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Friday, 6 August 2021

US Stocks, Mutual Funds, Fd, Ind Money App

Track, plan & Invest in US Stocks, Direct Mutual Funds, SIPs, FD, IPOs: Zero Fee

INDmoney is a SuperMoney app : A one stop shop for your money to track, save, plan and invest. INDmoney automatically & securely tracks all your investments, loans, expenses, credit cards, savings a/cs, PF’s, EPF’s. You can track across brokers, banks, distributors and advisors.

INDmoney recommends actions for you to save your money, improve your portfolio and then invest your money at ZERO commission. You can directly invest in US Stocks from India, Commission Free Direct plan Mutual Funds & SIPs, FD’s (Fixed Deposits), Bonds & PMS.

1. Mutual funds: Invest & Track your mutual fund portfolio performance (Zero Cost)

Automatically import and track all your Mutual Funds from across brokers, -banks & apps such as NJ Wealth, Groww, Zerodha Coin, ETmoney, PayTM Money, CAMS, Karvy, HDFC, ICICI.
Auto-generate your Combined Account Statement (CAS) for mutual funds
Switch your regular plan mutual funds to direct plan mutual funds at zero cost & earn upto 1.5% extra return.
Invest in commission free direct plan mutual funds & SIPs. Invest across 4000+ funds such as such as ICICI Prudential, HDFC, NIPPON India, Axis, PPFAS, Aditya Birla and Mirae
Invest in Direct plan Mutual Funds across categories such as Index funds, Large cap, mid cap, multi cap, Arbitrage funds, debt & tax saving funds through lumpsum, systematic investments plan (SIP), Systematic Transfer plan (STP) and Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP).
Redeem your funds with a single click.

2. US stocks: Invest in US stock from India

Open a US stocks account for free in less than 2 minutes.
Zero fee to send money to your US Stocks a/c from India
Zero brokerage to buy and sell US Stocks.
Invest in fractions. Invest as little as $1
Buy & Sell US companies such as Facebook, Google, Tesla, Netflix, Amazon, Apple listed on S&P 500, Dow Jones and NASDAQ.
Invest in 1200+ of US ETF’s (Exchange traded funds) from India.
Diversify by directly investing in US Stocks from India.
Daily & weekly portfolio analysis & recommendations on US stock markets

3.India Stock market : Track your Indian stocks across DMAT a/c’s for FREE. Invest at Zero brokerage (coming soon)

Auto import your Indian stock portfolio across brokers and Dmat accounts such as Zerodha, Upstox, HDFC securities, Angel Broking, ICICI Direct through your NSDL/ CDSL statements
Track all your trades across brokers and Dmat accounts.
Get stock advisory & recommendations for Buy, Sell & Hold, and real-time alerts for your stock portfolio based on robust stock research
Invest in Indian Stocks (coming soon)

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લીંક 

બારમો મો તબક્કો

લેટર ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લીંક 

ફૂડ સિક્યુરિટી ઓટોમેટિક કુપન એક્સલ ફાઇલ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

મહત્વપૂર્ણ લીંક 

અગિયાર મો તબક્કો

લેટર ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

4. Book Fixed deposits (FDs) and get better returns

Book FD across banks and NBFC’s at Zero Fee
Earn higher returns than conventional FDs
Track your Bank FDs across banks such as ICICI Bank, IDFC First, SBI, HDFC Bank
Invest in the largest catalogue of  FDs from Bajaj Finance, HDFC, Shriram Transport Finance with credit ratings and free risk analysis
Paperless and digital process to book FDs

5. Financial & retirement planning tool 

Set financial goals like buying a house, children’s education, home renovation, buying a car, marriage etc.
‘Plan for your early retirement
Get recommendations on meeting your financial goals
Get recommendations on adequate Life and health insurance for your family
Invest for your goals with Zero commission investing

તા:07/08/2021 નું હોમ લર્નિંગ ડાયરેક યુટ્યુબ ના માધ્યમથી.

વિદ્યાર્થી મિત્ર તમારા ધોરણની નીચે આપેલી લિંક ખોલીને આજનું ઓનલાઈન શિક્ષણ મેળવો યુટ્યુબ ના માધ્યમથી.

તા- 07-08-2021 ધોરણ-3 પ્રવૃત્તિસભર શૈક્ષણિક કાર્યક્રમ નો વિડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો.

તા- 07-08-2021 ધોરણ-4 પ્રવૃત્તિસભર શૈક્ષણિક કાર્યક્રમ નો વિડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો.

તા- 07-08-2021 ધોરણ-5 પ્રવૃત્તિસભર શૈક્ષણિક કાર્યક્રમ નો વિડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો.

તા- 07-08-2021 ધોરણ-6 વાર્તા- વૈદિક ગણિત નો વિડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો.

તા- 07-08-2021 ધોરણ-7 વાર્તા- વૈદિક ગણિત નો વિડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો.

તા- 07-08-2021 ધોરણ-8 વાર્તા- વૈદિક ગણિત નો વિડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો.

તા- 07-08-2021 ધોરણ-10 ગણિત નો વિડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો.

તા- 07-08-2021 ધોરણ-12 ભૌતિક વિજ્ઞાન નો વિડિયો જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો.

6. Become a premium Gold member : Get personalised investment advisory and financial planning services. Add family member accounts and manage your money across PAN numbers.

7. INDmoney has the state of the art security standards with
Strict data security policies & encryption: OTP & biometric-based access
Stored data is protected by authenticated encryption. Additionally, we are audited by Bishop Fox - for security assessment.
Our applications have been security audited by PRIME INFOSERV LLP (CERT-In Empanelled)

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