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Thursday, 16 September 2021

WABox is a complete toolkit for WhatsApp

Whatsapp Status Downloader, See Deleted Messages, Cleaner, Direct Chat & 8 more

WABox is a complete toolkit for WhatsApp that brings you all the incredible features needed in 2021. From Status Saver for WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web Scanner to some advanced features like WhatsDeleted - which shows deleted WhatsApp messages and media, Transparent WhatsApp, and Direct Chat, WABox packs in the finest goodies. 

The app comes with a remarkably beautiful and easy-to-use interface created with the latest trends in mind. Here's a full list of features that WABox offers:

WhatsDeleted - View deleted WhatsApp messages and Images when sender deletes for everyone.  

WhatsApp Web Scanner - Scan a QR Code of WhatsApp Web right inside the app to enjoy WA web services.

Status Saver for WhatsApp Video/Images - Easily download WhatsApp status images or videos with WABox.

Language Support -  Support for Arabic(ar), German(de), Indonesian(id), Portuguese(pt), Russian(ru), and Spanish(es) languages.

Walk & Chat - A fantastic feature that leverages the phone's camera to make WhatsApp chat background transparent with less opacity.

WhatsApp Cleaner App 2021 - Saves an ample amount of space by cleaning WhatsApp sent images, videos, documents, and cache.

Fake Chat & Call - A fun tool to create a fake WhatsApp conversation or call.

Text Repeater Pro - Repeat any text up to 10,000 times with this feature.

WhatsTool Toolkit Features👇

✓ WhatsShake
This feature let you open wa anytime on your phone screen even when you are using another app just by shaking your device. This feature will also work after you remove it from recent apps.

✓ Story Saver
Everyday we saw so many stories of our contacts on wa and some they are so attractive that we want to save it or re-post as our story, Now this feature will save the stories you saw on your device.

✓ Whatsweb
By using this feature you can use multiple wa by just scanning the QR Code but not only that for the very first now you can lock whatsweb, chats with fingerprint for free

✓ Cleaner
Everytime you sent any kind of messages to your anyone some files are saved in your device that take some space. By this feature you can clear the junk files in just in just one tap automatically.

✓ Direct Chat

✓ Stickers
Recently wa have added stickers and we have added 15+ creative cool WAStickers that you can use to express you feelings easily also we add new stickers every weekend.

✓ Blank Messages
Troll your friends by sending them blank messages and impress them. This feature will make it possible to send empty WA messages but you can also copy the empty text into your clipboard so that you can put on your WA status and other Social Network.

✓ Text Magic
Change the way your text look like with text magic, We have added 15+ Stylish fonts that change your text and supports all device but not only this we have also added Decorative text so you can add decorative wa story also you can copy it on clipboard and use it in any Social Media .

✓ Text to emoji
Turn your text into your favourite emoji is one go and copy it and share around your social media and blow your friends mind.

✓ Text Repeater
Why to write the same text again and again? Now you can repeat the text as much as you want that to with new line or not and send to the person and blow their mind by you have typed that much long text for then also you can copy this and use it in other Social Media.

✓ Fake Story
Generate fake stories of any contact and prank with them

✓ Fake Profile
Duplicates any one WA profile

✓ Emoticons
Express more with text

✓ Insta Re-share
Share any image or video of Insta directly on your WA like magic within seconds no need to save the image too :)

These are some collection of tools* that we are offering in a single app of less than 15 mb.

Disclaimer : This app is not associated with any other company in any way and is developed and maintained by Softeek.


ASCII Text Art Generator for WhatsApp - It offers a plethora of ASCII ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯ faces in Happy, Angry, and other categories.

Direct Chat - Start a conversation or message to the unsaved numbers on WhatsApp. 

Text To Emoji Converter - Easily convert any written word or text to emojis.

Shake To Open WhatsApp - A quick shortcut to land you on WhatsApp's home screen from anywhere on the phone.

Gallery - A dedicated gallery to keep all the WhatsApp media in one place.

Note: WABox  - Toolkit For WhatsApp is not associated with official WhatsApp Inc.

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