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Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Diwali Festival of lights, festivity and celebrations!

Welcome to Indian Diwali - Festival of lights, festivity and celebrations!

Play these Fun Games To Jazz Up Your Diwali.

Diwali Aarti! Perform a virtual Diwali puja through this game and worship the gods. Perform Puja for Lord Ganesha and Shri Lakshmi. Learn the Importance of performing laxmi puja, know when to perform it, and who should perform the puja.

Devotional songs are sung during pujas held on Diwali. Listen to the Diwali Special Aarti and Bhajan Songs.

Fire up the crackers and watch it sparkling through the sky. Light up the colorful crackers and celebrate the festival of lights. 

Diwali Shopping time! Buy Jewellery and sweets your loved ones. Shop from wide range of fire crackers. Explore the exciting Festive special Diwali Dresses in the malls.

Diwali house Cleaning and decoration - Clean up your house before the diwali comes. Choose from Creative decorations to transform your house into a beautiful abode. Decorate your home this diwali with special designs of rangoli.

Cook popular diwali sweets like gulab jamun and laddoos. 

Diwali Festival of lights, festivity and celebrations!

Design and Send personalized Diwali Greeting Cards. Our attractive assortment of diwali greeting cards and invitation templates will add a spark in the occasion. 

દીવાળી મુહૂર્ત PDF અહીં થી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

Diwali is incomplete without loads and loads of Diyas in and around the entire house! Get some beautiful Diya Decoration ideas.  

Rangoli is an art form, originating in the Indian subcontinent, in which patterns are created on the floor or the ground using materials such as colored rice. Learn to Do rangoli designs with dots. 

Learn and make colourful diyaas .

Have Fun & Happy Diwali & New Year!

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how To Know Details Of Medicine By Entering Medicine Name

The easiest way to lookup medicine information, identify capsules, check relations and set up your own particular drug records. All mobile-optimized to speed up your browsing experience. 

Medicines information 

This runner explains the different types of drug, the difference between ingrained medicines and generics, and how the drugs come available.  

how To Know Details Of Medicine By Entering Medicine Name -

Which drugs can I buy without tradition? 

Some drugs for minor ails can be bought over the counter without a tradition, so you can treat yourself without demanding to see a GP. 

Simple anodynes and cough remedies, for illustration, can be bought directly from supermarkets and other stores. 

Other types of drug, similar as eyedrops or exigency contraception, are available without a tradition but need a druggist's supervision, so are only available to buy from behind the drugstore counter. 

Tradition-only drugs, similar as antibiotics, must be specified by a good health professional. 

This may be a GP, sanitarium croaker, dentist, nanny, druggist, optometrist, physiotherapist or podiatrist. 

Buying drugs online 

You can also buy drugs over the internet. But be veritably careful if you do this, as numerous websites vend fake drugs. 

Online drugs are not regulated and constituents in them can vary. They may beget unwelcome side goods or may not be suitable for you. 

It's stylish to see your GP before buying drugs online as they know your medical history and can advise you whether the drug would be suitable. 

Still, insure that , If you choose to buy drugs online. 

any online drugstore is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) 

any online croaker service is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the General Medical Council (GMC) 

Brand names versus generics 

Numerous drugs have at least 2 different names 

  • The brand name – created by the pharmaceutical company that made the drug 
  • The general name – the name of the active component in the drug 

For illustration, sildenafil is the general name of a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction. But the company that makes sildenafil, Pfizer, sells it under the brand name Viagra. 

Companies take out exclusive rights called patents on each new medicine theydiscover.However, only that company can vend it under their brand name once it's been granted a licence, If a company has a patent on a medicine. 

Once the patent expires, other manufacturers can vend general performances. The general performances will be the same as the ingrained drug because they contain the same active constituents. 

They're used more frequently by the NHS because they are just as effective but cost far less. It's analogous to buying ingrained goods or a supermarket's own marker – the supermarket's interpretation is generally cheaper. 

Still, it might be because you are being given the general interpretation rather than the ingrained one, If the name of your tradition drug keeps changing. 

How new drugs come available 

Licensed drugs 

Before any new drug can be used to treat people in the UK, it goes through a rigorously covered development process. 

This involves probing the drug in the lab and testing it in clinical trials. After passing the clinical trials, a licence will be granted before it can be made available for wider use. 

Read further about clinical trials. 

Licences are only granted if strict safety and quality norms are met. In the UK, licences are granted by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA). 

Licences confirm the health condition the drug should be used for and the recommended lozenge. 

This can be plant in the information pamphlet that comes with the drug. The lozenge instructions are generally on the marker of the drug packet. 

Unlicensed drugs 

Occasionally a healthcare professional may recommend that you take an out- marker or unlicensed drug.  

Off- marker use means that the drug is not certified for treatment of your condition. But the drug will have a licence to treat another condition and will have experienced clinical trials for this. 

Your croaker may recommend an unlicensed drug if they suppose it'll treat your condition effectively and the benefits are lesser than any pitfalls. 

Safety of drugs 

No drug is fully risk free, but the MHRA and EMA try to insure any drug approved for treating people in the UK is as safe as possible. 

Medicines continue to be precisely regulated after they have been certified. This involves checking for problems and preliminarily unknown side goods. 

In rare cases, drugs may be withdrawn if there are serious safety enterprises or the pitfalls of the drugs overweigh the benefits.

