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Wednesday, 24 June 2020

STD 8 All spelling in one pdf

STD 8 All spelling in one pdf Download

My Spelling Test - Best application for your weekly spelling test & good start to become a spelling bee genius



Home Screen
- Step 1 - Add Words
You can add up to 10 words for your spelling practice. Tap the text field to bring up the keyboard to type in. Click "Save All" after adding/editing the words.

- Step 2 - Practice & Test (Disabled by default and automatically get enabled after you add some spelling words on step 1)
It will take you to the next screen where you can practice your spelling words that you already added to the application.

- How It Works
Basic information about how the My spelling test app works

Step 2- Practice & Test

- Spelling Practice - Click "Hear the word" and tap the correct letters for spelling. Each letter you type the text color changes to either "Green" (shows you that you are in the right track) or "Red" and Vibrate to warn you. Once you find the correct spelling it will move to the next word. There is a Help button that can Spell the word to give you further assistance.


 Download std 8 pdf from here

- Spelling Test - No hints on the test. Complete the answers one by one and at the end the test the report will be generated with results. You need to complete the whole test to see the results.

- Progress Report - Report Contains the last Completed Test results for review.

Good Luck to become a Spelling Bee Genius !

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