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Thursday, 17 January 2019

Whatsapp has a great feature, now you will get the message of typing a message

Whatsapp has a great feature, now you will get the message of typing a message

WhatsApp is often new to its users. Comes with new features that we can work well with, and these useful features make our work easier. In WhatsApp, there is a feature called Dictation which allows you to type message using just typing the message. This feature is provided for both Android and iOS users. Use of WhatsApp is increasingly being used to send and chat messages. In WhatsApp, you can send your message only by typing. With the Dictation feature, you can send your message to any type of typing. Mike's Icono Dictation feature has been given in the keyboard by a smart voice assistant like Google Assistant and Siri.

This feature in WhatsApp is now a bit-in. Any user can send a message by clicking on the new Mike icon provided in the keyboard. To use the Dictation feature, you must first open the WhatsApp, then click on the contact that you want to message. This message will be typed automatically. You can also type a message after typing the keyboard. The Mike option is given at the bottom left for the user of iOS. You can use this mic to send a message. Now let's sand it. To send a longer message, the beneficial WhatsApp user can also send the message before the message sender. This feature will be very useful when you can send a long message. Because the message is too boring to type long messages, at which time this feature will be useful.

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