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Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Such special advice in giving WhatsApp users would be a mistake in the account ben, threat on chat

Such special advice in giving WhatsApp users would be a mistake in the account ben, threat on chat

WhatsApp often makes big announcements about its safety and security like end-to-end encryption but glances over the threats it faces. Being the biggest social messaging apps, WhatsApp has caught the eye of the miscreants and spam threats have begun to rear their ugly heads. Here're five major drawbacks that WhatsApp needs to iron out.

WhatsApp information is also constantly being leaked about hacking and fraud. With that in mind, an important piece of advice has been given to WhatsApp users. WABATNFO has shared a post on Twitter in which users are prohibited from using the modified version of WhatsApp.

WABetaInfo wrote in its tweet that a modified version of WhatsApp is never a good solution for security and privacy. Developers can easily change and edit your text with MITM Attack (the man in the middle).

Not only that, the warning also said that the modified version of WhatsApp has not been tested by the company. So if the user uses it, his WhatsApp account can also be banned.

It goes on to say that this improved version has more than 20 new features compared to the original WhatsApp, but taking risks in this greed is no less a risk to your privacy and security.

Launched animated stickers

WhatsApp has recently launched animated stickers for Android and iOS users. Users will also see the option of animated stickers store near the app's sticker store. A play button is provided next to it, to distinguish between the old stickers and the new one. Stickers from Rico Sweet Life, Playful Piomaru, Bright Days, Moody Foods and Chammi Chum Chams are available on the new animated stickers on WhatsApp on both Android and iOS platforms. It is learned that WhatsApp is now rolling it out for desktop version as well.

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