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Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Best Games for fresh your mind - chess

Best Games for fresh your mind - chess

Chess may be a board logic game with beautiful graphics and progressive levels

As you recognize , Chess is one among the oldest strategy games within the world.

Chess is a superb board logic game that develops such skills as tactics, strategy and visual memory.

I'm trying to make an application that permits a player of any level to enjoy the sport .

Play Chess, unlock levels and be Chess Master!



Chess pieces:

- The pawn moves to at least one field forward or two fields at the primary move of this figure; beats diagonally to at least one field forward.

- The king moves to at least one field within the vertical, horizontal or diagonal.

- The queen moves to any distance vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

- The rook moves to any distance vertically or horizontally.

- The knight moves to the sector two fields along the vertical and one horizontally or one field vertically and two horizontally.

- The bishop moves to any distance diagonally.

Important Chess situations:

- Check - things in chess when a king is under immediate attack by opponent's pieces

- Checkmate - things in chess when the player whose turn it's to maneuver is in restraint and has no legal move to flee check.

- Stalemate - things in chess when the player whose turn it's to maneuver has no legal move and isn't in restraint . (draw)

The goal of the sport is to checkmate the opposite king.

Two special moves in Chess:

- Castling may be a double move, performed by the king and therefore the rook that never moved.

- in passing may be a move during which a pawn can take an opponent's pawn if it jumps over a field under the pawn's blow.

ધોરણ ૬-૭-૮  વેકેશન હોમવર્ક PDF અહિંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો


- Ten levels of difficulty

- Chess Puzzles

- Game Assistant (Helper)

- Ability to undo a move

- Hints of moves

- Stars for levels completed without the undo button

- Seven different themes

- Two board views (Vertical - 2D and Horizontal - 3D)

- Alternate mode

- 2 player mode

- Realistic graphics

- Save function

- Sound effects

- Small size

If you would like to play good Chess, you'll help me make the app better.

Download Chess Game From Here

Please write your feedback and suggestions here; i will be able to read them and improve the standard of the application!

Thank you.