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Wednesday, 17 February 2021

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Berea International Evangelism and Bible Studies (BIEBSM) 24-7 Teleconference

Berea Teleconference app is that the global Amharic language Bible study and Evangelism tool for the Christian community. It allows you to look at the ministries audio visual content, read publications and acquire bible study content.

Besides offering the very latest Christian news, Berea exposes the archives of your favorite Christian articles and magazines for you to explore. you'll also keep your important contents on the cloud.

Berea App allows you to personalize your experience supported your own interests, allowing you to quickly find your favorite audio, video and articles - and find out fresh ones!




We feature the foremost popular and sound favorites, including The voice of Berea.

Berea also introduces Audio links from our daily teleconference, with many Bible study and teachings and inspirational messages, sermons and worship songs plus a generous selection of carefully reviewed videos from BereaTube.

Some of the opposite exciting features in Berea app includes:

- Faster loading

- Push notifications for news, conferences and content

- Multiple Magazine articles

- Access to carefully selected Mezmur and Sermon Radio stations.

- Please visit for our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

- We are signing up new titles every day! To suggest titles or report any technical difficulty you would possibly be having with our app, please email

Our mission is to possess content dedicated to empower His servants, provide leading edge stories dedicated to today's Christian, promote Christian values we discover important, and editorial content your whole family can enjoy. quite that we are committed to support equipping christian values and evangelism everywhere the planet .

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