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Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Vivo V11 Phone Full Review | Best Phone in the Lowest Price?

Vivo V11 Phone Review

Vivo V11 & Vivo V11 Pro – Hidden Fingerprint Security  With 25MP Front Camera
Hello friends,  Vivo V11 is launched in India and this is Fingerprint unlock without visible fingerprint phone and so far this phone is only made of Vivo Smartphone company. So if you have a phone with a Futuristic technology,

Vivo V11 phone review as well as information about its specification and price in India. So you have the right place. We will understand this phone in detail in detail and compare it with some similar types of phones. So let's see,

Vivo V11 Phone Full Specification & Price in India:

In this phone we have a special feature that wanted to make every smartphone brand the first. But Vivo has already made and implemented in my phone. We will look at this feature along with all its specifications here.

Display :

In Vivo v11 , we will not have to see any ordinary screen. It has a Super AMOLED 6.41inch Full HD + Display which will provide the best video quality and gaming experience. With its 2.5-inch touch glass, which gives us 3D Gives touch like filling.

Vivo V11 Camera:

If the phone is Vivo and it does not have a better camera then it can not happen, because Vivo's branding is due to the camera itself. We talk about Vivo V11 camera so it's us,

  • 25MP front camera is available.
  • The back camera of 12 + 5 MP gets.

In both front and rear cameras, we will see some such features.

Ultra HD,PPT,Professional,Slow,Time-Lapse Photography,Camera Filter,Live,Bokeh,HDR,AI Face Beauty,Panorama, Palm capture,Gender detection,Retina Flash,AR Stickers,AI Face Shaping,Time Watermark,AI Selfie Lighting,AI Scene Recognition,Google Lens,AI Portrait Framing.


In this phone we will get 6GB of RAM and 64GB internal storage. Which can be increased up to 256GB if we need it.


Vivo is always known for his camera and display, but this time Vivo has worked on his hardware along with his designing, and we will get to see the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660AIE processor in Vivo V11 Phone this time. Which is an octa core processor.


In vivo v11 we will get to see 3400mAh battery which is not very powerful but it can say it can give a nice performance.

In Display Fingerprint Sensor:

Vivo V11's most popular and highlight feature its fingerprint sensor,

Which we do not get back on the back or any button. This is the Vivo V11 display as well as Inbuilt which has been fitted under the screen. That is, we can use the Fingerprint security system at the top of the display. It does not have any other than Technology Vivo yet.

Vivo V11 Price In India

When Oppo X Find Phone was launched in India, it was priced 50k + with New Technology. In this way, after watching Vivo v11 design and specification, we would think that the price will also be above 30 or 40 thousand. But it is not.

Vivo India kept price very well according to the phone specification and we will get it in the market at Rs. 25,990. Which is much less than Oppo's phone.

Vivo V11 Phone Review  & Comparison:

Vivo V11 is better in design, display and latest technology. If we review the vivo v11 smartphone, we will see some of the best features along with new features as well as some of the average features,

This phone offers a better quality display which can actually give us a video experience and this time this time Vivo has made its Notch too small, so if we look at the phone from the front, we will have a full body display phone. is.

In Phone we get better RAM and Internal Storage, which is best according to which price. 6GB RAM will improve the performance of our phones.

In Vivo V11, we get better front camera, but according to its branding, its back camera average is  as much as Xiaomi Poco F1 rear Camera . According to me, work should be given to Vivo 12+ 12 MP rear camera like Xiaomi Mi A1.

In Phone we get to see Snapdragon 600 series processor which is better than Battery efficiency but if it is seen in performance, then it is far behind Snapdragon 845 of Poco F1.

After watching Vivo v11 review video, you will understand what the phone looks like and its price is correct according to its specification or about Vivo V11 Camera Quality, Screen, Fingerprint sensor etc.,

Friends, if compared with Overall vivo v11 phone specification, price and other phones, this is not a Better smartphone compared to them. But no one is working and this phone has been launched with a technology that was in Apple's phone, it would cost millions, whereas Vivo V11 only then Rs. 25,990. I found this phone better, how you felt about it in the comment.

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