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Thursday, 10 June 2021

Complete android tips and general mobile tips & tricks

Complete android tips and general mobile tips & tricks.

Mobile tips and tricks app which covers the both android mobile tips as well as android mobile tricks. There are many ways to customize an Android device and maximize performance. In addition to changing the look and feel of the interface, set up your smartphone so that auto correct doesn't embarrass you, the right app launches when you need it, the battery lasts longer, and you never go over your data limit. There are also features that make the device easier to use and manage. Here are twenty tips to customize your Android phone and increase your productivity.

Complete android tips and general mobile tips & tricks

Added Following Topics in Android tips:

* Android Useful Tricks
* Add Internet Speed Indicator
* Add Owner Info
* First Few things to Do
* Gesture Setting to improve Performance
* Google Now Commands
* Manage Memory
* Optimizing Device Performance
* Other General App Tips
* Privacy and Security
* Reduce Your Mobile Data Usage On Android
* Speed Up Android
* Use of OTG
* Using Google Now
* Get Longer battery life on your smartphone
* TURN OFF Battery-Draining Services
* Get Warnings When You're Over Your Data Limit
* Get Your Lost Phone Back
* Magical Tips and Tricks
* Miscellaneous
* Remote Access from Android Device
* Remotely Delete Android Phone Data
* Search with Your Voice
* Set Quick Responses for Missed Calls
* Set up automatic phone unlock when you're at home
* Some More Android Techniques
* Tips for Solving Screen Freeze Problems
* Tips to keep your Android device malware free
* Tips to Protect Your Phone If It Gets Stolen
* Useful Contact Dialing Tips

Some of the topics covered in Mobile tips:

* Android useful Tricks
* Optimizing Device Performance
* Manage Memory
* Reduce your Mobile Data usage on Android
* Speed up your Android
* Clever Use of OTG (On The Go) Cables and USB Drives
* Gesture Settings to improve Performance
* Google Now Commands
* Miscellaneous Tips
* Using Google Now
* Add internet speed indicator
* Add owner info
* First few things to do
* More techniques and Tips and many more

Android Tips is an official app from Next Gen Tech Solutions which covers the both android mobile tips & tricks. You can find a lot of articles about Android Customization, Battery Saving tips, Deleted file recovery and lots more.

અહીંથી જુઓ મોબાઈલ ના ટોપ ટેન સેટિંગ

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DISCLAIMER: This information is intended for experienced users. It is not intended for basic users, hackers, or mobile thieves. Please do not try any of following methods if you are not familiar with mobile phones. We'll not be responsible for the use or misuse of this information, including loss of data or hardware damage. So use it at your own risk.
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