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Wednesday, 8 September 2021

What's The Benifit Of Yoga

Yoga is a way of life and enables us to have multi dimensional approach to life.

Yoga is a way of life and enables us to have multi dimensional approach to life. The human body is not the aim yoga but is considered meanes of going beyond physical form of body. Unbalanced state of course and effect result in ill health. Equilibrium of to is the basic aim of yoga. A healthy body, therefore may be called as the foundation of yoga. Man has made tremendous progress in almost every walk of life. Objects once considered impossible to achieved have now been achieved by us. what we have achieved and accomplished today could not have been imagined in there dreams by our past generations. Modern scientists researchers have absolutely changed our life style.

Yoga is both an art and science. It can alone save the modern man from parsonal determination and circumstantial frustration. in other words the practice of 'Yoga' postulates keeping the body healthy and the mindcalm and peaceful. Health is our birth right, and to remain healthy, it is not necessary to depend upon any health centre, physician or medication. It is entirely in our hands to keep healthy. However, in the present-day conditions keeping good health is becoming more and more difficult, and diseases are proliferating. All sports of evils have crept into our society. Utter selfishness, cut-throat competition, murders, communal riots rampant corruption all these are attributable to the progressive degeneration of the human body mind. Certain yogic principles have to be observed for maintaining sound health. If we follow these principles and regularly practice Yoga and Yogasanas it would not be a problem to enjoy full strength and vigour.

Healthy means to know our inner self. It signifies equilibrium and self control. If there is a key to life, it is yoga. Our enargy gets drained in the search for materialistic comforts. The whole atmosphere today is suarcharged with tension and vatrious types of pollution. We tend to blamenthe elements for your physical disorders and mental tension. If we catch a bad cold or fever, we blame it on the weather forgetting that the whole process of health generates from within ourselves. Nature has made our physical structure perfect and complete and invested this mecanism with the capability of keeping itself in good health. If any foreign matter sneaks into our body and gets stuck up there, we call it disease. All the present and future ailments can be our body and do let any harmful matter remain insde, we shall never fall it. Yogasanas are extremely beneficial in this respect. The scince of Yoga is the science of cosmos. The Yogic art is cosmic art. When you achieve Yoga you find pure consciousness in action and good health, resistance power, etc. When the hearth works normally through the circulation of blood, its get the blood purifieed by the lungs and keeps the digestive system in order, the various glands function and maintain the balence of body, and mind works calmly and keeps the body functioning through the intricate nervous system. In case of illness it does become inevitableto resort to medication, but health is regained only through the own strength of the inner organs. The word yoga is derivd from the Sanskrit root yuj meaning to bind the yoke. It is the true union of our will with the will of god.

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The word ‘aas’ is derived from the original Sanskrit metal ‘aas’, which means ‘to sit’. The word 'asana' can be understood in two ways. One is ‘through which a person sits’ and the other means ‘on which a person sits’.

The first meaning refers to the state of body or mind. Such as Sukhasana - The mind experiences happiness by sitting in this asana, hence the name 'Sukhasana'. Some of the asanas are named according to the position or posture of the body. Such as Padmasana. In this asana, the body is shaped like a lotus (padma), hence the name Padmasana. Moreover, in this asana, the state of mind also becomes like a thousand lotuses.

Maharshi Patanjali has said, ‘Sthir Sukham Asanam’ i.e. asana is a state in which the mind feels a constant feeling of happiness or comfort and in that state the body has to be kept stable.

Today we learn a nice, simple asana, which is an asana for meditation.



  • Lay a thick comfortable chessboard on the first floor.
  • Sit on a chessboard with your feet in front of your body.
  • Hold the left foot with the right hand and press down on the right foot.
  • In the same way press the right foot down to the left.
  • Keep your neck, head and spine upright.

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અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રીપોર્ટ


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