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Sunday, 14 October 2018

Your Whatsapp account will be deleted after sharing wrong news

Instant messaging app platform Whatsapp has released the new beta version 2.18.246 for Android. The layout of the Reprot feature has been improved in this beta version of Whatsapp. This is not a new feature. This will be available for individual chats as well for group chat.

Identity of Fake News Spreaders:
The report of WABetaInfo has been told that after the improvement, when the WhatsApp user will click on the report button, a new alert box will appear in front of them. Through this alert, Whatsapp users will be able to exit the group or block the individual.

In addition to that, the report of against that group or individual Individual will also go to Whatsapp team. This feature of Whatsapp will help identify the spreading news spreading groups and contacts.

Feedback from beta users:
According to the WABetaInfo report, after this improvement of Whatsapp, Individual will also have an option to delete the conversation while chat or when leaving the group. After this new change of Whatsapp, users will be able to maintain chat history of reported groups and individuals. However, it was not predable earlier. However, this layout of whatsapp is not the final yet. After getting feedback from beta users, it can also be changed.

Whatsapp will blacklist on the complaint:
After getting reports against any group or individual repeatedly, Whatsapp will put that group and individual number in the blacklist. After this you will not be able to make a WhatsApp account by using that mobile number.

How to use this feature:
To access this feature go to the group or individual chat you want to report in beta version of Whatsapp. Now click on the three dot menu option in the right-hand side. In case of an individual chat, you can click on View Contact or click on View group info in the group after selecting on the report. After that you can report that person or group.

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This feature of Whatsapp will be available for group chat as well as for individual chats.

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