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Sunday, 13 September 2020

Why does Microsoft allow Windows to crack?

 Why does Microsoft allow Windows to crack?

Why does Microsoft allow Windows to crack?

When you go to install a new operating system, you get another operating system like Windows 7 or Windows 10 installed for Rs. 300-500.

Many people wonder why this operating system is so cheap. But it is not like that. The price of Windows 10 in India is between Rs. 8000 to 9000.

If people install a cheap operating system, you should understand that this is a crack. Crack means you don't need to activate that thing.

To buy Windows 10, you need to buy a license.

A report has found that 91% of all personal computers in India have a cracked operating system. The same is true in China and many other countries that use the Pirated operating system.

Now we know why Microsoft allows everyone to use Pirated Windows, that is why it does not stop the piracy of Microsoft Software?

This is a strategy for Microsoft to market its operating system for free.

When you use Windows operating system, your hand gets stuck in it, which means Windows is very easy to use.

Why does Microsoft allow Windows to crack?

If someone runs Windows, they will never run another operating system.


Little boys have been using Windows at school since childhood and have programs like PowerPoint, Microsoft Office and more that they teach.

If those boys have been running these windows since childhood and even if someone goes to do a job, they will demand the same windows that I know windows so I will work in Windows.

So Microsoft has already created an ecosystem that uses all Windows. Nowadays, Windows is mostly used everywhere.

Apple's operating system is better than Windows but it is expensive and a little difficult to use and so is Linux. Linux is free but difficult to use.

If you go to the office, you will get all the windows operating system licenses as the company owners have to get the license. So Microsoft makes money from it.

If Microsoft wants to stop pirated, it can shut down the operating system in a matter of hours, but this is a strategy.

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