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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Best Android Emulator For Pc You Should Know

Best Android Emulator For Pc You Should Know..

Android Emulator For Pc : Technology has made it possible for the user to enjoy favorite applications on PCs and many companies have started producing Android emulator for PC. Most of the emulators have different functions, which are created from the producer’s point of view and therefore it is important to compare them so that you have an idea of ​​the best experience. Android emulators for PC generally copy the view of your mobile device to give you the same experience as with a PC, taking advantage of the different aspects of a PC. They were originally used by mobile app developers for testing, but are now for general use.

Android Emulator For Pc

  • Bluestack
  • Andy Android Emulator
  • Geny Motion
  • Jar of Beans
  • Droid4X
  • Windroy
Bluestacks– Among several known android emulators for pc, Blue stacks is the best. It has released a second version of its eponymous application for Windows. With the software, you can run Android apps on a PC. A Mac version follows quickly.
It has been possible for some time to run Android apps on a computer with Bluestacks, the software for Windows and Mac which, according to the creators, has been downloaded more than 100 million times since its launch in 2011. New in Bluestacks 2 is that you can now run multiple Android apps in different tabs. In addition, the emulator has a home screen where you can discover new apps, although there is also a search function that allows you to find desired apps faster. Once you are logged in with your Google Account you can immediately start using it. It is the best android emulator for Pc.
Andy Android Emulator- Advantages of the Andy Android emulator are: the fast and intuitive menu, seamlessly synchronizing applications to a smartphone’s PC, using a telephone as a remote control, push notifications for communication applications and unlimited storage. It is also for Mac. Disadvantages are: it first of all has Virtual Box to install, it only works from Android 4.2, cannot send text, needs a high quality graphic card and cannot make screenshots.
Geny Motion- The advantages of Geny Motion’s are: it lets users change the Android version, it’s easy to use, supports the drag and drop function, has no compatibility problems and supports direct networking via Ethernet / Wi-Fi. Disadvantages are: it is free for personal use only, has no push notifications, needs a Google account to install and use, browsing is not supported and the installation requires Virtual box. This Android emulator is also available for Mac.
Jar of Beans- Jar of Beans android emulator for pc has a simple and direct download process and installation, has a high quality resolution, works well with all windows platforms, it is free and has an intuitive menu. However, it is based on the Jelly bean version and therefore has compatibility problems with other Android versions, it does not support developers, it has no camera integration, no push notifications and no multi-touch screens.
Droid4X- Droid4X android emulator for pc has a high version with graphics support, compatible because it supports ARM applications that work with x86 framework, multi-touch support, it supports the drag and drop function for installation and is free. It does not support developers, no camera integration, no push reporting, no app synchronization to mobile and does not let application work on desktop.
Windroy – This Android simulator lets users send photos in batch, We can search and log public numbers, it has a large screen resolution, high performance and it contains PC side mate and mobile app. It does not support developers, has no camera integration, has no app sync, no sensors integration and does not support Mac OS.
Now you can easily navigate internet to find out the setup of these android emulator for pc. Download them on your PC and enjoy the feel and performance of your android device on your PC.

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