of the password, fingerprint and face unlock, no one can open your phone.  This security feature protects the privacy of the phone, but keep in mind that if a person is involved in an accident, the most important thing is to inform his family members.  And in this case, the lock of the phone causes a big problem.  Emergency call facility is designed for such situations, in which the family members of the victim of the accident can be informed without unlocking the phone.

how to activate an emergency call on a smartphone

Here's how to activate an emergency call on a smartphone:

1. First lock the phone and come to the home page.

2. Here, an emergency call option appears when you try to unlock the phone, press it.

3. As soon as you touch the emergency call, the keypad will open and at the same time you will get the option to add ‘+’ Emergency Contact i.e. Emergency call number on the screen.  Touch it.

4. There will be a demand to unlock the phone before adding the emergency contact number.  Unlock the phone.

5. After unlocking the phone, the contact list will open. Select the number of your family or friends from it.

6. After selecting the number, press the back button in the phone, the emergency contact option will come here and you will also be able to see the selected contacts here.

7. These contact numbers have been added to your Emergency Contact list.  Also in many phones, there will be an option to fill in your medical information.  You can add information here if you have a blood type or any illness, which will help in times of crisis.

Once the phone number is lost in the Emergency Contact list, anyone will be able to call the number of people selected from it without unlocking your phone.

You can also select these numbers from the phonebook:

 1. Apart from the Emergency call option, you can also select numbers for emergency calls directly from the phonebook or by going to the contact list.

 2. Open the contact list or phonebook and go to the contact that you want to add as an emergency call.

 3. If you open the contact, you will find the name, number, email, as well as the option to Add to Emergency Contacts.  Touch that.

 4. As soon as you add nambarne, it will be added to your Emergency Contact list.

 5. Repeat this process to add more than one person to Emergency Contacts.

This is how it will be used -

Once the numbers are added to the list, it will be saved in the Emergency Contacts list.

- Press the Home button or fingerprint sensor if you want to make an Emergency Call from someone else's phone.

- Due to wrong touch, the pattern keypad of the phone will open in it.

- Emergency Call option will appear just below this keypad, click on it.

- Emergency Contact list will open as soon as you click.  And you will be able to inform the relatives of the person who was involved in the accident.

As soon as you click on any contact, an emergency call will be made to that number and you will be able to inform the person.

Considering the importance and necessity of Emergency call facility, we should also activate this feature in our own and Saga's relatives' phones.

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how to activate an emergency call on a smartphone

how to use:

1. open the app, and tick the "Enable Lockscreen" check box to enable it.

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