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Friday, 17 July 2020

Smartphones are getting worse with the use of sanitizers in Corona's time, know how to keep it safe?

Sanitizers have been used around the world for many years. But in the Corona period everyone is trying to protect themselves from Corona virus by using a sanitizer. People clean not only their hands but also the most used device i.e. their mobile phone with it. However now its serious consequences are coming to the fore.

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The effect is falling on the screen, the lens

People are wearing masks as well as sanitizers to protect themselves from the virus. Mobile phones, on the other hand, can also cause the virus, so many people use sanitizers on it. But because of this there are complaints of malfunction in mobile phones.

According to the report, several people complained of malfunction in their phones due to being asked to use a hand sanitizer to clean the device. Mobile repair shops have come up with cases in which everything from the phone's screen to its earphone jack and camera lens have gone bad.

The sanitizer contains alcohol, which helps eliminate the virus, but installing a sanitizer on a mobile phone can reach the inside of the handset from the speaker and microphone space and damage the circuit and chip in it.

Phone cleaning is also required

However it is also necessary to clean the phone, as it constantly stays in our hands and often becomes a carrier of dangerous viruses and bacteria. It requires very careful and careful cleaning.

For this one should take a small cloth and put a drop of sanitizer on it and then clean the screen of the phone and its back panel. Never take it to a microphone, speaker or charging / earphone jack.

Also you can go to the medical store and get medical wipes, which have the same symptoms as the sanitizer. This is usually done to clean hands, but it can also be used to clean the phone with great care. This is also an easy way.

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