Crucial Features 

My Med List 

Add your specifics to incontinently assemble applicable medical information in a simple, easy to read substantiated format. Access in- depth consumer information, FDA cautions, medicine relations, plus food, mislike and medical condition relations. An inestimable tool for drug operation and adherence. Now offers offline support. 

Complete Medicines A to Z rosters 

Fast hunt, accurate suggestion machine and the most comprehensive database of medicine information available online. 

Lozenge Identifier 

Identify any meds simply by entering an imprint, shape or color. Database streamlined daily.  

Relations Checker 

Provides a list of relations that may do when different medicines are taken at the same time. Also checks food relations automatically. 

Q & A 

Ask a specific question about your drug. Search on thousands of questions and answers. 

 Health Professionals 

Quick access to all the tools you know and trust. 

Numerous helpful tools. Try the Symptom Checker. Lookup specialised databases for side goods and lozenge information. Not relatively sure how to spell a medicine name? Use the phonetic hunt. 


- A veritably quick Hunt for Medicine; 

- Complete offline access for wordbook, No Internet connection needed; 

- Huge database of Medicines; 

- Dispatch any of the terms incontinently; 

- Unlimited Book Marks; 

- History; 

- Compatible with performances of Android Bias; 

- Veritably effective, fast and good performance; 

- Automatic free updates whenever new medicines gets added; 

- Operation is designed to enthrall as much as lower memory as possible. 

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How to Know My Nearest APMC Market Yard Rates (Bajar Bhav)

Get Your Nearest APMC Market Yard Rates (Bajar Bhav)

Get Rearmost Mandi price everyday for all husbandry requests across india. Now growers can fluently get diurnal update prices for their products so there are no more loss for their products. Now growers can get near by requests streamlined price everyday and whenever they want to vend their products they can by checking price for their products. 

Now Growers can fluently get the price for their products. Growers can fluently decide when to vend their crops to get maximum benefits. We give goods prices each over India. We Update the Price of crops on a diurnal base. This app provides you accurate Agrarian Commodity price, Price high and low report, Agri News, Mandi Rates 

How to Know My Nearest APMC Market Yard Rates (Bajar Bhav) -

We've added 3 languages then so growers can fluently get updates in their language. Then all countries are available and as per named state then all sections display and for particular quarter, get all requests, you have to elect which bone is near by you elect them and get diurnal updates for that request. 

Before you take your agrarian yield to the Agrarian Produce Market Committee, we're giving moment's request price of agrarian yield in the main requests of the entire state. We're giving. To see moment's request prices of agrarian products, you need to download our mobile app. The link to download the mobile app is given in the description below or you can go to the Google Play Store and class the request price to download the mobile. It also gives information about the request price of agrarian goods history. 

You can also see the request prices Of APMC Market Yard Rates (Bajar Bhav)

You can also see the request prices of agrarian goods for the last week. We've also given the request prices of agrarian goods for the last month as well as for the entire time. Cansell.However, you can register on our mobile app and website for a veritably reasonable figure, If you're an agrarian retailer or wholesaler. Or if you're a patron of agrarian yield with full address also you can register in FREE so that the wholesalers or retailers of agrarian yield near you'll buy your agrarian yield from your ranch before your yield is ready. 

So you do not have to sit around dealing ranch yield. When dealing agrarian goods, make sure that you're completely responsible for your trade. By registering in the request price mobile app, all the trafficker retailers near you, all the ménage shopkeepers can buy ranch yield from your ranch. 

We don't charge any Figure for enrollment offarmers.However, register the request price on mobile app moment, If this service is free for growers. So that all the dealers and home buyers near you can communicate you on your mobile and buy your ranch yield. 

How to Know My Nearest APMC Market Yard Rates (Bajar Bhav) -

A videotape on how growers can register for free on the request price mobile app is given in the description below. You can register for FREE in just one nanosecond in the request price mobile app. The Live Position of the Agrarian Produce Market Committee is given on Google Map so that you can reach the Agrarian Produce Market Committee as soon as possible 

The Agricultural Produce Market Committee, Mahuva was established in 1858 by a local lawyer named Shree Jugaldas Mehta. The APMC was established for the purpose of regulating the marketing of different kinds of Agricultural Produce. A.P.M.C. was primarily set up to cater to the marketing needs of the farmers and provide them a platform for selling agricultural produce in various markets and at competitive prices. It is spread across 90 bighas of land. Mahuva and its surrounding villages are best known for its onion production in India. The region is the largest produces of white onions and second largest producer of red onions in the country. Therefore Onion is the largest trading commodity in Mahuva A.P.M.C. Peanuts, cotton and Coconuts are also major trading commodities of this market. In fact it is the only A.P.M.C of the state where coconuts are officially traded.

Is Bijak for you?
►If you are a Supplier (Local Aggregator/Loader), Bijak connects you with verified buyers with a payment guarantee.
►If you are a Buyer (Commission Agent), Bijak connects you to a country-wide supplier network with a credit guarantee.
►If you are a Broker, Bijak improves your network of buyers, suppliers & settles your brokerage payments early.
Trading on Bijak is 100% Safe
👌Recognized by reputed government institutions
Bijak is recognized by reputed government institutions like Indian Society of Agri Business Professionals (ISAP), Ministry of MSME etc. Over 30, 000+ Agri Traders in India use the Bijak App on a daily basis.

