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Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Online hearing test application. Hearing analyzer. Ear age test

Hearing analyzer. Ear age test

It is hard to realize that you have problems with your hearing. Regular monitoring of your hearing with the help of our application can assess the level of your hearing and reduce the anxiety you feel thinking about its condition. 

Perform a pure-tone audiometry and speech intelligibility test on your mobile.

The app provides two basic hearing test: pure-tone audiometry and the speech intelligibility test (the digits-in-noise). 

Online hearing test application. Hearing analyzer. Ear age test

Pure-tone audiometry determines the degree of hearing loss in relation to the sound frequency. The test consists in determining the quietest sound that you are able to hear, thus determining your hearing threshold. The digits-in-noise test evaluates speech intelligibility and consists of recognition of the digits in the noise.

The features of the Hearing Test app:

* pure-tone audiometry (using bundled headphones and predefined calibration coefficients from the database),

* the digits-in-noise test for speech intelligibility measurements,

* noise meter to measure background noise during the test,

* calibration of the device (in the case of lack of predefined calibration or for headphones other than bundled).

Additional features:

* high-frequency audiometry,

* classification of the hearing loss,

* comparison with age norms,

* printing of the tests results,

* adding notes,

* calibration adjustment (calibration coefficients may be adjusted on the basis of your results obtained using clinical audiometer),

* verification of calibration coefficients.

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Pro version features:

* local database (offline access to tests results, without connecting to the server),

* synchronization (your tests results can be stored in a cloud; data are easy to recover, can be transferred between devices and accessed on different devices).

InnerScope's App-Controlled Self-Adjusting Hearing Devices are:

AFFORDABLE, saving thousands of dollars without sacrificing hearing quality. InnerScope's App-Controlled Self-Adjusting Hearing Devices delivers the same overall hearing experience and satisfaction compared to professionally in-office fitted hearing devices with similar quality and features.

FULLY RECHARGEABLE includes a compact charger that lasts up to 20 hours with 1.5 hours charge. (No need to change or buy conventional hearing aid batteries).

EASY & CONVENIENT with no assistance needed or required. There is no need to make costly and unnecessary trips to a hearing care professional to be fitted or have any adjustments. InnerScope's In-Ear Custom Fitting option automatically personalizes each hearing device to the user's hearing needs just by using a Smartphone, or Smart device Tablet. The Smartphone and Smart Device are also used to make instant fine-tuning adjustments on the fly using the Self-Adjusting features.

Hearing test audiogram app download

SIMPLE & ACCURATE with the unique built-in In-Ear Custom Fitting programming feature allows the most current and accurate Hearing Profile programmed into the hearing device at all times. The In-Ear Custom Fitting feature conducts a calibrated pure-tone air conduction hearing test for each ear (the same type of hearing test performed by a hearing care professional) at any time to ensure maximum hearing benefit with the hearing devices.

InnerScope's App-Controlled Self-Adjusting Hearing Devices also offers a built-in Professional Remote Programming & Support feature. This unique feature allows one of InnerScope's certified hearing care professionals to assist (if needed) to maximize the hearing device performance through automatically adjusting and fine-tuning the hearing devices remotely.

Note (denial of responsibility): 

The application is not a piece of medical equipment or software with corresponding certification and does not replace hearing test conducted by a specialist. The results of test hearing in the Application cannot be used as a basis for diagnosis.

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