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Saturday, 6 March 2021

Develop as a teacher with access to courses, resources, experts and contests

Develop as a teacher with access to courses, resources, experts and contests

TheTeacherApp is a free app to help teachers learn and grow anytime, anywhere at zero cost.

There are 250 million children in India, in the age group of 6-14 years in India. Of this, 97% go to school but they are not learning. Over 50% children in 5th standard cannot read and over 74% cannot do basic division. We are going through a state of crisis. 

We believe that teachers matter and their development is the only hope in solving this problem. We know that teachers in government schools and budget private schools don't get timely training and support to improve their practice. If doctors have access to networking opportunities and research on what's latest in medicine, why isn't it the same for a teacher?

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The Teacher App is a platform where every teacher in India can access high quality content to learn and grow anytime, anywhere, at zero cost using a smart phone. With TheTeacherApp, you get access to courses, educational resources, stories and conversations from different parts of India.

What does The Teacher App offer:

 - Free, easy-to-use, downloadable course content aligned with what you teach in class

 - Access to experts from the Indian education system

 - Share your classroom stories, and read about what teachers all over India are experiencing

 - Learn from best-practice classroom innovations, methods and resources adopted by teachers all over India

 - Contests to share your classroom ideas and win prizes!

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