Why is Bijak India’s favorite Agri Commodity Trading

🌐🌍Largest Network of Verified Buyers/Suppliers
Boost your agri trade by connecting with 30,000+ trusted traders (potato buyers, tomato sellers, onion sellers/buyers & more) in India. Connect with verified buyers, suppliers, post selling/buying requirements, create orders & run your agri trade with absolutely zero risk. Know mandi ke bhav (मंडी के भाव) - anaj mandi bhav (अनाज मंडी भाव)/(धान मंडी भाव), mandi bazar bhav(मंडी बाजार भाव) and get the prices from big mandis like neemuch mandi and azadpur mandi.

👍Easy Payment Gateway for Buyers/Suppliers
Bijak ensures transparent agri commodity trading. On top, Credit/Payment Guarantee for buyers, suppliers. This is one of its kind in Indian agriculture.

🌾🥔🧅🍅🍆🥒🥬110+ Commodities
Buy or sell easily from best quality agri commodities, including onions, potatoes, tomatoes, fruits, pulses, grains and more. It’s like an agriculture commodity market on your phone!

Rating System
In commodity trading, minimize risks with buyers ratings. These ratings bring in lucidity in agri commodity trade / commodity market.

✅Latest Online Mandi Ke Bhav (Mandi Bhav Today)
Get all India Mandi Rate! Whether it’s Nashik’s onion prices, aalu ke bhav, or fruit prices, know the price trends or mandi market rate of your agri commodities by connecting with 625+ Indian Mandis such as Neemuch Mandi, Azadpur Mandi. Access exclusives such as Copra mandi rate, Punjab mandi rate.

🔢Commission-based Trading
Add your commission rate & receive payment from agri traders with zero hassle. Bijak always sees to it that the agriculture commodity market is fair to all.

📋Easy Order Management
Create orders at the click of a button. Have your orders viewed & fulfilled by verified agri traders across India.

Replace paper bijak with E-Bijak. Just create & share your digital bijak with the agri traders on phone.
Extra benefits that make agri commodity trading easy
🗣️Trade in a language you like
Bijak is available in 10 local languages.

💸Attractive Offers
Earn guaranteed cashback, time-to-time special discounts on transactions.

✌️Easy Bookkeeping
Access or view all your E-Bijaks, transaction details, and payment records in one place.

💰Credit/Payment Guarantee
Buy agri commodities from trusted suppliers across India & get a Bijak credit guarantee to increase your working capital. Alternatively, sell your produce to verified buyers across India with payment guarantee from Bijak.

See Daily Market Report All APMC: Click Here

List of State Agricultural Marketing Boards/Directorates: Click Here

worked aggressively for the weal of the growers and the merchandisers. 

This Facility is an important step in the same direction. The main purpose 

then is to allow free inflow of profitable information so that members can make stylish decision. 

Some core features Of APMC Market Yard Rates (Bajar Bhav)

  • Daily Rates Chart 
  • News related to APMC Petlad 
  • Tips and information to growers 
  • Husbandry related guidance 
  • Information on Govt subventions 
  • Tender word update 
  • Query system for growers. 

Download Your APMC Bajar Bhav Application

Crop Prices India Mandi Rate| APMC Market Yard Rates (Bajar Bhav)| Krushi Bajar Bhav focuses on helping growers. 


- Get the live prices from mandi on your mobile phone 

- This app provides diurnal request rates of nearly all goods 

 Farmer can see the request rate in zone wise APMC/ MANDI list. 

-List prices of ranch/ agrarian product from Government of India. 

-Language Stoner can Change the language for the App. 

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Lumos Reading Buddy - Oral fluency improvament app

Fun and engaging Lexile leveled stories that help children become fluent readers

Are you looking for a personal reading buddy to help your child become a fluent reader? Meet Lumos Reading Buddy, an interactive oral fluency improvement app. 

Lumos Reading Buddy - Oral fluency improvament app

The Lumos Reading Buddy App allows kids to enjoy fun and engaging stories that match their independent reading level and creates an immersive experience through innovative learning tools. Parents can explore and securely purchase stories from the app's ever-growing library for their children. 

Expert teachers have thoughtfully designed this cutting-edge program. It combines proven research-based methodologies such as independent reading, teacher modeling, repeated reading with advances in speech processing and machine learning to improve your child's overall reading ability - accuracy, speed, and expression.

The Lumos Reading Buddy App has an extensive collection of children’s storybooks that includes:

Tale of Two Frogs


The Clever Monkey 

Go to Sleep Gecko 

How Tiger Got His Stripes 

Anansi and the Pot of Beans 

The Three Little Pigs

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

The Fox and the goat

Hare and the Tortoise

And many more.

તા:20/10/2021 નું હોમ લર્નિંગ ડાયરેક યુટ્યુબ ના માધ્યમથી.👇🏽

✍️ધોરણ-3 પર્યાવરણ

✍️ધોરણ-4 પર્યાવરણ

✍️ધોરણ-5 ગણિત

✍️ધોરણ-6 સામાજિક વિજ્ઞાન-હિન્દી

✍️ધોરણ-7 ચિત્રકામ-હિન્દી

✍️ધોરણ-8 ગણિત-સંસ્કૃત

✍️ધોરણ-10 ગણિત

✍️ધોરણ-12 અંગ્રેજી

Comprehensive Features To Develop and Nurture Your Child's Oral Fluency Skills

Read and record engaging stories 

Practice vocabulary via fun Lumos FlashCube

Hear the story read by an expert teacher

Repeat the reading

Answer interactive Reading Comprehension Quiz

Experience the Reading Buddy Advantage 

Designed and developed by experts and highly experienced teachers 

Engaging Lexile-leveled reading materials 

Compares pitch and intensity variations to an expert teacher, helping you spot words that require attention to developing prosodic or expressive reading skills.

