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Friday, 28 May 2021

Huge Collection of Gujarati literature, gujrati sahitya book.

Huge Collection of Gujarati literature, gujrati sahitya book.

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  • saurastra ni rashdhar part - 1
  • saurastra ni rashdhar part - 2
  • mansai na diva
  • girnar na vruxo
  • sorath tara vaheta paani
  • aapana garaba

There is an online library that has free literature publications and is run by our community. We have received 30,81 works so far. Visit our Inclusion Policy and Help page to learn how to start contributing and visit the Community Entry to learn what contributions can be made. Do not hesitate to ask questions in the meeting room and practice writing on the board.

Huge Collection of Gujarati literature, gujrati sahitya book.

The omniscience has become poetic; And has added a respectable book to the language. Shri Narayan has also translated another play in Bengali called 'Puruvikram'.

Special note should be taken of the translation of the great poet Visakhadatta's 'Mudra Rakshas' by the literate Keshavlal Harshadraya Dhruva. The story of this play, which gives a miraculous picture of the destruction of the Nanda dynasty and the establishment of the Mauryan dynasty, is purely historical. The play is also unique in Sanskrit for its characterization and constitutional ingenuity. Ra. Dhruv is a good literary man and he has worked hard on that scripture by translating 'Git Govind', 'Amrushatak', 'Ghatkarpar' and Mudrarakshas etc. He has not only added value to the richness of the language but has also shown his kindness to Gujarati readers.

M's criticism of the play is supernatural. Revealing a mystery to confirm that there is some supernatural miracle in some scripture cannot be done by common sense. Some critics believe that they have done their duty by criticizing only the above, and ignore the concerns and ambiguities. As it is said in laughter for this, Sridhar Swamikobhi also became suspicious! But scholarly critics add to the text's ambiguity by exploring and clarifying the points of concern. Such critics are of excellent rank; And the AO deserves the respect of an excellent critic. His critique is so detailed and symmetrical that it is preceded by the Sanskrit critique of Calcutta and the self. Justice Telangana versions have become secondary. This is the limit of his effort in deciding the text.



The mystery of the scripture and the text have been well researched and the value of the original substance has been shown in a very scholarly manner by giving the surrounding proofs.


The stories of 4 parts of "Saurashtrani Rasadhar" are about the late. Zaverchand Meghani has an unprecedented treasure of folk literature. Gujarati literature has become famous and inspired by this. He traveled to any village in Saurashtra to write these stories.


Karanghelo was born in AD. Is the first novel of Gujarati literature written in 19. Nandashankar wrote this novel at the young age of 20. The center of the story is the ancient city of Patan. Nandashankar has created a fantasy around the last Rajput king of Gujarat, Karanghela, from the 'Rasmala' edited by Farbus. Many of the events and characters are historical. Those who know the history of Patan will find this story well known. This is part 1, the story is long so I have published it in 3 parts here.


Kanaiyalal Munshi's Novels - Complete Index: 1. My Kamala 2. A Common Experience 3. Kokila 4. My Use 5. A Letter 6. Gaumatidada's Pride 7. Shamalsha's Marriage 8. Shakuntala and Durvasa 9. Gujarat's Best Poet 10. What Should I Do 11. Old spectacle with new eyes 12. In my defense 13. Beauty of remembrance 14. Agnihotri 15. Private steward of a dream 16. My temporary wife .


Meghani's Sorathi Life Environment Minister Novel: Sorath Tara Flowing Water: ‘No hero, no heroine, no love triangle’ In this story, the protagonist is the whole mass society. This book is a compilation of stories of revenge and love, brotherhood and hatred, betrayal and betrayal of the Sorathi people with tragic and terrible feelings.


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