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Thursday, 17 September 2020

INSPIRE Award Manak, online registration For nomination, year 2020-21

INSPIRE Award Manak, online registration For nomination, year 2020-21

On Line Nominations for 2020-21 Under Revamped Inspire Award Scheme - Manak New Delhi 

Revealing Subject and Reference Before Inspire Award Scheme - Mankan Act 2020-21 for the start of the line of registration and nomination is started in the beginning of 1st 2020. 

This is necessary to complete all schools regarding registration and nomination in this school. 

This revenge has also been discussed with the Primerchae. This is given information on the Di Science Advisor and DRC's CRC and teachers with the BRC, CRC and teachers with Line Nominations for 2020 21 by providing information on 20th 21. 


Until the 16/09/20, the National Authority, which has been given the nomination state authority of the very small number of students from the same state. 

Currently, this government has been given a list of top 10 rows throughout the government by the Government of India. In which our state does not include. 

This is said to be done by your level of deploying DEA DP nigration on the following, with the schools included in all CCCs by all day CBC by Taw3030 and 09.

This is with reference to the INSPIRE Awards- MANAK online nominations for the year 2020-21.  

As the last date for online nominations is 30 Sep.  2020, there is an URGENT need to mobilize the participation of maximum schools in the competition.  

It may not be possible to reoper schools in the current situation, hence it is requested that teachers should invite ideas of students (class 6-10) during online classes, wherever possible.  

Just to update you, as on date, the total number of schools in Gujarat is 41911 (as per U - DISE data) and the number of nominations so far received is only 1905. 

For details on the nomination process, the schools may visit the  following link pikw & feature = emb_title 

It is also suggested that ideas may be nominated in time before the last date (Sep 30) to avoid last - minute inconvenience due to the  load on the E.MIAS web portal.  

For any queries, 
contact via email: or contact on 02764 350007,
02764 350008,
02764 350009,
02764 350010.

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