Pinpoints word-level articulation and phonological errors, which are essential for language development.

Download Now and help your child become a fluent reader via fun stories!

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Monday, 18 October 2021

Top 10 Free Short Video Maker App With Music Effect

We comprehend for a reality that smartphones are very properly geared up with cameras, so taking pictures first-rate movies is now not a undertaking anymore. But to beautify these very movies and make them stand out from the rest, we want effective equipment for post-production.

Whatever the use case is, pleasant video is our last goal, and to obtain the same, we want the first-class video editor!

Scroll down to be aware of 2021’s pinnacle 10 android video editors. Be it features, evaluations on playstore, price, execs & cons; we have the whole lot at your disposal.

1. Filmr

2. Quik

3. FilmoraGo

4. Kinemaster

5. Viva Video

6. WeVideo

7. Video Show

8. Magisto

9. InShot

10. Power Director

1. Filmr

The Filmr app is a terrific easy-to-use video enhancing app. Perfect for each novices as properly as superior video creators- it has a simple, quickly and intuitive interface. You can add transitions, effects, filters and extra to seriously change a primary video to some thing that is uber cool. If you’re searching for speed, agility and a top class seem to be for your videos, Filmr is the location for you.

Top 10 Free Short Video Maker App With Music Effect

Wonershare’s Filmora is one of the first-class app for modifying videos.  All the principal features like trimming, cutting, including themes, music, etc. can be without difficulty performed. It additionally consists of the capacity to play in reverse, do rectangular movies (1:1) for Instagram, and 16:9 movies reachable for making YouTube movies specifically. It additionally has assist for matters like gradual motion, transitions, music, overlays, and more. It now not solely permits to create a slideshow of your media documents such as images, pictures, and soundtracks however additionally to do some primary enhancing such as trimming/merging/cropping/rotating movies and add historical past song or voiceovers to videos.

Review: Filmr has won an usual ranking of 4.4/5 based totally on evaluations from 8,126 customers and has 1 million and developing downloads on Playstore.

Price: Free

Key Features:

- No restriction on the range of images/videos you can import

- Smooth and special transitions between videos

- Multiple fonts to make your textual content stand out

- Switch video structure with ease: horizontal (16:9 and 4:5), vertical (4:3), memories (9:16), and rectangular (1:1)

- 20 million+ royalty free track library

- Exclusive filters and outcomes to seriously change videos

Key Features of Filmr Video Editor


- The exceptional factor about Filmr is that it has zero ads!

- It has a vertical modifying timeline which makes video enhancing exquisite convenient, in contrast to different apps

- Can reorder videos, pics and audio clips with a easy drag-and-drop

- Lets you search for any music with a easy search or add song from your current files

- Reverse, Rotate and Flip movies with one tap

- Get rid of the watermark without problems with the aid of simply staring at an advert or going PRO

- Save to gallery or export at once to any social media app

- Set the period of the transitions down to precise seconds

- Directly shoot movies with the aid of the app and edit

- Customise the period of textual content on video on the textual content bar


- There is no undo choice in its Android version

- Limited range of filters

- Cannot report a voice-over without delay on the app

- Cannot pick out the video decision earlier than saving

- It does no longer aid more than one languages

Download From Play Store: Clik Here

Note: The Filmr iOS app has an significant library of filters, effects, transitions, video-on-video and a lot extra to select from. If you occur to have an iPhone or an iPad, you can strive it out.

2. Quik

Quik Video Editor

Quik is a free video editor introduced to you by using GoPro. With this app, you can create notable movies in simply a few taps. It routinely provides transitions and results and applies beat-synced issues to create amazing and shareable edits.

Top 10 Free Short Video Maker App With Music Effect

GoPro’s Quik is an app for modifying for humans who are modifying movies from their GoPro camera. However, it helps enhancing points from any source. With Quik, you can add transition effects, titles, filters, song and extra to make your video greater innovative and unique.

1080p or 720p and even without delay share it on the social networking sites. You add up to seventy five images and video clips in the app which then analyzes them and spits out a brief video from them. it affords greater than 12 issues to work on.

Review: Quik has received an universal ranking of 4.4/5 primarily based on the opinions from 476,637 users.

Price: Free

Key Features:

- Add up to seventy five photographs and video clips from your gallery, cloud storage, or GoPro Plus

- Compatible with action pictures

- Unlimited back-up at a hundred percent quality

- GPS Stickers to show off GoPro video’s speed

- AI-powered face, movement, and sound detection for the ideal frame. Open to guide corrections

- 23+ subject matters for any occasion

- Record, trim or rotate videos, add textual content overlays, trade video pace

- Videos in quite a number dimensions – square, portrait, or cinema

- 100+ free songs for history or add your own

- HD 1080p export

- QuikStories – works with the GoPro App and compiles exquisite movies with media shot inside the closing seventy two hours.

