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Friday, 18 June 2021

Get Driving License with test or without test drive

Practice for Driving Test & Learner License Road Safety Rules Signs & Questions

This is a Free android app that allows candidates to prepare for Vehicles Driving Learner License and Permanent Driving License Practice Tests as well as to attempt Sample Driving License Test Questionnaire to score great in real Test at RTO.

Not just Sample Driving Tests but also this Driving App has a number of additional features including:

* Question Banks and Educational materials

* Driving Tips

* Road Safety Information Signs

* Motor Vehicle General Questions and Answers of Mock Test

* Motor Vehicle Rules and Regulations

* Advices & Warnings

* Road Safety Signs and Symbols

* Motor vehicle General Questions

* Motorvehicle Cars Bikes Trucks etc Warnings and Advice

* Road Safety Mandatory & Cautionary Signs

* Informatory Signs

*Safe Driving Tips

App has a variety of information divided in different sections so that you can also chose the nature of topics and questions, you need to focus on. Besides this The sample Tests also have Difficulty level so that you can hit the real Driving test like an expert.

Vehicle rigging has increased a lot in today’s times. And also need a driving licence to drive. In our country, the smuggling of vehicles has increased a lot and hence the need for a driving licence as the traffic in general has also increased a lot.

To get a driving license you usually have to take a driving test but according to the new government rule you do not have to take a driving test. You no longer need to go to any RTO office to take a driving test to get a driving license. The Ministry of Road Transport has notified the new rules of driving license.

Accordingly you can register for a driving license at any recognized driving school. You will be issued a driving license after completing the training and passing the test. In this case, you will not need to go to any RTO for driving test.

Get Driving License with test or without test drive

The special thing is that the whole process related to driving license training and its test will be recorded electronically. An official associated with the ministry said the whole process was technically underway and would not require anyone else in any way. This means you don’t have to take your bike or car for a test before the license.

ગુજરાતી માં વાંચવા માટે – અહી ક્લિક કરો

According to the official, the accreditation of driving training centers will be given only to those centers which meet the requirements related to space, driving track, IT and biometric system and training as per the syllabus. Once the certificate is issued by the training center, it will reach the concerned motor vehicle licensing officer.

Questions & Answers: Comprehensive list of questions and their answers as provided by RTO (Regional Transport Office) department.
Road Signage: Traffic and road signs and their meaning.

No Time Limit: Once you go through question bank, you can practice yourself without worrying about time limit.
Go to Question: ‘Go to Question’ adds the ability to jump to any question by entering the question number.

⏱️ EXAM:
Time Bound Test: Exactly same as RTO test, random questions and road signs related questions will be asked in this exam. Time limit for each question is exactly same as approved by state RTO Department.
Test Result: Detailed result along with correct answers and answers you've given will be represented at the end of test.

State/Language Selection: You can change state and language anytime! App will display information in language of your choice.
Forms: Important RTO related forms are available within app. You can find and download forms as per your needs.
RTO Office Information: Select city in order to find RTO office address and contact details.

Search: Are you searching for authorized Motor Driving Schools or RTO Consultants around you? RTO Exam made it easier for you. Just enter your city or select your current location to see Motor Training Schools and RTO Consultants around you.
Add Driving School: If you are the owner of a Motor Driving School, or if you are a user who's discovered a Motor Training School not listed on RTO Exam, let us know by filling a form. We'll add it shortly.

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