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Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Sixako Na badli camp babat letest circullar from niyamak

Matter of necessary instruction as per Chapter-2 of the Resolution dated 26/10/2020 of the Department of Education regarding teacher / teaching assistant transfer.  

Regarding the above subject, it is to be mentioned that the details of the changes to be made while merging the schools are given in Chapter-Z under the Resolution No. of the Education Department dated 26/10/2020.  

Sixako Na badli camp babat letest circullar from niyamak

From the representations received by the office here, it appears that the matter is interpreted differently in different districts.  

So that the following is clarified.  If the teachers working in this standard have the qualification of Std. 6 to 7. Read also: 3D name valu wallpaper banavo fatafat

Their consecutive seniority with the teachers working in Std-1 to 5 in the school should not be considered but they should be considered as slaughter.  

But if there are teachers with Std-6 to 8 qualifications in this case, then as the classes of DHU-6 and 7 are closed, they will have to consider the junior teacher as the seniority in the merging school with the teachers of Std-6 to 8.  

In addition, when merging the classes of Std-6 and Std-6 and 7 in a school where there are vacancies in Std-1 to 5 and the teachers of the school who have the qualification of Std-1 to 5 after merging the classes, the teachers in the same school.  

Sixako Na badli camp babat letest circullar from niyamak

Vacancies will be included above.

Regarding the above subject and reference, it is to be mentioned that the following instructions have been given in the video conference on 20/11/2020 or regarding animal management.  Read also: Tamara whatsapp mathi delet thayela phota ane msg recover karva mate ahi clik karo

1) To co-murder - Ghat Cap taluka.  

2) of the day!  Or to cap only 2 talukas.  

3) If you want to visit 2 talukas on the same day, keep the place for it separately.  

4) Any person other than those who want to participate in the camp or in the prap should enter the premises and make arrangements accordingly.  

5) Allowing only one representative of different organization to be present in the camp.  

6) To make arrangements as per the rules of social distinguishing.  

7) should be mandatory for everyone through.  

8) Adequate arrangement of sanitizer.  

9) What if it takes 2-3 more days instead of completion by 30/11/2020?  

Strictly follow the above instructions.  

Despite this instruction, it has come to the notice of the office here that some of the District Primary Education Officers have carried out this scheme contrary to the instructions, which is a violation of the instructions given by the State Government and the Kenn Agreement regarding Korauna Mama.  Read also: tamara man pasand hero heroin sathe photo selfie padava mate ahi clik karo

Therefore, it is advised to organize the massacre camp as per the above instructions.  

If there is any fault in doing so and a blank question arises, the concerned District Primary Education Officer will be held liable under the Disaster Management Act and action will be taken against them as per the rules which you will take serious note of.

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