- The PRO model routinely backs up your GoPro footage

Key Features of Quik Video Editor


- Can deal with movies taken from any digital camera or device

- Handles 4k video, which is a terrific win over different apps

- Does now not go away a watermark

- Great for simple enhancing

- Quik’s mural function lets you create your fantastic photographs as separate events

- Auto edits track to fit the video beat


- Keeps your venture on cloud storage solely for a restrained time so you can't go again and edit it each time you prefer to

- The absence of the undo choice makes it tough to go lower back to the preceding edit

- Unsatisfactory consumer support. Issues and bugs remain unresolved even after various reviews by using users.

- The automated edits makes it low on customization

Download From Play Store : Click Here

3. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo Video Editor

A relatively effective video editor application, which will no longer stamp a watermark or area a time restrict on your clip. FilmoraGo gives you with all the expert modifying equipment whilst maintaining it easy-to-use. It helps you create respectable movies with a extensive range of results and presets. You can without problems share your movies with your buddies on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp proper from the platform.

Top 10 Free Short Video Maker App With Music Effect

When you favor to journey some thing past normal, Filmora Business is your accomplice then. It is one of the exceptional and noticeably encouraged quick video makers. Unlike different tools, it solely can pay interest to let you create some thing new. With its amazing modifying functionalities, you will be in a position to put your creativeness into truth with ease. All in all, this device shouldn’t be left out when it comes to brief video making for your business.

Review: FilmoraGo has won an standard ranking of 4.6/5 primarily based on the critiques from 626,723 users.

Price: Filters and consequences can be sold by using in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 – $34.99 per item

Key Features:

- Import from social networking websites like Instagram and Facebook

- Extensive library of licensed songs

- Lip sync your videos

- Make movies in quite a number dimensions – square, cinema

- Reverse, trim or rotate videos, add textual content overlays, play with speed

- Multiple Fast or Slow motions in the equal video

- Change action and timeline of title, can add more than one titles

- Supports many global languages like German, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Russian, French, Spanish, etc

Key Features - FilmoraGo Video Editor


- Easy to use and loaded with free features

- Professionally done, outstanding videos

- Access to great preset templates in the PRO version


- The abundance of presets, filters and consequences are no longer backed by way of sturdy how-to tutorials

- The audio usually fades out in the direction of the quit of the video

- The horizontal timeline makes video enhancing cumbersome 

Download From Play Store : Click Here

4. KineMaster

KineMaster Video Editor


KineMaster is a full- featured videotape editor for Android. It has important tools that are easy to use. It has over 2500 downloadable transitions, goods, vids, images and transitions. The addition of EQ presets, ducking and volume envelope tools makes audios on KineMaster super immersive and important. The decoration subscription also features unlimited exports in judgments up to 4K.

Top 10 Free Short Video Maker App With Music Effect


KineMaster is another accessible videotape editing software for android mobile. It offers multiple layers of vids, images, textbook, goods, overlays, stickers and handwriting to be combined along with an instant exercise point for viewing the editing. It features precise volume control from moment to moment within a clip. KineMaster further offers colour LUT pollutants, speed controls, hue crucial compositing and 3D transitions.


 Review KineMaster has gained an overall standing of4.4/ 5 grounded on the reviews from druggies.




 Monthly Charge after seven- day free trial




Yearly Subscription




Crucial Features


-In- erected plates, sources, stickers, transitions, clips, and further to bedeck your videotape

. -Multiple layers of videotape, stickers, images, textbook, etc

. -It includes a keyframe vitality tool to add stir to layers

-Voice overs, voice changers, sound goods, background music

. - Produce beautiful goods with a blending mode

- Share on YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox, etc


 Crucial features-KineMaster Video Editor




-Includes green screen, audio adding, rooting, volume control, hue key and further

. -Can add multiple audio and videotape layers which is great for advanced generators

-Can download multiples means like stickers, images, backgrounds,etc. from its asset store

- Constantly streamlined Youtube channel for style-to tutorials




-Hard to crop vids and audios with a tightly fitted timeline

-Takes time getting used to

-The subscription does n’t reflect across bias at times

-The app only operates in vertical mode which might feel a little uneasy

-Extremely advanced for newcomers

- Leaves a watermark in the free interpretation

 Download From Play Store : Click Here

 5. VivaVideo

 VivaVideo Video Editor


VivaVideo comes with videotape editing features like making vids from filmland with music, editing vids with transitions, combining videotape clips, adding music to videotape, and much further. It features hundreds of Special Goods/ Stickers/ Pollutants/ Animated clips to transfigure your vids. You can directly partake the videotape to your social media handles from within the app.


Top 10 Free Short Video Maker App With Music Effect

ViVaVedio is a veritably popular editing app for vids. It's stylish suited for short clips for social media. It has all the essential functions of slice and pasting vids, trouncing, incorporating clips, etc available. It offers a wide variety of collage templates and themes to choose from, has videotape collage maker for incorporating videotape clips with over 200 videotape pollutants.


Although, VivaVideo has a free interpretation that comes with a watermark and a time limit for any given videotape, you can buy the pro interpretation to pierce all available features.


Review VivaVideo has gained an overall standing of4.6/ 5 grounded on the reviews from druggies.


