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Thursday, 5 November 2020

khatakiy Tapas Margdarshika PDF Book 2020

khatakiy Tapas Margdarshika PDF Book 2020

khatakiy Tapas Margdarshika PDF Book 2020

(1) Various provisions / instructions have been issued from time to time regarding disciplinary action to be taken in respect of employees whose provisions of Gujarat State Service (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 181 are applicable.  

To explain the procedure of departmental investigation in simple language.  The booklet titled "Guidelines for Departmental Investigation" was published by the Investigation Unit in the year 19.  Read also: gratuity ni ganatri kevi rite karvi

After the publication of this booklet, some new provisions have been introduced by amending the Gujarat State Service (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 121 from time to time as well as resolutions / circulars have been issued for further clarification of the rules.  

Some of the resolutions / circulars mentioned in the guidelines of the year 19 have been canceled as well as the Gujarat Civil Service Rules, 2006 have been published by amending the Mumbai Civil Service Rules in the year 2006.  read also: nokri puri karso tyare ketli gratuity malse jano news

Therefore, there was a need to update the "Guidelines for Departmental Inquiry" keeping in view the purpose of making proper use of the provisions of these rules in the departmental investigation process.  

This booklet has been updated keeping in view the purpose of making the officers / employees involved in the departmental investigation work aware of the amendments made in the rules as well as the notification of published resolutions / circulars.  Read also: Have pachi nokri takavi rakhva mate su karvu padse jano news

I am delighted to update this guideline on departmental investigative procedures.  

(2) This booklet has not been prepared in place of the existing statutory rules or instructions / alternatives, but the guidelines have been updated with the intention that the employees involved in the departmental inquiry proceedings may be guided in simple language of the provisions of the rules.  

Therefore, no alleged employee will be able to present anything written in this booklet as his defense and neither the disciplinary officer nor the employee / officers acting on his behalf will be able to cite this booklet as a basis during the departmental investigation.  

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The Gujarat State Service (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 181 and the resolutions / circulars / instructions issued from time to time in this regard should be taken as the basis.  

Even when the question of interpretation of the rule arises, only the words of the original rule / provision should be taken into consideration.

(3) In the year 19, the then Deputy Secretary Shri H.  like this .  Under the guidance of Vaishnavism and the then Section Officer Shri M.  Y.  a .  The departmental inquiry guidelines could have been published due to the deep knowledge and diligent efforts of Mirza (now retired Additional Secretary).  Read also: Kevadiya colony full details with tickit

This booklet contains the improvements that have been made in the previous guidelines and the changes that have been made to keep up with the original concept for a simple understanding of the departmental investigation process.  

This booklet is by Mr. A.  H.  Updated under the guidance of Mansuri, Deputy Secretary (Investigation).  Mrs. Sapna V. of the General Administration Department prepared this booklet.  Rana, Deputy Secretary (Investigation-1) and Shri Mehul K.  

The knowledge / experience of Vasava, Deputy Secretary (Investigation-2) on this subject has been especially useful.  Apart from this, due to the untiring efforts of Shri Vatsal Rasendu Vora, Angata Assistant (Gujarati Stenographer), this advanced booklet has been published in a short period of time.  Read also: tame navo lidhelo mobile kharekhar navo j che k pachi refurbised che e janva mate ma saral step

(4) In the quasi-judicial process of departmental inquiry, the concepts regarding some issues are changing keeping in view the need of the hour.  

Suggestions regarding the items outlined in the guidelines and the provisions cited will be welcome for the purpose of making this guide more effective / useful.

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