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Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Primary Teachers Na Badli Camp Ni Karyvahi Karva Babat

Primary Teachers Na Badli Camp Ni Karyvahi Karva Babat

The process of transferring primary teachers is in full swing.  

Chief Electoral Officer Boundary, No. 1 dated 31/10/20200 of the above subject Parvath's department.  

Primary Teachers Na Badli Camp Ni Karyvahi Karva Babat

As per the set up date 31/06/20011, the necessary instructions have been given to the office of the State Government to set up the following staff transfer camps in the state.  Read also: science - Maths exibition 2020-21

Transfer Camp  of all District: 

Purse Transfer Camp Proceedings of the aforesaid cap are in progress in the districts at present.  In order to take note of the matter, the survey officer has to inform the concerned officer. In addition, the voter list reform is also going on in the state at present.  

Congratulations on the above subject, stating that from the letter dated 21/10/2020 of the Department of Education, as per the setup dated 31/08/2020, regarding the approval given for arranging transfers of primary teachers in the state.  Read also: pashu koshan credit card yojana

From the letter dated 12/11/2020, the death cap of the primary teacher / education assistant of the primary schools of the district / town education committee for the year 2020-21 has been reduced from 23/11/2020.  


Instructed to complete by 30/11/2020, in this regard as per the instruction received from the reference letter of the Department of Education,  In addition, in the case of teachers who have been entrusted with the function of booth level officer, the transfer order will not have to be implemented till 15/01/2021.  

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Prathmik shikshako ni badli karyvahi 


Necessary action has to be taken from the level of District Primary Education Officer / Govt. To inform the Education Officer and the Principal of the school.

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