Price :Yearly Plan



Monthly Personality Class



Crucial Features

-Professional music videotape maker with songs and goods

-Make vids from filmland and songs fluently

-Several videotape editing goods blur background, decelerate down vids, speed up vids, etc

. - Combine several videotape clips to make one videotape

-Can cut, edit, combine, bury while editing a videotape

. - Import vids at your asked resolution like 720p, 1080p, 4K, etc


 Crucial Features-VivaVideo Video Editor




-It has an inbuilt slow- stir videotape creator

-It works exceptionally well for short clips for social media

-Super easy to use, indeed for an amateur

. - Cut clips and place them anywhere you want




-Every new update creates issues in the app performing

-Tends to cancel textbook or image, or place it anywhere on the videotape

. -Multiple issues while adding music to videotape

-Hard to add and manage further than one audio/ videotape train

-The high number of advertisements in the free interpretation makes it delicate to concentrate

 Download From Play Store : Click Here

 6. WeVideo

WeVideo Video Editor

WeVideo for Android makes it easy, presto, and fun to produce and partake amazing vids. It has been featured in TechCrunch, CNET, ReelSEO, The Next Web, Wired, and more. With WeVideo’s Videotape Editor App, you can capture recollections wherever they be and transfigure them into breath- taking vids and partake them on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Wevideo is an each- by-one pall- grounded cooperative videotape editing app. It allows you to produce, edit, and publish vids. It offers really advanced features and functionalities including audio editing capabilities, a library of commercially certified music, and the capability to partake vids in 4K resolution. Still, only 10 GB of pall storehouse is available.

Top 10 Free Short Video Maker App With Music Effect

The free interpretation comes with all of the basics which is more like a free trial than an factual free interpretation, if you want to produce further than one videotape, you ’ll need to upgrade to decoration interpretation.

WeVideo Professional or Business plan has indeed more benefits like expanded music and theme libraries, professional- quality plates, no WeVideo watermark,etc.

Review WeVideo has gained an overall standing of4.0/ 5 grounded on the reviews from druggies.


Professional Plan


$41.81/ month and$249.47/ time


Unlimited Plan

$14.63/ month and$86.41/ time


Power Plan


$9.06/ month and$53.66/ time


Mobile Pass


$3.76 one time pass


Crucial Features


- Produce stunning vids with exceptional videotape themes and videotape pollutants

-With named upgrades, you can publish up to 4K Ultra High Definition videotape

. - Use the blurred background to enhance your perpendicular vids

- Add your own music or use its kingliness-free library for a custom soundtrack

- Publish and upload to YouTube, Dropbox, Instagram, Facebook, etc


Crucial Features-WeVideo Video Editor




-Good for introductory videotape editing conditions

-Easy to produce slideshows with hardly any trouble

- Good for quick social media shares and compendiums




- Veritably limited music, textbook sources and themes in the free account

. - Requests authorization to pierce product operation which might feel like an intrusion

-You can not remove the watermark in the free interpretation

-Tough to acclimate music beats with the videotape

-Can not partake the videotape directly to any social media

Download From Play Store : Click Here

7. VideoShow

VideoShow Video Editor


VideoShow offers excellent videotape editing features. It's an easy and practical videotape editing app & movie scene maker for both art directors and newcomers. With the help of this videotape knife, you can reverse, blur, duplicate, edit, merge, trim, split, collage clips, or vids.


VideoShow also allows you to add mottoes to any videotape, or to change its audio. It also lets you take any videotape on your device and apply different pollutants. The app contains an force of over 50 elaborate themes for stunning music videotape/ slideshow/ vlogs incontinently.


Top 10 Free Short Video Maker App With Music Effect

Review VideoShow hhas gained an overall standing of4.6/ 5 grounded on the reviews from druggies.




Periodic Subscription




One- Time Purchase




Crucial Features


- Produce cultural mottoes with a variety of textbook sources and styles

- Reduce videotape size directly in the app

-Easy and practical for professionals as well as newcomers

- Bone can fluently shoot vids through the app and edit them

-Can prize audio from being vids

- Portrait on videotape ( only in Personality interpretation)


Crucial Features-VideoShow Video Editor




-Great transitions and multiple music choices

-Can add as numerous images to a single videotape

-Supports collage of images on videotape

- Join multiple vids in a single clip

-Beautiful themes to enhance vids

-Can set a precise time- cut to change audio




- Problem while participating vids directly on social media

- Lack of quality after exporting videotape

-The themes can only be used in square mode

-Watermark in the free interpretation

-2K advanced quality vids can not be edited in the free interpretation

Download From Play Store : Click Here

8. Magisto

Magisto Video Editor

Magisto makes use of state-of-the-art A.I. to discover the first-rate components of your recording. It neatly applies enhancing methods together with video stabilization, filters object detection, effects, and auto-crop, to create fantastic movies that outshine the common slideshow or collage.

Magisto video editor permits yo to make/edit movies and turns them into amzing videos. It combines video clips, photos, music, text, video effects, and video filters to assist you make an exquisite video except an awful lot effort.using Artificial Intelligence(AI). To edit movies the use of Magisto you simply have to observe the under steps:

Top 10 Free Short Video Maker App With Music Effect

Pick your video enhancing fashion i.e., the sort of story you’re telling,

Then select pics and video clips you like to be included,

Finally, pick out your tune from Magisto’s built-in track library.

It has a direct alternative on hand for sharing movies on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, and Twitter, alongside with superior equipment for vloggers and marketers.

