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Sunday, 11 July 2021

Evergreen Club health, fitness, fun and learning

Evergreen Club is a specially curated social app for older adults.

Joining the Evergreen Club would be like starting a new chapter in your life. The app has been curated specially keeping in mind both, physical & mental health among older adults. The Evergreen Club app introduces new ways of social interaction while being home. It also promotes a great virtual experience with exciting events & activities for you to enjoy.

Evergreen Club: Events

We have made sure to make interactions productive & to bring like-minded people together. Evergreen Club welcomes & encourages you to participate in these online events. 

There’s something for everyone!

Evergreen Club health, fitness, fun and learning

Health & Fitness

“Health” has a wide scope of interest. From your daily diet to physical activity, these practises play a key role in physical, mental, & social well-being. Staying fit & active has never been more important, especially for older adults. Evergreen Club brings to you fitness activities such as:

- Yoga Events

- Meditation

- Acupressure Sessions

- At Home Zumba etc


Events & activities have been curated keeping in mind those who are young at heart, their likes, dislikes & virtual experience in general. You can participate in these workshops, led by experts. These creative and educating workshops are here to make your stay-at-home time more enlightening. Some of these workshops include:

- Cooking Workshop

- Gardening Sessions etc.


A game for the mind. Evergreen Club organises quiz events for older adults online.

You can refresh your knowledge about an array of subjects. It doesn’t always have to be something academic; there are fun & light quiz events to tickle the brain while also having some fun. These quizzes include:

- Music Quiz

- Mahabharata Quiz

- Bollywood Quiz

- Current Affairs Topics

- General Knowledge Quiz & more


Evergreen Club promotes an alternate source of entertainment, with online games that can be enjoyed by older adults who are young at heart, at their own leisure & comfort. Games have specially been designed keeping in mind the online platform. Making the list of games exciting games, we have:

- Tambola

- Creative game of Pictionary

- A Traditional & nostalgic round of Antakshari & so much more

Art & Craft

We bring to you a golden chance to showcase, learn & improve your creative side. You can take part in these online events individually and encourage your circle, your family, your friends to do the same. The sessions include:

- Mask Making

- Jewellery Making

- Decorations

- Mandala Creation & much more


There is no age limit to learning. With the Evergreen Club, you can pick up a new hobby or an activity that is not only fun, but also highly knowledgeable. We host learning workshops to help make your time productive and informative, events include:

- A Variety of Quizzes

- Doctor's Talk

- Special Webinars & more


Evergreen Club encourages healthy discussion about an array of interesting subjects, with webinars on everyday and necessary topics to help you widen your scope of knowledge and to keep you engaged, occupied and informed. These events include:

- Open Table discussion about various topics

- Open Mic discussions & so much more

Download Evergreen Club health app

Singing & Dancing

And last, but definitely not the least, the Evergreen club also hosts a number of singing and dancing events, sessions, and fun activities for you to join. Events have been curated to promote general activeness, while also keeping the entertainment quotient in mind. You can join the evergreen club, along with your partners or friends to get the most & the best of it. These events include:

- Poetry & Shayari Contests

- Karaoke & Singing Events

- Dance Therapy & more

Download Evergreen Club app for exciting events and activities that are just too good to miss!

The “Evergreen Club” app is a specially curated initiative by Seniority, to build and promote, true spirit of community & general wellbeing of older adults at home.

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