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Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Prathmik sixako mate badli na niyamo ma sudharo

Primary Shixako na Badali na niymo ma sudhara babat aaj no letest Paripatr

પ્રાથમિક શિક્ષકોના બદલીના નિયમોમાં સુધારા બાબત લેટેસ્ટ પરિપત્ર

Prathmik sixako mate badli na niyamo ma sudharo

Rules for transfer of Upper Primary Teacher / Legislative Assistant, Primary Teacher / Legislative Assistant have been published by the resolution under reference 

(1) of this department dated 7/06/2018.  

Subsequent amendments have been published by the resolutions under reference (2) to (13).  

The provisions made with reference to (2) of this department dated 3/08/2017 are similarly applicable to the non-transferable employees of Gujarat Public Service Commission. Read also: pm samman nidhi kishan mate yojna aaje j juo

The submission for making provision for benefit was received by this department from the letter under reference (16) dated 7/08/2017 of the General Administration Department, then after that by the Office of the Director, Primary Education with reference dated 08/06/2040 (14).  

To make necessary corrections in Chapter (b) (2) of the resolution dated 19/06/2018 from the letter under and from the note of single file P5 under reference (16) dated 04/06/2030 dated this section  Requested to make necessary amendments in the resolution dated 07/2018.  Read also: best short film sixako e khas jova jevi award winning.

Taking into consideration the submission received through the General Administration Department and the above mentioned report made by the Director, Primary Education as well as various related issues, the resolution under reference (1) of this department dated 6/06/2018, dated 17  The matter of making necessary amendments in the resolution under reference (2) of 04/09/2017 as well as in the resolution under reference (2) dated 3/06/2017 was under consideration of Saka Shri, Amendment resolution: In view of all the above matters.  

At the end of the adult deliberation of the department, the following amendments are made in this section dated 6/08/2018, 15/06/2018 as well as 6/06/2018 in 68 years.

Existing provision to be substantiated 

Non-transferable employee / blind of Chavalaya cadre |  Reena's husband or co-primary teacher who is working in Gandhinagar district will be transferred by the district director, primary education.  As this benefit. Read also: tamara android ni a to z detail ane fault jova mate best app

Revised provision in place of existing provision a) In the services of Secretariat Services of Gujarat Government, Secretariat of Gujarat Legislative Assembly, Gujarat Public Service Commission and in the name of those who have been appointed in accordance with the approved allowance system and are currently performing their duties.  

Employee / Officer who has completed 3 (three) consecutive years of service in the concerned office and is playing the role of teacher / teaching assistant in the primary school owned by his / her spouse, District / Town Education Committee, his / her husband / co.  Read also: Indiannica Quiz League - 2020

Considering the net vacancy available in the same district as the non-replacement duty of Lee The posts of the head office of the department at Gandhinagar which are unoccupied only at Gandhinagar and the services of the officers working on those posts are not transferable in any other state except Gandhinagar and those who are not transferable in any other state except Gandhinagar. 

Even if all of the above are satisfactory, they can be replaced considering the available vacancies in the district of the place of their non-replaceable person. 

પરીપત્ર ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહિં ક્લીક કરો

That is, the pant / pani of the officer on duty in Gandhinagar has been transferred to Gandhinagar district and the name  The husband / wife of a blacksmith / employee performing duty at Gujarat High Court can be transferred to Ahmedabad district.  

In the above case, the certificate given in the prescribed form given in the attached appendix by Mr. Andhakari, who is not below Class-I, in charge of the establishment of the concerned administrative department, will have to be originally given as proof.  

While in the case of services of the name Gujarat High Court, the certificate as per the sample of the appendix of the Gujarat High Court has to be submitted as evidence.  Read also: sick leave in case of regular appointment from fixed salary.

In any of the cases mentioned in this paragraph, the place of duty during the deputation of the concerned officer / employee will not have to be taken into consideration.  

In all such cases, the husband / wife will have to submit the marriage certificate issued by the Registrar regarding his / her marriage registration.

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