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Friday, 28 September 2018

How To Send OTP (One-time-Password) On Whatsapp? | WhatsApp API Integration

WhatsApp Marketing For Small, Medium & Large Enterprises

Hello friends, Install SMS App in Phone We all do the same thing, for one thing, that is OTP (One-Time-Password), if we ever pay, do some book or open a new account. So we have erased the install SMS app in the OTP phone itself.

But now it seems that the SMS App will have to be removed from the mobile because it does not use any message for the message and now WhatsApp has launched a feature that can leave SMS. If you want information about WhatsApp New smart features, then it's the perfect place.

WhatsApp Latest Feature:

We all know that WhatsApp is a free messaging app, we do not have to pay any fee to use it, or WhatsApp's parent company Facebook does not have any kind of income from WhatsApp.

Facebook only finds information about User behavior, personal information from WhatsApp Application. In such a situation, for WhatsApp developers, it was very necessary that they could find a way to get benefits as a payment.

After quite a lot of user experience and market research, he got a Trick To Earn Money. The WhatsApp team came out of a way that would allow you to earn money using any kind of Advertisement Campaign without WhatsApp.

This method was Client-Server System technology, which means that we have lots of users like Clients near WhatsApp. In such a way, developers have created a parent application which is similar to normal WhatsApp but works as a server.

Then what? We found the new WhatsApp feature as a new application named WhatsApp Business Application.

WhatsApp Business App is designed for business owners who want to do WhatsApp Marketing or want Business Promotion by WhatsApp.

How To Send OTP (One-time-Password) On Whatsapp?

We receive mobile recharge, Message on Message SMS App like Shopping offer, Delivery Notification, ticket booking notification on the phone. But now slowly or process is being done because now all businesses are co-integrating Whatsapp.

In which if most talk about the most popular services, RedBus and BookMyShow are two common names that we all know and we sometimes never need them.

If we do a Bus Ticket Book by using RedBus, then we do not get the ticket via SMS, our Ticket comes on WhatsApp which is in this way.Image credit: RedBus

With this, Integrated Whatsapp Bot for RedBus Customer Support , which answers the questions asked by Automatic Customer. In this case, if you also want to add a WhatsApp messaging feature or a Whatsapp OTP feature to your Business or Website. So you have to follow these tips.

Anyone can download WhatsApp Business App and it's free. We can easily set up your company profile here. But WhatsApp for business features does not meet everyone.

If we want to send an OTP to WhatsApp, then we will need the WhatsApp Business API and it is not available to everyone.

The WhatsApp Business API is given only for legitimate businesses, and for this, first of all, we have to provide information about the business to the WhatsApp Business team manually, after which it is only after confirmation that we get the WhatsApp API.

If you have a business and need a WhatsApp API, then you can access the form by clicking on this link.

If we are given the API through the WhatsApp business team, then our WhatsApp Business Account will also be verified with this. We can integrate the API to our Website or Customer Management Software and WhatsApp or integrate with ERP and can easily send OTP and message to the people who connect with the business.

What is the WhatsApp Business API?

The WhatsApp business API has the advantage for small, medium and large enterprises, and its help can not only be mobile verification by the OTP of the people connecting with their business but also by making a variety of business and promotion messages. Can have.
  • The SMS App, which gives us the message, gives companies 10 messages per SMS to SMS / SMS to each provider. But if this business charge in WhatsApp Business will decrease.
  • OTP comes only when people open the SMS App but read each and every one of WhatsApp messages, so with WhatsApp Marketing, we can get more conversions from SMS.
  • In 2019, WhatsApp is planning to add Digital and Responsive Advertising feature, such that we will be able to create ads like facebook like on WhatsApp.
Friends, WhatsApp Business API with the help of SMS Gateway Integration Expert, we can integrate it into our website and software and we can send an OTP confirmation message to the new customer who wants to connect with our service, and save all the WhatsApp Contact But you can send Business / Product / Service promotion simultaneously.


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