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Monday, 21 December 2020

Who have completed 6 years are often given admission in Std 1

Who have completed 6 years are often given admission in Std 1

Effective effort. an excessive amount of presentation of the content in Tho Wak time. Introduction to the way to develop academic skills. 

Opinions about the quiz during the program: Banana's answers were beautifully presented.

There have been some common questions from the organizations, the answers to which might be found from that place.

Maximum questions might be covered during a short time. Encouraged to ask questions. 

The quiz was interesting, nursery rhymes presented during the program and feedback on the organization introduction: nursery rhymes were very effective. 

Less time for quiz The institute introduction was good. there have been nursery rhymes like the topic .

The nursery rhymes were literally fruitful. A step-by-step guide to the speed person was provided by the organization introduction. 

It had been not fun to enjoy the songs because the sound of the instrument was louder than the voice of the singer within the song. the selection of songs was excellent.

Your views on the entire program management work: the entire program was interesting.

The entire program management was planned, scientifically oriented. the selection of material experts, the selection of the unit, the selection of organization and technique was so beautiful. in order that the entire program was successful. 

The chief administrator of the whole program, Dr. Many thanks and best wishes from Nalin Pandit, the whole planning and management was wiped out a scientific manner, every single moment of your time was put to good use, all the professors who made the presentation were diligently organized.

In terms of the program, it's necessary that the physical facilities are provided within the right place. 

The co-ordination of all aspects seemed good. Opinion on the usefulness of the program (educational outcome): a gorgeous place to attach school programs with society, very useful for teachers, if the teacher conducts this sort of activity are often very useful to children.

The teacher will find the utility useful by the way to present the part-unit. About two and a half thousand teachers of the state got the advantage of the simplest material experts of the state. Fear of transmission loss are often avoided. 

How about competent education? that idea became clear, the introduction of state labor institutes could provide a perfect to each institution within the state. The perplexing questions raised by the teachers were resolved. 

Special benefits explained by the experimental work. 6. Other matters associated with ITV program: it's impossible to unravel the questions of each state.


Troubleshooting questions received by fax are often given thereto teacher by letter. the chance to ask questions was insufficient. 

Got to extend the time. Please help improve this text or section by expanding it. the general program was filled with frustration and complacency. 

The printed was clear. (Visual - audible and clear) Like science, such a program is important for other subjects also. 

It might are better if the school's shik ears had been involved during this . If such a program is held two or 3 times a year. The program should be televised. 

If Andio Cassette is out there to each grade school. Well,. The education was beautiful with the toys presented by Shri Arvindbhai Jani. The songs performed by Shri Chintanbhai Pandya and his companions were very beautiful

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