Designed as your 24/7 private film editor, Magisto combines clips, photos, filters, music, text, and outcomes to assist you inform your story. Once in a while, Magisto will current you with a absolutely automatic personal shock film by way of changing the pictures and video clips from your gallery.

Review: Magisto has received an ordinary ranking of 4.1/5 based totally on the evaluations from 1,133,767 users.


Monthly Subscription


Annual Subscription

$18.43 Paid Yearly, [$1.53/month]

Key Features:

- Share your video content material on social networking structures with a single tap

- Pick royalty-free track divided by using genre, temper and class

- Add tune at once from your device

- Combine clips, photos, stickers, music, texts, filters, etc. to make a excellent video

- Turn each video into a story with the app’s clever AI

Key Features - Magisto Video Editor


- This app is first-rate for novices besides a lot trip in video editing

- It is semi-automatic- all you want to do is pick out your videos/photos and let Magisto’s AI information you to the rest

- Has a neat and easy interface

- Can create a couple of movies rapidly with customisable pre-made templates

- They have a feed the place you can see movies posted through different users


- Not tons room for guide video editing

- They have a assist core however it isn’t effortless to contact their help group by email/phone

- AI does most of the work, it isn’t viable to pick unique or minutely-timed transitions

- Too many routine evaluation pop-ups

Download From Play Store : Click Here

9. InShot

InShot Video editor

InShot is a effective display screen video editor & film maker with points like trim & reduce video/movie, add music, text, stickers and glitch effects, blur background, and No Crop. It affords simple but effective video enhancing features, consequently assisting you check out your innovative skills.

It encourages you to create brilliant movies with ease for TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.

Top 10 Free Short Video Maker App With Music Effect

Review: InShot has won an typical ranking of 4.8/5 based totally on the opinions from 11,994,317 users.


After 7-Days Free Trial

$9.06/year and seventy five cents/month

Monthly Subscription


One- Time Purchase


Key Features:

- Video Splitter, Video Trimmer and Video Cutter

- Merge and be part of clips from two exclusive videos

- Powerful seasoned video editor for Instagram, YouTube, TikTok,, etc

- Loads of special filters and colourful backgrounds

- Supports more than one formats/ratios

- Adjust tune quantity with a fade-in and fade-out feature

Key Features - InShot Video Editor


- Easy to use and first-rate handy for beginners

- Multiple selections for text, music, stickers, results and a lot more

- Can resize movies and posts as per your need

- Can add distinctive transitions after each new picture or video clip

- Can do distinctive coloration correction for movies and photos


- There’s no undo option to go again to your preceding edit version

- Ads can be inconvenient to some users

- It is barely challenging to trim audio clips. Each music begins from the first beat and may be difficult for first-time users.

Download From Play Store : Click Here

10. PowerDirector

PowerDirector Video Editor

PowerDirector is featured as an Editors's Choice app on Google Play. It lets you create movies in 4K quality, edit movies with multi-timeline features, and share them on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. You can additionally add music, transitions, movement titles, effects, emojis, filters and greater to decorate your videos.

Cyberlink’s PowerDirector is a fully-featured video enhancing app for android. It permits your movies to be exported in 4K with hardware aid accompanied with slow-mo characteristic for growing slow-mo video FX. So if you are searching for the first-rate video editor to create slow-mo videos, PowerDirector is the one for you. Its Chroma key selectors are used for imparting transparencies in movies and add layer effects. It even provides elements like collage maker and sluggish movement support.

Top 10 Free Short Video Maker App With Music Effect

You can avail most of PowerDirector’s facets for free in the Android app. However, for extra superior enhancing features, it requires CyberLink’s paid merchandise beginning at $99.

Review: PowerDirector has won an usual ranking of 4.5/5 primarily based on the critiques from 157,8358 users.


Quarterly Subscription


Monthly Subscription


Yearly Subscription


Key Features:

- Export movies with up to 4K resolution

- Video Stabilizer to restoration shaky footage

- Chroma key to edit inexperienced display screen background

- Add glitch and transition outcomes to make the video seem futuristic

- Overlay clips to produce double publicity effects

- Multiple mixing modes and multi-timeline interface

Key Features - PowerDirector Video Editor


- Add a couple of layers and customize/edit every one separately

- Easy switching between laptop and telephone with its integration to Cyberlink

- Royalty-free inventory library

- Download videos/images without delay from Google drive

- Pre-made templates assist in developing movies quickly

- It has adequate how-to tutorials to examine about every feature


- Too many commercials and pointless notifications

- The archives take too lengthy to load

- Limited to a horizontal enhancing interface

Download From Play Store : Click Here

Summing up

Now that you have the listing of pinnacle 10 video editors of 2021, go in advance and down load the app that suits your requirements. If you’re searching for methods to beautify your video-making skills, do take a look at out our weblog on making cool edits to your movies in beneath 5-minutes.

If you have any questions or prefer to proceed the conversation, hop over to the IV neighborhood and analyze from 25K different entrepreneurs and video creators simply like you. 

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how to add your business on google maps

When you add a enterprise to Google, it can assist carry in new clients and streams of revenue.

You can personalize your Google Business web page with hours, photos, services, and more.

When you add a place or provider region for your business, it will become searchable on Google Maps.

Adding your enterprise to Google - whether or not it is a restaurant open to the public or a hair salon run out of your domestic - is an necessary step to attain customers, make connections, and in the end develop a profitable business.

It additionally offers your enterprise an air of legitimacy, and makes it searchable by way of Google Maps.

