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Monday, 17 August 2020

Std 9 and 10 Unit test of Social Science home Learning video for August Month

August month unit test Std 9 and 10 Social Science home Learning video.

Hi friends, welcome to techmexo. Today we come with august month home learning unit test preparation guideline. Now a day we all suffering from Covid-19 so that we have to do our work from home. 

In august month all the student's unit test on 26th date. we come with video for preparation for unit test. all this video is useful for student so that they can prepare their self to those unit test.

Online exams that are monitored by humans: 

This is a middle ground where students are still watched by a human via webcams or special software but not by someone who's actually in the same room. Companies like ProctorU exist entirely to provide a team of people who can keep a watchful eye and ensure that no online student has a chance to cheat. Since having real people involved limits capacity, users need to make an appointment even though they won't be taking up space in a physical test center.

Online exams that are monitored by computers: 

This is the newest arrangement, and the one that offers the most flexibility. Services like ProctorTrack take advantage of technology similar to what allows a mobile phone to keep track of whether its owner is looking at the screen or not. In this case, though, the software monitors what's happening on the screen, on the webcam and through the microphone to look for any behaviors that might indicate an attempt to cheat.

Brief Detail For Home work for students::: 

  • Home work declared by :: SSA Gujarat
  • Standard::: 9 and 10
  • Subject covered ::: Social science
  • Home work 



Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama said, “Since we have been encouraging home learning and online teaching amid the pandemic, it is equally important to assess where a child stands. Thus, these relaxations have been brought in for the convenience of students and teachers. Based on the feedback over telephone, where a teacher would feel that the student is unable to access the question paper, it will be provided to them.” 


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