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Saturday, 12 September 2020

How to get Teachers Coad and Teachers ID easily?

How to get Teachers Coad and Teachers ID easily

A Teacher Code may be a code linked to your license that you simply can use to make Educator Accounts. you'll share this code with co-teachers and administrators who got to manage your license (add accounts, view reports, create sections, generate Student Codes, etc.

How to get Teachers Coad and Teachers ID easily?

This TEACHER-CODE is empowered 12 to 18-years students providing them with the special skills, coding & transversal skills like mental ill and analytical thinking, logic & problem solving. to the present purpose, teachers are going to be trained on the utilization of innovative teaching and learning methodologies, e.g. gamification, project based learning and flipped classroom.

The TEACHER-CODE project suggests an innovative method to show digital skills, mathematics and basics of coding to students at drop-out risk by developing ad-hoc training supported innovative teaching methods like the flipped classroom, where the normal educational method is flipped: class lectures are replaced by students self-learning, and residential works are replaced by group work and exercises in school . Such innovative teaching methods are suitable for both involving more families into students' education and tackling with learning difficulties through a more personalized and tailored approach. Through these method, student can specialise in learning by self doing, with their teacher guiding the way, being the lecture not the driving force of concept mastery.

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The trigger for drafting the Code of Conduct for teachers came within the last week of August 2011, during Anna Hazare’s crusade against corruption. one among the HEF members expressed concern that HEF was totally silent on this historic anti-corruption movement. However, Teachers were divided on not found coad issuing a collective statement. I then sent a mail to Dr. A.K. Sen Gupta and Dr. Ganesh Natarajan expressing my view that we should always take the difficulty closer home. I suggested that at now of your time in history when there's a robust urge to reform, we should always draft a code of conduct for teachers, for voluntary adoption by HEF members, which might affect commitment to excellence, fairness, equity, academic integrity, moral values and strength of character. Not knowing what i used to be stepping into , I said i might be happy to participate in preparing the draft! With the blessings and endorsement of Dr. Ganesh Natarajan, the project was on! Dr. A.K. Sen Gupta once more proved that he's a person of action- he found out a working party and entrusted me with the responsibility of coordinating the task of drafting a model code of conduct which may be voluntarily adopted by members of HEF. i need to compliment and express my gratitude to Dr. Sen Gupta for providing such eminent people to figure thereupon the task was made so pleasant and seemingly easy! i'm indeed grateful to every one among them.


As we looked around for the simplest practices within the world, surely the western world did have tons to mention on what the teachers shouldn't do. We wanted a more positive approach to the Code and also wanted to usher in what Indian tradition and philosophy had to supply . once more , there have been many thoughts in our rich tradition and literature. But we were captivated by the forceful and positive approach that's the hallmark of Swami Vivekananda’s teachings. His thoughts were the luminary for our group. On behalf of the working party , i'm happy to put before the larger group of HEF, this labour of affection and a commitment to a nationalistic spirit.

We convince that no rules and regulation or Teachers codes can guarantee a change in behavior or character or ensure a teacher’s personal integrity. However, we are convinced that a written code will function a reminder about the good responsibility vested with the teachers- that of molding the young minds of this great democracy in order that they become her worthy citizens. The Code, in line with the vision of Swami Vivekananda, seeks to motivate the teachers to impart the type of education he dreamt of. In his words:

The Code encompasses the varied attributes of character- truthfulness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and repair orientation.

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Our belief that the Teacher Code will serve the aim vests on two of its positives- 1) it'll be a self-imposed Code; and 2) the detailed Guidance to Practice which is appended to the Code makes it ‘identify’; otherwise, we might have had to depend only on the facility of positive thinking and therefore the power of affirmations!

Lata Chakravarthy

A Teacher’s Code of Conduct


In the Indian tradition of Guru-Shishya Parampara, the education profession is entrusted with the responsibility of molding the minds of children in order that they become worthy citizens of a humane society. Such & responsibility involves the very best ideals of business service and therefore the highest degree of ethical product.

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Ethical Principle:

Teachers Demonstrate, Inspire and Guide, through their own conduct, that learning may be a character-building and nation-building noble activity.

Code of Conduct

1. i will be able to be trustworthy and build trustworthiness in my students by:

Demonstrating professional competence to show and learn

Being honest and inspiring honesty altogether my academic and other human activities

Honestly projecting my work by not indulging in copyright/IPR violation

Demonstrating the courage to talk the reality and do the proper thing

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