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Monday, 21 September 2020

8 Various kind of schemes announced

Various schemes implemented by the corporation 

The corporation mainly rehabilitates the janitors and their dependents by implementing the following schemes, 1.  Direct Scholarship Schemes of National Scavengers Finance and Development Corporation, 

8 Various kind of schemes announced

New Delhi (NSKFDC): 

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(1) Direct Lending Scheme:  Individual Rs.  Loans up to Rs 15.00 lakh are provided at 3% interest.  Presenting the project in the group, Rs.  Projects up to Rs 15.00 lakh can also be sanctioned.  Beneficiary's contribution is 10% margin from the State Government as an interest free loan.  From the year 2001 to March 2017, Rs.  A loan of Rs 12.5 crore has been disbursed.  


The main plans are as follows: 

(1) Mahila Samrudhi Yojana (MSY) provides Rs.  Lending up to Rs. 50,000 / -  No interest is offered.  The repayment period is 3 years  30.  Subsidies up to Rs.  Read also: Track Your bus stop live

(3) Women Empowerment Scheme (MAY) Rs.  Loan up to Rs. 1,00,000 / -  No interest is paid, the repayment period is 3 years (20 installments).  Under this scheme, subsidy is available till 2019.  

(4) Micro Credit Finance Scheme (MCF).  Beneficiaries will get Rs.  Loan up to Rs. 50,000 / -  No interest is offered.  Repayment period is 3 years (2 installments).  Under this scheme up to 50% subsidy is available.  

(5) Term Loan Rs.  50,000 / - and Rs.  Loans up to Rs. 15.00 lakhs are given at an interest rate of ૬l.  The repayment period is 5 years (30 installments).  Under this scheme from 201 to 18.  Subsidies up to Rs.  (Maximum Rs. 5,000 / - subsidy) Read also: Tamaro tamam location no data vechay rahyo che

(6) Educational Loan Scheme: 

The Corporation is constantly working for the janitors and their dependent children to get higher education and get a prominent place in the society.  

Professional or technical education at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including cleaners and their dependents, such as engineering, medicine, management, advocacy, physiotherapy, pathology, nursing, hotel management and tourism, p.  , Language, B.C.A.  , M.C.A.  , Rs. In India for academic courses of government recognized universities without Journalism and Mass Communication.  Read also: Adhar card ma mahiti change karva mate 100 rs chukava padse

10.00 lakh and for study abroad Rs.  50.00 lakh is given subject to maximum loan limit.  

2) to students, and 4.5 to female students.  Loans are given at an annual interest rate of Rs.  The loan repayment period is 3 years (20 installments) from the time of getting the job or one year after completion of the course whichever is earlier. 

(3) Training Scheme: 

Under this scheme, the following types of training are imparted by the National Sweepers Finance and Development Corporation through reputed organizations.  Beneficiaries are also paid toolkits and stipends during the training.  Read also: Have insurance vagar tamara aa document renew nahi thay

Organization Affiliate Program, Skills Training Program.  In the last three years, 2110 trainees have been trained in trades like commuter operator, motor rewinding, tailoring, embroidery, agarbatti, beauty parlor, etc. through ATDC and MPCON by the Entrepreneurship Development Program Corporation.  

(2) Pandit Dindayal Upadhyay Antyodaya Sanitation Market (Sanitary Mart) Scheme Under this scheme, the age limit of 15 to 6 years for cleaners or their dependents for registered and co-operative societies for construction and sale of water hygiene equipment and materials, etc.  Or a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 5 members of their dependents.  Loans / assistance up to Rs.  

The main sponsor of the society should have passed minimum standard 8, there is also a provision to provide technical as well as vocational training to the members of the sanitary mart society for which the beneficiaries undergoing training will get a monthly stipend of Rs.  Stipend of Rs.500 / - is paid.  By March 2018, Rs.  1.5 crore loan / assistance has been paid.  Read also: PM Kishan samman nidhi yojna

(2) Awareness Camp Awareness Camps are organized by the Corporation at district level and taluka level to create awareness among the janitors and their dependents about the various schemes of the Corporation and to enable them to benefit immensely from the schemes of the Corporation.

Schemes of the State Government: 

(1) Pooja 6:31 Rabapa Sweepers Rehabilitation Scheme: 

10% contribution to be paid by the beneficiary under the direct loan scheme of National Sweepers Finance and Development Corporation New Delhi.  The amount of (margin) is provided by the corporation as non-interest bearing loan from the provision under this scheme.  

Under this scheme, the unit cost of loans made by the corporation to the beneficiaries of various schemes is limited to a minimum of Rs.  10,000 / - and a maximum of Rs.  Provision has been made to provide subsidy up to Rs. 5,000 / -.  Individual non-interest bearing loans are given to the janitors as per the proposal made by the concerned corporation / municipality for the repair of individual houses allotted to the janitors on the basis of ownership by the corporation / municipality.  

Out of which no money can be spent for repairing stairs, fences, terrace parapets and public toilets of the colony.  

(2) Dr.  Dr. Ambedkar Sweepers' Housing Scheme  Under the Ambedkar Sweepers Housing Scheme, scavengers and their dependents will be given an individual allowance of Rs.  1,50,000 / - assistance and if there is a permanent cleaner, in addition to assistance, Rs.  50,000 / - and in rural areas Rs.  

Non-interest bearing loan of Rs. 50,000 / - is given.  The top price of a house for an urban area is Rs.  2,00,000 / - and for rural area Rs.  2,00,000 / - has been fixed.  

The recovery of non-interest bearing loan is deducted from the salary of the concerned employees by the corporation / municipality at the rate of Rs.  500 / - has to be paid regularly to the corporation in such 120 installments.  From the year 2007 to March 2018, under this scheme, Rs.  104.5 crore assistance has been paid. Read aslo: Jano tamaru rashi bhavishya

In addition, 215 municipalities have been given Rs. 1 lakh for the construction of cluster houses to the beneficiaries of the corporation.  2.15 crore without interest loan and assistance has been repaid.  

(4) Scheme to provide machines and safety equipments to daily cleaners doing retail sewer cleaning work: 

5/6 Under this scheme, diesel machines, loading bicycles, pipes and  For purchase including safety equipment Rs.  30,000 / - assistance is given.  ૩ 1.18 crore assistance has been paid to the beneficiaries.  

(2) Vima Kavach Yojana: 

Accidental death of a janitor under Pujya Thakkarbapa janitor rehabilitation scheme by Gujarat government.


(1) Sweepers who are natives of the State of Gujarat or their dependents are eligible to avail this loan. 

(2) The age of the applicant Sweeper or his dependent should not be less than 18 years and not more than 30 years on the date of announcement.  

(4) Only applicants who have not previously availed credit under any scheme of the Government of this Corporation by the applicant or his family member may apply under this advertisement.  

(5) In case more than the prescribed number of applications have been received, the beneficiary will be selected by draw method and b.  P.  L) Widow / Abandoned / Handicapped / Income - will be given priority considering the limit, 

(6) Applicant for the vehicle should have a driving license on the date of advertisement.  

(7) After getting the loan, the beneficiary will be entitled to the subsidy as per the rules only if the beneficiary has paid the recovery amount within the time limit prescribed by the corporation.  Individuals with the above qualifications can avail the schemes of this corporation.  

Online application has to be made on the website of the corporation from 15/06/2050 to 15/10/2050.  

The applicant can also apply online at the commuter center set up under e-Gram Vishwagram Yojana at the respective Gram Panchayats.


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