Here's how to add your commercial enterprise to Google, and customise your enterprise page.

How to add a commercial enterprise to Google

Note that the specific sequence of steps may additionally fluctuate relying on which choices you make on every page, and what variety of enterprise web page you are creating.

1. Go to Google's My Business

Go to Google's My Business web page and log into your commercial enterprise account. Or, create a Google account for your commercial enterprise through touring the Google sign-in web page and deciding on Create account.

2. Search Your Business 

From the My Business homepage, click on Manage now and on the subsequent screen, enter your business' title into the search bar. In the drop-down underneath the search bar, pick Create a enterprise with this name. Read also: Top 10 Best Travel & Tourism Companies in India - 2021

how to add your business on google maps

Note: If your commercial enterprise identify and tackle seems in the drop-down already, that ability your enterprise has already been listed and you may want to declare it as your very own - if it truly is the case, pick out this choice and comply with the prompts to declare your business.

3. Enter Your Business Title

On the subsequent page, enter your Business title and Business class (such as restaurant, retail, barber shop, etc.). Then, pick out Next. You'll be capable to add extra classes later on.

how to add your business on google maps

4.Select Your Business Area

Next you may want to pick out whether or not you desire your business' area to show up on Google Maps. If you are including a restaurant or different commercial enterprise it truly is open to the public, being on Google Maps is relatively useful. But if you are simply including a small commercial enterprise run out of your house, preserving that region personal may be a right idea. Select Yes or No and hit Next. Read also: Mahindra Finance launches "Shubh Utsav"Two month unique festive Offers on Vehicles loans.

how to add your business on google maps

5. Fill out the applicable records

If you selected to add your commercial enterprise to Google Maps, the subsequent display will ask you to enter your commercial enterprise address. If you selected to maintain your specific vicinity private, then the subsequent display will ask you to enter your carrier area(s). Fill out the applicable records and choose Next.

how to add your business on google maps

6. Enter internet site

Enter the smartphone variety and internet site related with your commercial enterprise and click on Next.

how to add your business on google maps

This is an important option, as businesses that don't have a physical location won't show up in Google Maps. Read Also: Best 10 Hotel Booking App In India 2021

how to add your business on google maps

Quick tip: If you do not already have a website, you can pick out Get a free internet site based totally on your data to have Google mechanically create a internet site for you.

7. Google Business to ship you updates

On the subsequent page, select whether or not or now not you favor Google Business to ship you updates and hints for your business, and hit Next.

how to add your business on google maps

8. Enter your tackle

If you selected no longer to grant a commercial enterprise address, you may want to enter your non-public mailing tackle to confirm your business. This tackle will now not be seen to the public. Enter your tackle and hit Next, or pick out Verify later.

You can then add the locations that you serve, at a city, state, or country level.

how to add your business on google maps

9. pick out a technique to confirm your business 

Click the drop-down to pick out a technique to confirm your business. Depending on your kind of business, solely some verification strategies may additionally be handy to you. For example, you may also see Postcard by means of mail listed as the solely accessible method. Read also: Real-time GPS navigation & local suggestions for food, events, & activities

Here are all the approaches that you can confirm your identification to Google:

By mail. Google will ship a bodily postcard that consists of a verification pin, which you will then use to confirm online.

By phone. Google will name you, and supply a verification code over the phone. This is solely reachable for sure businesses.

By email. Google will ship you the code over email. Again, this is solely on hand for positive businesses.

Bulk verification. If your enterprise has over 10 locations, you will have to put up an greater shape to have them all proven at once. To do this, when you click on "Get verified," click on "Chain" afterwards and enter all your info. Google will then take up to a week to procedure the request.

Instantly. If you have a Google Search Console account, and your business' internet site is established thru Search Console, you can affirm your account instantly. Some enterprise classes don't seem to be allowed to do this.

10. set up your Google My Business page

Next, you may be taken via a sequence of prompts to set up your Google My Business page. You can add your offerings and commercial enterprise hours, set messaging permissions, write a enterprise description, add photos, and declare a $100 marketing savings via Google Ads.

how to add your business on google maps

11. You can add extra information

Once you have entered all the integral records to set up your business, you will be taken to your Google My Business account web page the place you can add extra information, like a commercial enterprise emblem and co-managers.

how to add your business on google maps

12. Google My Business Dashboard

Once you have performed your list you will have get admission to to your Google My Business dashboard. From right here you can replace your commercial enterprise details, add opening hours, images/photos, your enterprise description, any sub-categories that your commercial enterprise falls into and a good deal more.

how to add your business on google maps

13. How to affirm your Google My Business account

You ought to affirm your Google My Business account in order to good control it, which can be carried out through getting into a code that will be despatched to the enterprise tackle in a postcard.

how to add your business on google maps

14. The quit result

Once your account is up and going for walks you will acquire a affirmation email. Your clients can now locate your commercial enterprise throughout Google.

how to add your business on google maps

15. Bonus Step: Bing Places

To similarly make bigger your visibility you can import your Google My Business important points into Bing Places. This is Bing's equal to Google My Business, permitting your enterprise to exhibit up in Bing Maps as nicely as Bing's neighborhood search results.

how to add your business on google maps

You can additionally sync your Bing Places account to make sure any modifications made to your Google My Business checklist are additionally up to date in Bing. 

how to add your business on google maps

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