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Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Tata Studies - The Stupid Skills e - learning App

Premium Education app with Study Planner for Class 1-10 students, CBSE, NCERT

Begin the Journey to become Great Students with Tata Studi – “Padhne ka Sahi Tareeka”. Get the best  Study Material for your Child’s Education. With the Tata Studi education app, explore a whole new way to make e-Learning easy and understandable.
The primary objective of Tata Studi is to develop good study habits in children. Studi is an e-learning app founded on the science of learning—a highly effective learning method recommended by learning scientists.
The App covers English, Hindi, Mathematics, Sciences and Social Studies for Classes 1 – 10 for the C.B.S.E. curriculum. In this C.B.S.E. online study App Every lesson is visually illustrated to aid comprehension. The e learning app guides students through a personalized learning journey based on their own learning style and speed. It also includes Repeated practice, revision, and thorough Assignments and Tests to ensure that students grasp the material completely.
Here are some of Tata Studi’s Key features that makes it one of the best Education apps for students.

Tata Studies - The Stupid Skills e - learning App

The Stupid Skills™ E-learning platform is designed for students whose scheduling commitments would otherwise make it difficult to enroll in a full-time higher education program. Offered for individual courses, diplomas, associate’s degrees, and certificate programs, online studies are a valuable option. The resulting qualification a graduate receives after successfully completing.

• Study Planner: The Study Planner for Class 1-10 helps your child make the most of his time . It employs effective and efficient study practices to create independent learners

• Study the way the best do: Studi is formulated based on the science of learning – the best practices in effective learning.
Each chapter is broken down into short, digestible chunks—videos, notes and summaries—to avoid learning overload. Practice sessions are spaced and repeated so that your child retains the concepts thoroughly.

• Get the Big Idea: All the Chapters begin with a summary that tells students all about the Chapter and its Goals so that they can grasp the big picture context of what they are about to learn. It helps students to answer the biggest questions that arise in their Minds, “Why should I learn this?" "How does it matter?"  Tata Studi provides your child with the Direction to learn in a smarter way.

તા: 29/09/2021 નું હોમ લર્નિંગ ડાયરેક યુટ્યુબ ના માધ્યમથી.

વિદ્યાર્થી મિત્ર તમારા ધોરણની નીચે આપેલી લિંક ખોલીને આજનું ઓનલાઈન શિક્ષણ મેળવો યુટ્યુબ ના માધ્યમથી.

તા- 29/09/2021 ધોરણ-3 પર્યાવરણનો વિડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો.

તા- 29/09/2021 ધોરણ-4 પર્યાવરણનો વિડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો.

તા- 29/09/2021 ધોરણ-5 ગણિતનો વિડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો.

તા-29/09/2021 ધોરણ-6 ગણિત-અંગ્રેજી નો વિડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો.

તા-29/09/2021 ધોરણ-7 ગણિત-અંગ્રેજી નો વિડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો.

તા- 29/09/2021 ધોરણ-8 સામાજિક વિજ્ઞાનનો વિડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો.

તા- 29/09/2021 ધોરણ-9 વિજ્ઞાન નો વિડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો.

તા- 29/09/2021 ધોરણ-12 ગણિતનો વિડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો.

• Progress tracking: Studi enables non-intrusive supervision of your child’s progress.
While your child learns to be an independent learner, you can join their learning journey by tracking their progress and provide the support and encouragement they fully deserve.
Access our Study material Anytime, Anywhere.

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