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Friday, 19 October 2018

Simple Trick to Grow website Traffic

Simple Trick to Grow website Traffic

Re-engage your audience

Everyone in the world is going online and mostly in India after the Jio everyone is used to the Internet. The Most Simple way to Grow website Traffic is to make every single visitor of your website to a loyal Subscriber like Youtube.

Youtube use this strategy and engage the audience to watch the video of their favorite Youtuber. And they are succeeding in making you visit Youtube, every time they send you a notification.

Each time when you see notification of new video arrived from any YouTuber, Most probably we clicked on it. And as we click they Get paid by showing you Ads that they especially targeted to you from your search with help of AI and ML.

How to Re-engage Visitor?
Re-engage is done by using a most powerful way of marketing it is a most better way to grow website traffic, To show the viewer one thing again and again. All Ads Company is an expert in this thing. Furthermore, Google and all Tech Gaint are going one step ahead using the power of AI and Machine Learning.

All the Ads we see in our ad feed anywhere on the internet is a product of AI and in every feed, we get the notification of product we searched on gone through over the internet.

And the Best thing here is that you can also do the same with every visitor of your website. Yes, you can send them a Notification wherever you right a New Post or whenever you want to Send.
All this is achieved by a site Subscribers on which the many SEO experts shows faith and recommending to other bloggers for Grow website traffic.

Niel Patel the SEO expert who won many awards and who is in the list of Entrepreneur under 40.Says that this helps himself to increase.

Step by Step Guide for all the Process
Every Procedure is very simple if you read, and go through the article Just follow the Step and get the Traffic you want on your website

How to Login
1. Go to from the link >> Subscribers.
2. Click on the signup button from the above right corner.
3. This will open the new tab and asked you to fill the credential of you and your site. (As many as the site can be added let add one site at the time of signing up)
4. Now Login through id and Password.

Conform Site detail

1. After login, Header section notification tells you to verify the site, Click on it and copy the code shown there.
2. Now, Go to WordPress admin panel of your site search for Plugin name subscribers, Install it and get activated.
3. Paste the code, in the window, appears after installation and save the changes.
4. Open Subscribers again and click on verify after verification you are ready to go.

Grow your Traffic in the easiest way possible.

Send Notification

There are two types of notification here
1. Welcome Drip
2. Schedule

Welcome Drip
Welcoming is used when you are sending the notification to the newly joined subscriber welcoming to the site and then after a back to back notification chain which you schedule to send to new blogger one after another after a specific time interval.
1 Go to welcome drip menu option.
2 Click Edit,
3 After that Enter
You message Tittle,
And URL where subscriber go after clicking the notification
4 After that, you can schedule notification for new user from there in the same manner. Setting the Interval time between the previous one.

Schedule Notification
1 This type of notification is the user when you want to the subscriber know about the new Post or any event.
2 This can schedule or can receive the subscriber Imideatly after Send.
3 Go to the Schedule, Enter the detail that you enter in welcoming the URL of the path which you
want to visit by the subscriber is important.
4 Click Send and Done.

Now you are ready to Increase your traffic


In the above topic, I will try to explain how to increase Traffic on Your Site in the most genuine way possible. If you read, follow the article carefully you will also able to do the this.
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