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Monday, 30 August 2021

Top 10 Voice typing app

The Jellow Talk AAC Communicator is helpful for practicing speech through its speech recognizing facility. 

The continuous Speech/Listen mode helps users to record long continuous Speech/Talks during long conversations, classes, conferences, etc., and see it displayed as Text. 

The Speech to Text and Text to Speech features converts speech or voice and displays it as text (Speech to Text) + reads aloud typed in text (Text to Speech). 

The Jellow talk used as an AAC application is also designed to facilitate instant and direct conversation between people who have difficulty with loss of Speech and Hearing and those that can Speak and Hear. This includes people with Aphasia and Autism. 

The text is displayed as continuous threads, one after another, and let’s you see, find, copy conversations easily and the search function lets you search through text. 

Voice Typing Keyboard in All Languages - App is also a voice typing keyboard, you can use it as voice keyboard for typing into any of the language mentioned below. Voice typing keyboard helps you to type text very easily with the help of your voice & share it with any other app in phone.

સોર્સ ::: ઝી ન્યુઝ ઇન્ડિયા /ઝી 24 કલાક

Top 10 Voice typing app

Speech to Text Converter - It also has a feature of fast speech to text converter for any language. No other android app on Play store is better than this speech to text conversion.

Text to Speech(Speaking & Talking Text)- This app is also useful with its text to speech(speaking of text) feature. You can add text by voice or you can copy and paste text in this app from any other source and it will speak that text for you with its amazing text to speech feature.

TOP વોઇસ typing app

KEY FEATURES of SNotes – Speech Notes, Speech to Text, Voice Typing

► Free, fast and reliable speech to text, speech to notes.
Use the most accurate speech to text converter for your notes dictation. This voice recognizer incorporates Google's speech recognition service - the most powerful Artificial Intelligence solution. Our Fast, simple & light app will convert voice to notes so you can save voice memo in the form of notes dictation. Great for regular text notes too, as it's a super simple & reliable speech notepad. Reduces typos & spelling errors and offers more convenient features like Auto capitalization & spacing.

► Continuous non-stop and unlimited Notes dictation.
SNotes – Speech Notes, Speech to Text, Voice Typing(Speech Notes) does not stop listening when you take a break to breathe or think. Convert voice to notes and Edit text while still in dictation mode - no need to stop and restart. Keeps your phone awake when transcribing so you can focus on your thoughts.

► Beautiful backgrounds and fonts.
The best selected beautiful backgrounds and fonts for your notes dictation are available for you. Just choose your color note and text font in one click to begin voice memo recording and speech notepad typing.

► Supports offline Mode Voice Recognition (though better performance when connected).
You can download voice recognition languages pack in setting for supporting offline speech recognition. Use the speech to text convertor for convenient conversion of speech to notes without network connection constraints. (though better performance and result when network connected).

► Intelligent built-in keyboard for speech to text, speech to notes features
You can enjoy the ease of noted dictation for words and ease of tapping for punctuation & symbols. Take help from the F1-F9 editable keys for predefined texts such as signatures, repeated texts. F1- F9 editable keys are great for standard texts, phrases, address, email, greetings, date, time, professional hard terms, that you use a lot. Instead of re-typing them every time - one tap - and it’s there.

► Share, export PDF & print note in one tap.
Export, print from note to PDF file format in one tap. Turn your speech into pdf file or printed file never easy like this before.

► Quick launch Voice Recognizer from the notification drawer.
Need to capture your idea, your speech quickly? Just one tap in the notification drawer, you can start capturing your idea immediately. You can set to open your last note or start a new note from a quick launch.

► Secure your voice memo and speech notepad notes
Once you have used thus speech to text convertor to convert voice to notes, you can proceed to using this voice recognizer for protecting your voice recognition data and notes. Protect your notes by Pin-code or fingerprint, so only you can access your notes even when others are using your phone.

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