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Monday, 30 August 2021

Best tips to Take Care of Your Eyes

Use Eye Care app to get rid of dark circles & get better eyebrows, eyelashes

Eyes are most important feature of your face. But due to stress and lot of work your eyes become dull and dark circle, puffiness come to appear.

But no need to worry now, “Eye Care - Eye Exercises, Dark Circles, Eyebrows” has come to your rescue. Be it any kind of problem from dark circle to puffy eyes to sunken eyes here you will find solution for everything. In this you will also find the methods to have better eyebrows, better eyelashes or having beautiful eyes.

Eye care app consist 3 sections 

1. Remedies for eye care

2. Diet for eye care

3. Exercises for eyes

So if you want to look better and have better  vision, you should download eye care app

Exercise to Relax your tired eyes and make your vision stronger.

Tailored for those working-from-home, gaming fans, students and lecturers, phone addicts.

Download and try Eye Care Plus now and relax your tired eyes, fight double vision, improve peripheral vision, improve eye focus speed, fight shortsightedness and longsightedness. 3 million installs strong, Eye Care Plus is the #1 eye training, testing, and learning app on mobile. Eye Care Plus is all about giving you better vision and having fun.

Best tips to Take Care of Your Eyes

Give your eyes 5 minutes a day, and see better for the rest of your life. With all the tools and info, you get an all-in-one eye care package. And it’s FREE.

You go all the way to the gym for your body care, your eye care can be done on the couch. That’s why we’ve developed Eye Care Plus, so you can improve your eye health wherever you are, whenever you want. Whether you’re looking to simply relax your eyes after a strained day or start seeing like you’re young again, we’ll get you there.

Join more than 3 million people who have downloaded our vision therapy app and move your eye care to the next level.

What we offer

Vision training and daily eye exercises in one sleek and fun package. Developed with the help of eye care professionals, our eye exercises are based on the most proven techniques in ophthalmology and utilize brain training algorithms to get you seeing the world better, sooner!

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• 50+ exercises - the biggest database of high-quality eye exercises
• 10 exercise categories for eye relaxation, dry eye, lazy eye, and other conditions
• 7 training plans that fit you
• 12 eye tests to track vision improvement
• 8 quizzes to check your knowledge about common eye diseases, problems, and first aid
• Adaptive difficulty progression for a challenging and rewarding experience
• Training calendar to help you track your streaks and stay motivated

Our learning & science section comes with

• Daily tips & eye facts
• Healthy recipes & nutrition facts
• Q&As with certified ophthalmologists
• Detailed information about eye health, diseases, training, etc

Download our app now and ensure better eye health and the prevention of many eye problems.

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