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Thursday, 13 August 2020

Regarding the special abbreviated program of voter list with photo regarding

Subject: Regarding the special abbreviated program of voter list with photo regarding the eligibility date of 01.01.2071, 

Election Commission, New Delhi, letter no.  A copy of the reference letter dated 05/09/2050 should be attached herewith to state that the Election Commission has announced a special brief correction program of the voter list with photograph with reference to the eligibility date of 01/01/2071.  It is requested to study the letter carefully, follow the time bound program and instructions given in it and take action to improve the voter list.  (1) Schedule of the program



(a) The family should not be divided and all registered voter members of the family should be gathered in one section.  (b) The section and parts shall be designed and rearranged by showing the appropriate house number.  If necessary, improvements will have to be made via ERO-Net using GIS Mapping.  રહેશે Ensure that the polling station (PS) is on the ground floor.  (d) Voters associated with polling stations will be given 3 km.  It is important to ensure that no distance is exceeded and no natural barriers have to be crossed. 
 (e) Notes in the electoral roll of Multiple Entries / Dead Electors / Permanently Shifted Electors shall be removed by following the procedure as per rules by Form No.2.  () Polling stations shall be inspected and political parties shall be consulted.  Left out / Prospective Electors must be entered in the data-base.  (4.2) Logical Errors and DSEs should be removed before publication of the draft in the Electoral Roll, standardization of addresses and verification of quality of photographs and elimination of discrepancies in EPICS should be ensured in a timely manner.  List of DSE, Logical Errors and Non - specified photographs as well as details of Repeat / Duplicate EPIC numbers will be provided by ECI's ERO - Net Team, (43] Rationalization of Polling Stations and Formation of Sections: 0  Polling stations are rationalized after 100% physical inspection of polling stations. However, in view of the COVID-19 epidemic situation, the Election Commission has decided to take some precautionary measures in this regard.  Instead of complete rationalization in the states, polling stations can be restructured and reorganized through Table Top exercise, which will take into account the maximum number of voters assigned to each polling station.  Only cases where a new polling station has to be set up and where the polling station is found to be in a damaged or dilapidated condition and the polling station has to be relocated.  The physical inspection of the polling station place will have to be done here.  Separately detailed instructions are being given regarding the reorganization of polling stations.

(ii) In election going states, polling stations will have to be rationalized by 100% physical inspection of the polling booths, so that the building is in good condition or in accordance with the parameters prescribed by the Election Commission for smooth polling.  As may be assessed, a senior officer should be appointed by the DEO for the physical verification operation.  (iii) The work of setting up / modification of the polling station should be done as per the prescribed schedule and following the instructions contained in the Manual on Polling Station, 2016 before the publication of the draft electoral roll.  A new polling station will have to be set up.  (iv) All the members of the family and the neighbors remain in one group in the same section and the uniformity of addresses in the ER and EPIC is also another objective of rationalization of polling stations.  The following units will have to be formed for proper formation of sections.  (a) Nuclear / Immmediate family (husband, wife and qualified children) (b) Joint Family / Household (group of several separated families living together  c) Doors / Flat Numbers (d) Building Blocks / Towers having Doors / Flats Numbers (e) Street (vi) Standardization of Addresses:  Fields should be maintained.  (a) House number / Flat number / Door number (Name of the house, if available) * (b) Floor number (If there is a multi-storey building) (C) Building number / Block number / Tower number (Name of the building)  , If available) (d) Apartment No. (e) Wing (f) Ward No. * (8) Street / Road / Lane * (h) Sector (1 Area / Latto / Mahalla)  (Area / Locality) * O) Landmark (if any) (k) Village / Town / City * Village / Town / City * Sub-District / Tehsil (m) District (District)  ) (1) State * (State) (0) Pin code Pin code) (*) Fields indicated are mandatory, while other Fields are optional.  Mandatory Fields must be displayed in the electoral roll and in the EPIC of the concerned voter.  To be displayed.  Where the house number is not provided by the Panchayat / Municipal Authority, a notional number has to be given and in such case the house number
(6) The table top verification process of the photo image of each potential DSEs will be done on their own computer by logging in through ERO.  Such entries will be categorized into 3 parts' match / positive ',' not match / negative 'a' doubtfull Ble, match / positive (photo is said to be of the same voter) not match / negative (photo is said to be of the same voter) doubtful (photo)  In case of USE involving more than one EROS, the EROs of the respective ACs will have to consult with each other to decide the type of DSE to be classified.  (d) 'not match / negative oglanla database / UNPERHi Flagged 82410 281 2101 Such entries will no longer be treated as DSE.  In case of 'utch / negative and doubtful' cases, field verification has to be done through BLO checklist and necessary action has to be taken by ERO accordingly.  (LOBLO HIRIARU siza zid "Verified positive DSEs and Multiple Entries! (I.e. it was found that the same voter is actually a DSE and the same voter has more than one entry), in case such a voter does not reside by obtaining Form No.2.  Following the procedure as per the name rule, the reduction procedure will have to be followed.After that, the reference number of this Form No.2 will have to be entered in the ERO-Net.If such a concerned voter refuses to submit Form No.2, the prescribed procedure will be followed by giving notice for the proposed reduction  Deletion process of DSE / Multiple Entries within one part will be done by ERO.  / AC under one ERO and cross parts / ACs involving more than one ERO)  / Multiple Entries Sum in the same district  If the specified is associated with more than one ACD, the DEO will have to coordinate with all the associated EROs of the respective ACs.  • If the potential DSEs / Multiple Entries are associated with more than one district covered in the same state, it will have to be supervised by the concerned DEO for the e-duplication exercise.  Similarly, if the respective DSEs / Multiple Entries are associated with more than one state in the country, they will have to be coordinated by the CEOs of the respective states.  • If there is a difference of opinion between more than one ERO, the relevant ERO will have to conduct a field check and accordingly, subsequent reduction action will have to be taken.

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